Suggestion: Add the Forum link to the main site!

As title; I just noticed that the link to forum only exists on the blog.
Perhaps we should add a link to forum on the main site (, so people who don’t read the blog can link to the forum too?

(Actually, I was hoping for a more conventional forum similar to phpBB, it is a lot more organized, but this one will do xD)

this is pretty cool actually, I think also a link to the google group or maybe even transferring the google group over to the forum would be a good idea and make everything central and not spread over different platforms. Y’know, to support all the masochistic types out there who love using the language!

@Laytonia: this forum can be made to look more structured and “organized” :slight_smile: but while there isn’t so much traffic, hopefully this looks more accessible.

@Dominic_Bishop We’ve added a link to the Forums from the home page. Thanks!

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@Dominic: Good idea. Perhaps bringing the ChoiceScript group over would liven up this place immensely .v.