We need to something about the Spam. It needs to be assassinated. I can name so many spam threads.

All this is spam, and so many more that I have not mentioned. We need an Assassin who can murder them. Who has ideas to kill Spam.

Edit: Also, kick out the following users (creators of Spam): @tumber123j, @Lockhart, @Nikey6sgjm, etc.


Aye let the black flag rise and the cannon be ready for we are going to WAAR


Permission to join as well ?


Permission Greanted. Royal Knight.

But seriously RP will not help. What can we do.


A button to flag discussion ?


First of all, why are there only three of us. Second a flag button is a good option, so many users are there so flagging seems a good idea.


there were another anti spam discussions but sadly all posibilities are or time comsuming or expensives i dont think you could do something but yeah a post reporting spammers name could help moderators to erase spam at least


Permission to Join?


After joining, at least do something. Permission Granted.

Looks like flagging needs to be an option.


Then moderators come swooping down and congratulate us, the end. In the mean time, I will try to find any spam and report, hopefully


Well I remember a Wall of Spam coming up. I had decided to call on the Moderators, but the ‘You’ve made 3 Posts within 1 minute, it’s to help us stop spam!’ notice and I thought: “I need to post this so I can stop Spam!”

I’m thinking that we need to have a few Forumers become a ‘Spam Defense Team’ or something like that.


Good idea. The SPT. What do you think about this @Moderators.


If it’s an issue, maybe another mod or two is needed? Divided across the time zones perhaps. I think there’s only four mods right? So there’s plenty of gaps in when the forums are monitored?

Other than that, I can’t think of much else to do. I’d hate to see capatcha restrictions for posts in the future. :frowning:


yup most mod are in what europe and us timezone right


This thread his generated many ideas.

  1. Flag Discussion Buttion
  2. Spam Defense Team
  3. More Mods from more TimeZones.

All of them are good ideas and they should be applied to the forums.


I typically delete 4-5 a day, some days less, some more. I am not sure what can be done outside of deleting it without taking away freedom of other users. More mods could help in other time zones but I generally think spam is gone quickly save for early morning hours in the US and Great Britain.


Yeah I saw like 5 spam threads between midnight and 4am. I’m in the USA eastern time zone so I guess that’s considered early morning hours.


I am in the +5:00 GMT Zone.


i dont know what time zone its mine i think is +1 is same berlin paris also @BlueOwl358 are you my old fellow the sleepy wise owl ?


As said to many many others. I may say it again. I am SmartKid737 aka Wise Sleepy Owl. *I fly off with my owls*