To the Whistling Winds (WIP) [UPDATED 09/18/2020]

Just gotta say… I absolutely love the beginning! The way you incorporate picking your appearance and general stats while progressing through the day is phenomenal. And the choice descriptions are so unique… bloody amazing! I’ve never looked at this game before, but its in my bookmarks now!


Thanks for pointing this out! I’ll change both of these in the next update, and please don’t hesitate to let me know if you find any other code/skill discrepancies. It would be SUPER funny if MC was snatched up by Ernest compared to the infinitely more outgoing Teddy or Alejandro, please let me know what happens. >:D

Hehe, I welcome MC discussion, and @Jordan_Kelley, I’d love to hear more about your sleepy child!

Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s always a relief to hear that my stats are integrated neatly into the game, and I’m so happy to hear that TTWW is in your bookmarks! I hope you continue to enjoy it. :slight_smile:


So I named my mc Callum Ariss, I chose a gaelic surname but I was tempted to use mine, and they’re a music major who wants to compose music but life has other ideas?

There friendly, logical, somewhat introverted and is equal parts ambitious and free spirit. They’re tired 24/7 and can be rather grumpy but watch out if you trigger they’re temper. Lets just say if there was an option to punch that lost spirit fae in the face and actually do damage, that would have happened.

Callum is the vision of “I’m so done with this bs” by the end of chapter four. Wit was the highest stat he had and I would so play a witty humorous character.


This is pretty good. I liked the options when talking with the hunters\group. I didn’t feel so good about refusing the toast but I like to think that my MC is uncomfortable with the idea of eating alone while six people are just… there, looking lol. I’m intrigued and looking forward for more!


clémence that’s it that’s the tweet x

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being in a family with 7 people, and 5 always sit with you at the dining table, being stared at is very common lol


I gotta ask, since its really the only thing that confused me, but what are the clothing styles inspired by?

I am indeed one of those people who had to google what a certain pair of shoes looked like. And yes the majority of my clothes are chosen by comfort, I only dress up fancy for special events.


Thanks for the question! I kept each brand vague in the game because I know everyone has a different fashion sense and their ideal choice still might not be in the choices. If you do want to look up reference, though, I can give you some brand names to check out!

Evergreen: Everlane, Uniqlo
Red Hook Apparel: Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, American Apparel
Archer & Sons: Scotch & Soda, J. Crew.
rosify: Lululemon, Patagonia, Adidas
The Way We Wore: Your favorite vintage outlet :slight_smile:
Twisted Wives: Hot Topic, UNIF, Killstar

Hope this helps!


rosify is confirmed to be the best brand. no i will not accept criticism

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Yeah I mostly wear leggings because I’m short and jeans never really fit length wise. I like lazy wear.

But if I had the money to, I’d shop at Anthrologie :joy:

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I literally know none of those brands. Fashion wise, my mind only comprehends “iT cOMfiE n FitZ”


Haha, both valid approaches! I know some people like picturing their MC’s exact outfits, and some people don’t. I’m definitely more on the ‘specific outfit’ side of things (I’d devote entire pages to the Covey’s outfits if that were like, in anyway digestible to a reader), but I understand brushing past that as well.

During lockdown, my mood is definitely more comfy > style.

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Wowwwwie. This one had me so enthralled that I have to type my first forum post about it.

You had me at faeries, and you kept me with an evocative writing style, fun and interesting characters, and letting me be able to choose my characters fashion sense. SO worth not going to bed at a reasonable hour. Definitely the best choice of game I’ve ever played, and it’s not even finished yet. I’m on the edge of my seat here!

But really, this felt like an interactive novel and I adored every second of it. I love the attention to detail, you either really did your research or you’ve worked at a theme park before. And the pacing is actually one of my favorite things about this! I feel the story unfurled in a very organic way, especially since there are some things you’ve alluded to that haven’t come into the spotlight just yet. All in all, you really set the stage. Keep up the good work!


Oh my gosh, thank you for your words! This was such a nice message to wake up to. :slight_smile: I’m honored to be the subject of your first forum post.

I’m really glad you’re enjoying my game, and that both the plot and the gameplay structure are resonating with you. I know customization isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I know that it helps me integrate myself better into a story, and I’m glad to know others feel the same way.

I hope you continue to enjoy playing through my game, and again, I really appreciate you taking the time to write this message out!


I just opened drabble commissions for TTWW on Ko-Fi! Exciting stuff!

Currently, two slots are left, so please check my page out if you’d be interested in commissioning me! :sparkles: There’s more information, pricing info, and details on the Ko-fi page.


Would you be able to explain the drabble a bit more? I’m a bit tired and it sounded interesting but I couldn’t quite understand it :sweat_smile:

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There’s more information in the Ko-Fi page, but I’ll copy and paste some info here!

A drabble would be 500 words. In general, I’ll need:

  • Some information about your MC
  • Which RO you would like
  • A prompt!
  • Your tumblr OR your COG forum name so we can stay in contact.

An example prompt would be “MC forgets about their anniversary, and RO confronts them.” A longer or more specific commission can have a more specific prompt.

Will do: implied smut, mild violence, horror, poly romance.

Won’t do: NSFW, extreme gore or horror, furry/ABO, or any content I deem offensive or inflammatory.

On my Ko-Fi, you’ll see that there are two different choices that have different prices.

Hope this helped!