Totem Force (post-release thread)

Battle giant robots, mad gods, and…awkward teen romance? You were just an ordinary high-school student—up until you rescued a mysterious being from the army, and were granted amazing powers! Now you must put on your colored costume, make sure to finish your homework, and prepare for the fight of your life!

Okay, so this is the post-release thread for the game. Any discussions, questions, bug reports, or anything else should go here. Thanks for reading! :smile:


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FAQs (Warning: spoilers inside):

Who can be romanced?

(Okay, so technically this isn’t a frequently asked question yet, but I know it will be.)

Kay Tennyson:
One of your best friends for the last few years. Kay is strong, tough, and determined to do the right thing, no matter what.
(Note: Kay is the most moral character, and if you act in too villainous a manner, she won’t like it.)

Sammy Siegel:
Your other best friend from childhood. Sammy is intelligent, but rather lazy, although he can get obsessive if he finds something that truly interests him.
(Note: Sammy craves attention. Even negative attention is better than being ignored, although he’d certainly prefer positive attention.)

Anara Datka:
Your classmate (and potential rival/crush). Anara is the principal’s daughter and her sterling academic record is proof of this.

Chi Ikonnia:
Another classmate (and potential rival/crush). Chi is the son of the town mayor, and is an easygoing, friendly young man, who’s both a star athlete and a member of the school drama club.

Phil Tennyson:
Kay’s older brother. A martial artist like his sister, although even more dedicated.
(Note: when romancing Phil, it is recommended to take martial arts lessons from him. The alternative should not be impossible, but it will be much harder.)

Lani Kawaii:
The class president. She terrifies teachers and students alike, is rumoured to have mob connections, and has the largest collection of pink stuffed animals in the world.
(Note: Lani prefers it when you stand up to her, but without making yourself or her look stupid. She also prefers less moral characters.)

More detailed Lani romance advice

When you visit Lani to ask her out in Episode 6, just kiss her; don’t say “I want you!” Most of the time, she should agree to date you. If you have a very low score with her, she might still turn you down, but you can avoid this by being antagonistic to her in previous encounters (e.g. calling her a “frinking witch”, telling her to “shut the frink up”), but don’t actually make fun of her (e.g. “jokingly” claiming to be the superhero, or suggesting that it’s Lani herself).

It’s also possible to get with Lani by being with someone else (especially Sammy), and letting her kiss you at the party… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, in Episode 11, you can visit her mansion, threaten to hurt her, select all of the above, and agree to make it a permanent thing.

In Episode 12, various factors (including her relationship stat, how villainous you are, and whether you visited her in the previous chapters) can make Lani get bored of you. In that case, insist to see her, and agree to fight for her. In the “date”, if you’re too nice, she may tire of you also, but you can still succeed by replying “Frink you” or “do I have to be your thug?”

In Episode 13, if Sammy’s alive: on the Man route, if you either forgive Sammy or choose not to work for Lani, then she will dump you. Likewise, on the other two routes, she will automatically dump you based on various factors (the simplest way to avoid this is to have dated her in Episode 12). If Sammy’s “dead”, both of these are skipped.

Ryu Yoshida:
A mysterious rival who seems to hate everything and everyone except his sibling Akira. He has a burning need to prove himself, although he doesn’t seem to know who to.
(Note: in order to romance Ryu, you need to convince him of the Power of Friendship :tm: Beating him the second time you fight helps, but shouldn’t be mandatory.)

More detailed Ryu romance advice

Ryu’s visible relationship stat is (at first) fake. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It represents how he thinks he should feel about you, not actually how he does feel about you. His real relationship stat is raised by choosing the overly-sappy, Power of Friendship style options (e.g. running to Kay after he’s beaten her). In order to romance Ryu, you need to get him to accept his true feelings. (Note: technically you can get this if you tried to blind Akira in Episode 3, but it’s far easier if you didn’t.)

The first time you can do this is Episode 6. Beat him in the fight, and then either offer him your hand to help him up or collapse next to him (both options will require high relationship and/or Power of Friendship). If you have succeeded, Ryu will briefly turn up at the party, although you can’t actually date him yet. (Note: there is a possible kiss in Episode 6, but it’s not required.)

The next point is Episode 11. Go see him and Akira. You can talk to Akira first, ask them what it’s like living with Ryu, and then when you do meet him, tease him for being younger than Akira, and then ask why you can’t be friends. Or you can go directly to Ryu, ask him how he ended up the way he did, and then say they don’t need to do it alone. (Both require a less villainous character, or good Ryu relationship, although the latter can use Power of Friendship, instead.) If you have succeeded, you’ll be able to ask Ryu out right away. He’ll refuse, but if you return in Episode 12, he’ll agree.

Note: You have to go out with Ryu in Episode 12 to activate the romance. He will state that it’s “not a date”, but that means nothing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: What is important is that if you watch Space Story, when Ryu leaves, follow him. At the end of the date, kiss him. At the end of the episode, after you’ve both been taken into Akira’s mind, don’t attack. Finally, if you join with the army in Episode 13, there’s a chance he will leave you.

An even-more-mysterious blonde girl who seems to be keeping an eye on you.
(Note: Mirabelle’s romance only really begins in Episode 12. As long as you met her at the party, just choose to spend the day alone and she’ll find you…)

Akira Yoshida:
Ryu’s hyperactive-acting sibling; they prioritise having fun over almost anything else, although their definition of “fun” is a little skewed.
(Note: Akira is not technically romanceable. They are asexual and while not completely aromantic, they aren’t interested in starting anything right now. You can hang out with them in Episode 12 instead of actually dating them, however.)

How to win the Heir to the Heavens tournament?

Akira should be easy to beat if you have a stat over 40 (or you can fight dirty [requires low Power of Friendship/not recommended if you want to be Akira’s friend], or try to throw the match).

The Heir is harder, and requires a stat of at least 58, and another of at least 38. Once you’re in the fight, choose the option that corresponds to your highest stat before the one that corresponds to your middle stat.

How to recruit everyone?

Kay: Joins automatically. Leaves if you try to kill Sammy in Episode 13, or if she sacrifices herself.

Sammy: When you find out about Sammy’s betrayal, either forgive him or react neutrally.

Dark Sammy: If you were romancing him before the party, and aren’t romancing anyone now, you can say you still love him. Otherwise, you can agree to work for him, lose to him (both Man route only), or beat him and let him join to make up for what he’s done.

Anara/Chi (main): Joins automatically, but they may choose to side with their parent in Episode 13, if you didn’t tell them about their parent’s involvement, depending on their relationship stat and how villainous the MC is.

Anara/Chi (secondary): In the fight in Episode 9, either deactivate your armour to let them see your face, or find their parent and shield them from harm.

Ryu: Requirements are the same for romancing him (see “how to romance” above), just don’t actually date him in Episode 12. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Akira: Will join unless Ryu dies and you have a highly villainous character (or actually choose to kill them).

Mirabelle: Joins if you’re romancing her, you have a very moral character, a high Power of Friendship, or you join the army.

How to get the achievements?

(Note that a few achievements are awarded significantly after they are unlocked.)

  • That Phone Thing (Episode 1): Talk your way into the GRF, claim to be lost, and phone Sammy (high Friendship).
  • Clownin’ Around (Episode 1): Talk your way into the GRF, apply for an internship, and lie on the form (high Mind). (Can also be achieved in Episode 8.)
  • Intern (Episode 1): Talk your way into the GRF, apply for an internship, and tell the truth (high Mind).
  • Wrong-Sham-Bo (Episode 2): Choose a friendly rivalry with Anara, and either brag about yourself or get her to challenge you to a rematch.
  • Skunk-Juice (Episode 2): Agree to make a stink-bomb with Sammy, but then don’t use it, and then lose the monster fight (easiest way to do this is to attack while it’s attacking).
  • Heir to the Heavens (Episode 3): See the specific FAQ above.
  • But Do They Know That? (Episode 4): Break into the office and check the small desk.
  • Defy Gravity (Episode 4): Drive up the building (high Self).
  • Attracted (Episode 5): Convince the innocent bystander to look at Lani’s attraction (note that the logical argument requires Self, the empathetic argument requires Mind, and the awesome argument requires Friendship).
  • Warrior’s Ways (Episodes 3 and 6): Fight dirty in the tournament (against either Akira or Nadia), and then (in Episode 6) ask Phil to train you in martial arts, apologising for your earlier behaviour.
  • Gunsplosion (Episode 7): Get into the rail gun and then either take out the electromagnets or the pipes.
  • OPCD (Episode 8): Keep checking your phone after it breaks.
  • Dreamer (Episode 8): At the end of the first dream, either talk to the TOT3M and don’t back away (high Friendship) or hide and don’t run. Either way, don’t try to wake up.
  • Martha (Episode 9): Take the fight to the basement and then shield Anara/Chi’s parent.
  • Onii-chan? (Episode 11): Visit Ryu and Akira, talk to Akira where you meet them, and ask them about Ryu. (High Friendship or Akira relationship.)
  • I Dream of Hope (Episode 11): “Torture” Nadia with music, and just keep going.
  • Skip the Boss (Episode 11): Just grab a gun and shoot the Man (high Mind).
  • Date Breakup (Episode 12): Break up with your RO right after the date.
  • Nut God (Episode 13): After Kurtesh takes its true form (Man route or General route), choose “Take the hit and then attack back” (high Self).
  • The Gang’s All Here: Recruit all characters (see separate FAQ entry).
  • You Only Lived Once: Complete the game without being killed (excludes final self-sacrifice).
Hidden achievements (warning: spoilers)
  • Dark Sammy: Make Sammy hate you by Episode 10 (an easy way to do this is to romance him in Episode 6, and then cheat on him with Lani; otherwise just ignore him, don’t romance him, and don’t call him out for being jealous about your powers).
  • Amicicide (Episode 13): After Lani reveals Sammy’s secret, try to kill him, and just keep trying until you succeed (requires low Friendship and a very immoral character).
  • Railroaded (Episode 8): Refuse to raise your hand at the start of the second part of the dream.
  • Will of Steel; Hyper-Smart; Power of Friendship: All three require you to max out one single stat (note: in order to get all potential stat boosts, beat Akira in Episode 3, check out the general’s office in Episode 4, visit Dr Vylka in Episode 10, and don’t ever use a deus ex machina).
  • No Willpower; Brain-Dead; Zero Charisma: Reach 0 in any stat (need to die and choose “Deus ex Machina” at least five times).
  • Canned: Die and cancel the series.
  • Deus ex machina achievements (all require you to die in the specific episode’s fight and choose to be saved by a deus ex machina; note that there may be other ways to die than the ones given below):
    • A Penguin is a Man’s Best Friend (Episode 2): Get Sammy to use his stink bomb in class, and then get angry at him when it goes wrong.
    • Lucky Landing (Episode 4): Have low Self and Friendship and a non-ranged weapon, spend a long time getting to the building, and send Kay up to distract the bird, then choose Jump as it flies away.
    • Pipe Dream (Episode 5): Have low Mind, Chi/Anara as a bitter rival (and don’t try to apologise), and while in the fight, use them as a shield.
    • Indy Fridge (Episode 7): Have low Mind, get inside the rail gun, and smash the glass.
    • Extinguished (Episode 9): Have low Self; chase the General and try to destroy his helicopter with your Light/Shadow/Technological power; then just keep fighting (don’t try to talk or look for their parent).
    • Saved by the Bell (Episode 11): Low Self or Friendship; attack and keep attacking without using your teammates in any way.
    • Reformation (Episode 12): Low Self, Ryu doesn’t like you, keep attacking until the twins fuse, and then try to catch the scythe-katana blade.
  • The Tough Girl (Kay); The Comic Nerd (Sammy); The Scientific Genius (Anara); The Soccer Jock (Chi); The Rival (Ryu); The Class President (Lani); The Martial Artist (Phil); The Mystery Girl (Mirabelle): Romance the specific RO.
  • Who Needs Romance? Don’t romance anyone.
  • Ending achievements (all at the end of Episode 13):
    • The Continuation: Don’t attack your friends when you’re mind-controlled; defuse the bomb by high Mind or Self, or high Friendship and a full team; or let a friend sacrifice themselves to save the day.
    • The Army Minion: Try to kill your friends when you’re mind-controlled; willingly serve the army. (Note that depending on your stats, your friends may break you out anyway, leading to the Continuation ending.)
    • The Army Minion (Not): Try to kill your friends when you’re mind-controlled; agree to serve, but plan to escape. (Same note as above.)
    • The Sacrifice: Sacrifice yourself to stop the bomb.
    • We Are Kurtesh: Let Kurtesh sacrifice themself to stop the bomb.
    • Vivisection: Try to kill your friends when you’re mind-controlled; refuse to serve the army.
    • The Overlord: Let the bomb destroy the city and choose to rule.
    • The New You: Let the bomb destroy the city and choose not to rule.
    • A Penguin Really Is A Man’s Best Friend: Need to have seen the Episode 2 deus ex machina; choose the penguin when you’re mind-controlled.

If anyone has any more, please feel free to ask. :slight_smile:


Well done, just as I predicted years ago - I’ll be waiting for your next game WiP.


Sadly it won’t be the further adventures of my mc with his super-cute and cool husband and sidekick Phil and tech-support by Sammy. :sob:

Our dear author did have an even more gripping superhero kind of story set in a highly original verse of his own creation, but I’m not sure I’m even allowed to mention that here. :zipper_mouth_face:


my favorite Smoocher :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Btw…um…congratulation on the release! or…pre-release…lol

Edit: oh wait wait! I have a question…which I almost forgot to ask :

In the beginning , you get to choose your totem from a cat to an angel ? Does that make any difference ?


I’m glad it’s on Steam. This is normally not a genre that catches my attention, but I played some of the WIP a long time ago (and sadly lost the time before I could get very far) and I think this is one I’ll certainly have to give a chance. :grin:

Congrats on having your game published :clap: I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


Love the climax. It’s great to finally own this beauty. Platonic badassery with ryu for the win.

It will be interesting to see what you tackle next.

What happens to sammy junoir if he isn’t used against the evil monster or the XS you face afterwords?


The totem’s form only really changes flavour text. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But not just about Totem… :innocent:

I’m going to say that he had a date with Lani… :innocent:


I AM SO PROUD OF MY BIRDIE :hugs: Now a big author he won’t liķe Mara anymore :sob:
To any project you start you know you can count with me. i probably not be of lot help but sure we will have fun in the process


Btw… I was wondering what darkness stats mean?
And also general stat…is it a relationship with public or something?


No idea but Darkness let me do Mara evil choices and kill companions and talking in caps Talking in Caps are AWESOME . But well i play a different game that rest of humanity called DIE DIE TOTEM COMPANION at the end is me and my bf only. lol


So happy to see this released.


As I haven’t said this publicly yet… Yay yay yay! :heart_eyes: I am so happy this is out now :hugs:

I might :sweat_smile: @poison_mara habla inglés mejor que hablo español :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Pretty much all my impression of Power Rangers comes from Totem Force (well, and other stuff @ParrotWatcher has told me) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They’re both sort of under the hood things that the game is keeping track of, but the player wouldn’t really be aware of while playing.

But for a basic idea, darkness is kinda tracking, well, how many morally shady things your character has been getting up to, and is generally affecting the tone of your story… are you looking at a rather light story in style, or is it ending up a bit more dark and gritty? General is tracking a specific relationship. With a general.


I am the only one that has killed ALL cast except her bf. Maybe i should have an achievement for that … Flames guy and Black poison kitty forever together as i killed rest of cast.


I remember watching it as a kid. But now I just feel too old for that. Still I like what I’ve read of this game so far. Feels kinda nostalgic, it reminds me of that and when I used to be more interested in animes. I even liked the references which once again aren’t my cup of tea normally.


I am thinking more of the vibe of American Version of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight… well the friendship part is more “normal” or “unique” as compare to Power Rangers, including the relationship with our rivals…
For me, the US version of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is an upgrade than the Original Japanese Version , the plotline makes more sense and the relationship is more truthful , they made an effort on outlining the interactive relationship … the original dragon knight was too confusing …

In Totem Force, it feels that it is as serious as Dragon Knight, but at the same time as light hearted as Power Rangers :slight_smile:


Just to check: you found these in the code, right? :sweat_smile: Because they shouldn’t be mentioned in-game… :grimacing:

Honestly, even I can understand that much Spanish… :sweat_smile:


I got a bug in the epilogue…


i have way too much fun playing as mew mew :rofl:


So finally got around to playing the full game…yay meh lol

and gotta say…

I wish the Totem were…hum…well not equal but fit the armor descriptions and weapons ones too . Like for exemple if I pick the dragon Totem , its cool! dragon armor! But if I pick the angel (butthurt that kay got it boohoo…but since she is mah gf…I forgive her lol) , there is no such armor for the angel . Yet you can pick something futuristic , but no totem that fit that armor .

well game is done and all , so maybe something to think about for any futur sequel :wink:

*dream about kay in cop uniform…:kissing_closed_eyes: * ahem!

where was I ? other then that , havent tried the other ladies romance but seem Anara romance has more path to play . I liked it actually , though kay is #1 in mine heart lol .


Last I knew the author had no plans for a sequel, so no super-cute sidekick and Phil and tech-support by Sammy. :cry: