Trying to render html in ownCloud


I have never been a big fan of Dropbox, have lost files twice. I tend to use my own server but it does not sync very well, sometimes have to wait several hours before the files will show changes made. So I thought why not run something like dropbox from my server. I have tried a dozen programs and found ownCloud works great for syncing files to my server, but it does not render html files. Any body know and way of doing this as google search does not have the answer.


Move the ownCloud data directory under public_html. Then keep changing its permissions to 777. (Or find where in the code it changes them.) This is a complete hack, however, and is not advised. I’ve successfully done it, but by design, you’re not supposed to use the ownCloud directory that way. Another way is to rsync files out of ownCloud to another directory that’s on the web, but this I have not tried since the first way works fine for me so far.


I will have to look into these two options when I get the chance, thanks.


Wow, it’s a year later already. Have you tried this yet? I found the way to make ownCloud no longer “fix” the data directory’s permissions:

I installed this on my server, and it works. Now I don’t have to keep changing the permissions each time, and the directory remains web browsable.


Will have to take a look at this but for now already started working on the site in html for now. But thanks for the heads up.