Can anyone else not access the main site?

I was just going to play one of the games I hadn’t tried yet, but the site is down for me. Anyone else or is it just me?

Me too. I had to go straight to the forum page. I can’t access anything on the site itself.

Bit of a bummer. I was just about to buy “life of a Mobster” after reading about it. Guess I’ll have to wait. Hope it get fixed before it gets too late (its almost midnight here)

Mhm, same. Site must be down. What a day to roll up your sleeves and say, “Today I master you, Choicescript!” Heh. :grin:

Also, since you can’t make “hey, I’m new” threads, hello to everyone. I’m new… :wink:

Yeah the site’s been glitching on and off for me the last couple of days. I figured it was just my connection though.

Welcome to the forum @MarcHenriksen Feel free to introduce yourself

Hi, Marc I am Mara happy to meet someone new. Also I have problems to access too.

I was able to use Google’s cached version to access the main page, but I can’t connect directly.

@MarcHenriksen I’d like to echo FairyGodfeather in saying welcome to the fourm. I’m pretty new as well but in general we’re a pretty welcoming bunch

Yeah I get the same problem oddly enough it works if u go forum>main rather than just main
Click on the orange CoG up top to reach main site

Sorry, it was down for a few hours today. It’s back up now, and hopefully it’ll stay up for a while.