Too Much Spam


I am sorry but I went to school come back early get on her and there is ton of New comments. I supposed their were updates but of course in most case it was spam. I also notice certain users starting most of the spam (not saying names). Who wants to log on check out a game and have to sift through page just to find something remotely related to the game!


Agreed. A lot of the spam on here would be alleviated if some people didn’t double or triple post instead of pressing the Enter key. And the rest of it is usually light-hearted discussion or commenting, which is mostly fine, but probably better suited to personal or instant messaging.

It’s good that we have friendly, talkative people here, but it begins to pile up. The traffic is great, but not necessarily constructive.


Totally desagree its a forum to enchange ideas no a mude wall where nobody can discuss and who are you or i to say the opinion or other people is spam?


My opinion on the matter is as long as the person who started the thread doesn’t mind then it’s ok.


Maybe a post only for all the updates will cool so iphone people like me could find all the updates more easily


@Marajade it is you opinion, I for one am completely an utterly positive that what happens here most of the time qualifies as spam.


wait so i spam??? i post 3 messages at a time… but i get ideas after i already posted a comment


I’m certainly not saying that there shouldn’t be discussion or exchange of ideas. I’m all for that. But there are certain things that can be done to reduce redundant posts and the like.

Other forums I’ve been to have stricter rules, and I guess I’m just used to them. I’m sure if things were getting out of hand, the mods would step in.


That is flooding. There is a edit button on comment by the way


So if you dont like a opinion its a spam we can call the forum a latin word to descrive a place to talk and meet people a mude room


i am so stupid :stuck_out_tongue:


Ya i usually get away from my consciousness when i have conversations, sorry


I dont apollogy to give my opinion in a forum!


This isn’t really a place to randomly talk and meet friends… Well I isn’t at all. This is a place to talk about CoG games, choice Script, games being made. You should bring all the other stuff to a magical land called off topic. =;


I’m not saying people’s opinions that I don’t like are spam. Far from that.

Spamming is when you unnecessarily flood a message board with posts or comments. As Talon pointed out there is an edit button.

I don’t think the purpose of this thread is to persecute or shame anyone. I think Talon just wants people to be a little more conservative with their posts?

Varied discussion is the whole reason forums exist. If it was all just one person’s opinion or one side of an argument, it wouldn’t be worth visiting.


Bleh, the edit button goes away usually in Three minutes times for me. :frowning:


Well ok talon you are a perfect guy who never got off topic so people who got that are trolls, sarcasm


@Happy Yeah, I’m not sure why it’s like that. A little bit annoying.


I’m anything but perfect, I simply don’t want to have to sift through threads just to find the topic…


People seem to be in a bad mood today. Is it a full moon tonight?