Too Different Beta Testing Thread - CLOSED

Beta testing is currently CLOSED! Thank you to all who participated!

In Too Different, you are the child of a human father and a mother from one of four interdimensional species. As the story progresses, you will travel to the unique living quarters of each people, learn about their culture and history, and make your own conclusions about what you discover. Along the way, you will meet new people, both human and nonhuman. Will you hold on to your humanity, or embrace your other, more warped, side? Or maybe you are just Too Different


  • Play as trans, cis, or non-binary.
  • Choose the origin of your mother from four familiar species.
  • Romance a childhood frenemy, quiet classmate, sassy A.I. helper, creepy priest, human-obsessed romance novelist, slam poet, or hacker.
  • Discover the dark secrets behind W.A.R.P. and your birth.


Round 1 (Completed)
  1. MichaelCrank
  2. stsword
  3. Demigod_Knight
  4. Liza_P
  5. Laundromak
Round 2 (Completed)
  1. Cyphr
  2. Eric_Knight
  3. KingEneru
  4. StarWarsMaster
  5. Khbeardp
Round 3 (Completed)
  1. KJM
  2. Blues
  3. Dealta
  4. YHGS
  5. Rock_Em_Sock_Em
Backups (1 might be needed)

Zman13, Xiomy_Gomez


Has given feedback

MichaelCrank, stsword, Demigod_Knight, Liza_P, Laundromak, Cyphr, Eric_Knight, StarWarsMaster, Khbeardp, YHGS, KJM, Rock_Em_Sock_Em

Has not given feedback/adequate feedback


Has not responded

Blues, Dealta

Link to the thread with the full public demo: Too Different Discussion Thread

Thank you for reading!


I’d be interested in giving a hand if you still need it :relieved:

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I am interested for the beta testing.
Thank you

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I would love to play this game it was so fun to read

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I would test if I wasn’t occupied with p5r

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I really liked the demo and would be willing to help

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If you still need more folks, I’d happily test it out :wink:

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Hey, if you need anymore then the current people, I would be up to test it out too! :slight_smile:

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Would like to gladly test your game.

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Would gladly try to help :slight_smile:

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Hello, everyone! I would first like to thank you all for your enthusiastic response – I greatly appreciate the support!

Those of you in round one should have already received the link through private message, and you have five days to provide feedback before I move on to the next round. Unfortunately, if you do not respond or for some reason cannot reply, I will be unable to credit you as a beta tester in the published game. Please remember that by “feedback”, authors mean critique deeper than “I liked this game” or “this character was bad”.

Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you all! (:

EDIT: I forgot to mention that there are only two slots left for the third round, but that I will be accepting back-up testers in the event that, like, only two people are actually able to respond. So just because your name is not on the list for a given round, it does not mean that you will not be able to participate in the test.


I would love to help test!

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Hey there! I sent you my feedback, please let me know if you received it. :slight_smile:

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You are tester number four in round three!

I have received it – thank you!

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I’m interesting in beta testing! :slight_smile:

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Okay! You are tester number five in round three. I will private message you with the link and some other information once your round arrives!


Always willing to help test new stories
Thank you

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All right – I’ve added you to the back-ups! You will be contacted if I do not receive enough responses from those who are signed-up for rounds two and three.

When does round two start?

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Right now! I literally just sent the private message one minute after you posted here, lol. ^ _ ^