TWO Outstanding Games: Need Reliable Coder and Feedback


Alright ladies and gentlefolk, First let me introduce myself. I am a Mod Script writer who specializes mostly in open ended RPG’s (IE Fallout New Vegas, Oblivion, Skyrim). I finally got around to planning two terrific pieces, with much time and thought, and I need some feedback n which one would be more preferred, as well as ideas I might be able to weave into the writing.

#1 Sci-Fi:
The year is 2397, and humanity is united under one government after several wars, however to maintain order this government uses marshal might and military influence to oppress mankind. On the other hand there is a group of freedom fighting rebels, whom wish to topple the government at the cost of total anarchy for liberation. Both sides have pros and cons and you must decide whom you will join and eventually lead to victory. But there is a catch…
You are an exceptional human who was selected to be a participating test subject in a partially successful gene therapy project. This experiment will make you somewhat smarter, faster, and stronger, however it will test the very fabric of your being. You will progressively learn more about these enhancements and drawbacks as the game progresses.

#2 Horror:
Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, but an original work of my own, you are a prisoner of your own sanity. It is 1949, and the character’s story takes place 7 months after you survive a terrible plane crash in the Rocky Mountain foothills of Colorado. You have had a difficult time recovering from the tragedy, but then you begin to experience strange phenomenons, at first subtle and mind boggling, and then macabre and terrifying. You and your neighbors of your small Colorado town become trapped by an unspeakable evil that will stop at nothing to consume your small town in death and throughout the coarse of the game, you will have to do whatever it takes no matter how horrible to keep you and your neighbors alive and unravel the evil that has plagued your home and your mind.

Now that I have that said and done, I wanted to put out that I would like a coder who preferably can handle scripting that might include inventory management, stats, and group trackers, as well as a stress tracker for either games.
I am capable of Scripting, however I would really REALLY like to focus on just writing an in depth and acclaimed Choice Game, and need a reliable partner to bust out some fantastic Choice Scripts for me!
We can discuss the royalty split before we start, however I believe the technical stuff is harder and more tedious so the script person should get the split 60% and I will take 40%. We can discuss the finer points of this later on.

Please Contact me via message if you wish to get on board with the project, and post your feedback, opinions, and amazing ideas in the thread. THANKS!


Hey there and welcome to the COG forum :slight_smile:

Those are some interesting ideas you’ve got there and I think (and hope) I detect some conviction in your pitch that seems to be forever lacking in a lot of others I read, needless to say, you’ve got my attention!

Regarding your individual ideas I personally think the second has more merit, particularly if you could match the standards of something like ‘Shutter Island’. The first seems like a little bit of a rehashed Fallout I’m sorry to say - There’s so many post apocalyptic-ish games about tyrannical governments and rebel fighters or genetically modified heroes… I’d personally like to see some more detailed originality added to that one.

Oh, since you’ve already wrote some scripts for mods if you could provide links to previous stuff you’ve worked on, it’ll vastly improve your chances of getting someone to lend you a hand.

Some notes on scripting:

  • Inventory Management is doable
  • Stats are native (you don’t even need to code extra for that)
  • Group trackers, I assume you mean keeping track of who is where in a game, again very doable.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by stress tracking though, is this psychological stress of the player’s character or ‘stress’ as in stress-testing a game (software/hardware) - I highly doubt the latter would be necessary with any sort of text based game?

The stress of a character would just be a stat though, so again that’s not difficult at all.

EDIT: Also in regards to profit cuts, COG will typically take a 75% cut for a hosted game, so you’d be dividing 25% of the income into another 60 - 40 (15% and 10% of the total, respectively) - Which will not come up to any considerable amount.


I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm. Yes, the second one definitely would be my forte, as I am a significantly better horror writer than any other subject. I literally shake with excitement as several new ideas flood my mind all the time for spooky and sometimes terrifying stories. I just wonder if it should turn into a psychological thriller or a monster under the bed story.
I currently don’t have any presentable mod work for the community here as most of it is WIP, but I can give the next best thing, a sample of my writing. Since there seems to be no file attachments I will simply post it in the next box.
Stress. Yes it is simply a stat, how far the character can go before they break, and a second kind of “death”. Not an original idea, however I have made it into my own enough to where it is not copyright infringement, and it is very broad to try and claim the “stress” value as being completely monopolized by one set group of people.
In regards to the income the game makes, I am simply trying to create a fun story and game for people. I am doing rather well for myself in life, and although I have no qualms about making a a few dollars on the side, I could care less about the money, and I’m sure there is someone who will script who needs it more than me.
Again, Looking forward to a reliable and dedicated script writer making this masterpiece come true!


ok if ur that talented then i must help u if this is going to be a good game i will pospond all my project i can help u code and all i need is credit… u do ur best writing i do my best coding k


Someone in my Bathroom
by Tim Ballard

Robert Kimberly didn’t shake easily, but in the infant hours of the morning, someone was in his bathroom, and he lived alone.

He slowly eased out of bed and began to reach for the sliding drawer of his nightstand in which he kept a .38 Special, but hesitated when he considered what noise he might create if he did so. His palms were sweaty, and he unconsciously rubbed his thumbs and forefingers together in anxiety as he planned his next step.
The light was off in the bathroom, however there was a distinct scratching noise like a dog walking across tile. Had a stray animal gotten into his home? He decided he would not face the intruder unarmed, be it man or beast, because he neither wanted to be shot by a junkie, nor bitten by some rabies crazed mongrel. As gently as he could he began to pull the wooden drawer of the old oak night stand out. As soon as he budged it an inch it made a terrible scraping noise. He halted for a moment and listened intently. The scraping in the bathroom had gone quite.
He wondered for a brief moment if he should rip open the drawer, grab up the gun, and turn to meet his adversary. He decided it was now or never, and as quickly as he could have reacted, spun to face the door again, gun out and poised to shoot whatever had been lurking in the dark bathroom and had emerged at the cacophony.
His jaw dropped when he turned around to see that the door to the bathroom stood open but no animal or man hid within. Robert gawked in disbelief, not sure if the intruder had slipped out, or if he had been imagining things completely. It wouldn’t surprise him if it had been his imagination, as he often let stress get the better of him in his old age. But if it had been something and it had slipped out, it could be anywhere, even hiding in this very room… He shuddered slightly and impulsively moved to flip on the light switch by his door. It was dark enough to where his eyes were not adjusting easily, and he wanted a good look at his surroundings.
As he crossed the room he stumbled over a large leathery footstool at the foot of his bed and as he wobbled a few steps he cursed to himself under his breath for his clumsy footing.
It wasn’t a moment after he regained his balance that his throat went dry with terror. He hated leather, and was never a man to prop his feet up after a long day of work. He didn’t own a footstool. He tripped, fell, fumbled to the light and smashed it on, whirling around as the bulb flash filled the room.
He planted his back against the wall, his eyes wide with both awe and horror as the thing came at him lightning quick. He had a strange thought before it was upon him, not even enough time to raise the gun and squeeze off a shot. It looked like a prominently like a seven foot tall man-ape-bug with razor sharp claws and grey fly like eyes and appendages. Like lightning it pinned him, and he could both smell and feel it hot foul breath coming from its dripping and drooling mandible. It was like something out of a B-type horror movie brought to life, but nothing had ever
felt more real as it feasted upon his face, and he only hoped that it would be over soon because he could not even scream out in pain. After what seemed like a lifetime of agony, his wish was granted, and Robert felt no more…


so m i in for coding?


even if ur selling the game i need no money just want some credit thats all i demand and i will help u as much as i can i am active almost all the time


Ok Irule, If I can count on you to see this through with me, then I would be happy to work side by side. You of coarse will get all credit for coding the game.


and have experience with coding


so m i in i canceled all my projects for this well most of them so i can be active for a game that will accually be sucssesful. i am not a good writer so m games arent that good


but just telling u so i don’t keep u in lies iam not as good as cjw at coding but i know most of the stuff


As long as you can put up results then you’ll would be great.


wat do u mean by results well i know all the choicescript commands but i am not like cjw i can’t make my own commands like CJW


I need someone who can brother.


I can help as well. I’m pretty new to the forums but I have been working in choice script for a long time now. I can be a reliable coder and I don’t require the money. I just want to be put on the map by coding something great.


I know how to create certain commands, but i cant help, sorry


I give good feedback pm me when demo is up . I will give evaluation okay?


Thanks a lot everybody. Roslyn I will do that for sure though it may be some time.


I am doing research now on the time period and preparing the first actual draft of the first section. Once we settle the matter of who will be coding, I will send the completed draft to be scripted. This may take a couple of weeks tops.


Hey again working hard on the preparation for the initial ice breaker, but I am still looking for someone who can script. Still got a few people trying for it, and I would love to see more!