Twists of Fate (A working title)

Felicitations all! It is about time that I left the shadows and make my presence known, and to finally to quit slacking off and actually get down and dirty; by actually announcing my intent of finally making public my attempt to make a Choice Script game.

First and foremost the demo of what I have will not be released for at least another 2 weeks. Since I want everything for the intro segment finished and somewhat polished. But fret not! A couple of people here have seen it and encouraged me onwards. But enough about that, onto the meat and potatoes!

This game will be considered high fantasy centered upon the MC which is an β€˜effin elf’ (Sorry could not resist a private poke XD) and what they do when fate/destiny takes an interest in the MC, and what the MC does upon their journey, do they fight it and try to go down a different path, or hold coarse and see where it takes them.

As a side note I will be rating this mature, for a few reasons: Death and dismemberment is quite possible (Goes for the MC too) and some touchy subject matter.

The reason I am opening up this discussion a little early is that I am looking for some input on some game-play mechanics I am looking at implementing. Like limited random encounters, what I mean by that is instead just choosing a weapon or spell and seeing if it hits, but something more visceral and memorable that may or may not happen on each play-through. What I am getting at is have combat that descriptive in text and actions in lieu of rolling a natural 20 and insta killing a creature.

Also the romance interests will depend on the MC’s sexuality IE random of two, of which have their on personalities and interests. So the text and tone will change.

Then their is the codex. Information about the world and the bestiary, and so forth, would people be interested enough for a lot of effort to be put into this?


Wonderful! I love death and dismemberment! And don’t worry about touchy subject matters. It’s your damn story, no one can tell you what not to write.

As for feedback, I can’t give you a whole lot. Perhaps when the demo is up, I may be able to give you more.

How much information you should put in your codex depends entirely on what kind of story it is. But the real question is how will you implement it into the game without making all of us yawn.

Can’t wait to see where this goes.

Well the Codex is right now hidden in the stat screen via a choice, so worry not you will not have read it if you do not wish to. It is a tool that is for the player’s use at their convenience. Also I feared making the readers eyes bleed from a walls of text with too much information and not enough story, and choices.

I agree with @Lord_Zant death & dismemberment is an art form in itself, and it’s very nice to meet you Lord @Pace675 :smiley: I would give you a smiley face sticker, but im greedy with those. I also cant wait to see this story sounds promising I love elves, high fantasy settings, and very good choice going with the descriptive battles over the generic instant kill cl’che.

Interesting :smiley:

I like action pack games and what I have read it seems like you are going to have a good one and can’t wait for it.

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sounds cool so far ( i din’t spend my time doing this the credit goes to goes to someone else that i have no idea about)

Okay first and foremost

Just a few notes, I took out the option of being a straight fighter type for now. One reason being later on in the game swords and wits alone may not be enough to survive. And I prefer less magic wand waving upon the plot line than necessary XD.

This is just the intro demo, somewhere between 5-7k in words so far, but should give you enough feel for my writing style, and to see if you like it.

No real combat in this yet this is just the basics so far. No the codex is not in there yet and some variables will only be added in at a waaaaay later time for plot purposes. The stat screen works but there are a few missing elements in there but have the man stuff, just none of ranger or mage spells yet (It will be in the codex section).

Now if you must throw produce because you think this is rubbish all I ask for is a boon: please only organically grown and fresh veggies please XD.

@XxLordNamelessxX Thanks, I hope and aim to please.

I actually like this story so far and this is coming from a guy who despises elves

It’s a good game but I’ve already told you that. Good luck with getting it completed.

@817819 How can you despise elves? They help Santa in his workshop to make all the presents. Elves are Effin Fantastic! :slight_smile:

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legolas ruined the second lotr movie

Legolas :x :-* ohhh so badass cute elf all of you are jealous

Edit I just play the demo like a girl it was great i calm the poor kitty. But game doesn’t let me choose sword only staff or bow its because im a girl or choose something wrong also the game has a vibes to dragon age origins dalish tribes

It’s pretty interesting! Though, I’m curious about the orientation options, since you can choose either characters, both, or neither. You also can choose women and remain chaste, but there’s no choosing male and remaining chaste.

Unless there’s a reason for that, that I’m as of yet unaware of :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I like what you’ve done!

It is quite the interesting start! I love elves, and I am curious to know what you will do with them in your world. There were a few minor typos as is expected with a first draft, but nothing to make the game unplayable. Also, from your description, regarding the randomness in romance- I LOVE randomness! I’m glad that you are making the at least some aspects of the game random. I think I like the whole random thing because it makes worlds more real to me since in real life, you never know what is going to happen or who you will meet!

EDIT: I forgot to mention this- I hated that at the very beginning the character appeared to be getting high off of some plant. It’s just a personal preference of mine not to have things like that in fiction, but you DID say that you would rate your game β€œmature,” so it’s not like we weren’t warned about potential content such as that!

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@817819 Thanks, that is high praise indeed especially coming from a person that dislikes elves.

@FairyGodfeather You are an ace, you know that right?

@MaraJade Calming the cat, a true ranger your character be! As for the the sword option, I have taken that out for now for plot reasons (I’ll make that option disappear shortly), being that I do not want to have to wave a big magic wand for a class to succeed. This is become clearer way later in the game.

Now that you mention it yes my elves do resemble the Dalish of Dragon’s Age. Get their Vallaslin (or blood writing) at their age of maturity to separate them from the shemlen (humans) and the city elves. Reference link . The another thing that come close and that is are clan base and that is where any similarities end.

Since I have yet to implement the Codex yet I will point out (It is already mentioned in what I have released if you take the darker path), is that your tattoo will change over the course of time reflecting major influences or occurrences in your character’s life. Basically you tattoo will tell the story of you and your accomplishments and failure an open book to any Sylvan elf to read, some high elves and about a handful of human (can be counted on one hand). Another thing to point out the Dalish tattoo their faces only, the Sylvan elves do whole body tattoo except for the hands feet and face (drawn from a few of our own cultural references).

As for the clan thing, dalish keep tribal for the sake of survival due the past and not being welcomed for the most part, but they are unified and will come together(The meeting of the clans). The Sylvan are tribal due to fact they wish to stay in harmony with nature, so they will keep their number few and scattered not wishing to throw the environment out of balance. The Sylvans here more resemble the native Americans of the past some are rivals, allies and a few are total renegades. The only thing that these clan share are their cultural adherence to their past, the body art and unwillingness to change with the times.

Sorry to be a little wordy, just wanted to point out a few things that have yet to be revealed. Heh maybe I should work on the codex next. But I hope this assuages your worries.

@Babisko Thanks for the pat on the back, as for the chaste choice, nice catch meant to have that option for everyone.

@ Galador Garg! Typos evil little cretins they are! Even with a spell checker they still slip through.

As for the ratga plan it is serving a few purposes . First and foremost it will help ease the pain of a full body tattoo in one standing, the second it is to help bring forth visions, and the magic that is being cast will serve two purposes. One it helps guides the visions to show you what you need to see (Dun dun dun plot device!), and to weave the magic into your tattoos.

There is a evil path already where? i did the bisexual a boyfriend girlfriend tresome but apart that i don’t find nothing too notorious also im a hardcore dragon age fan too the sex has to be a a hardcore bad thing here too until maturity rite
The poor bad Hunter i help in origins to marry imply no sex until Hunter mature rite.

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Does the β€œCome to think of it, this doesn’t feel that bad a all…” choice modify in any way the sexual experiences the MC will get? Cause if it does, it could be hilarious. And thinking about it, even though CoG supports all kind of sexual orientation, I’ve yet to see bdsm. Or maybe I’ve missed it. I haven’t played that many games.

@Aquila in the temple of clouds there are bdsm jokes with whips. Also if my game soon is update i lost half of my files two months ago you see clearly hints of bdsm npcs

@Marajade Oh, haven’t played that one. Is it good? I don’t want to buy it just for a whip joke…

And I’m gonna take a look at your game, thanks :slight_smile: