To Be a Slave (Revamped, please see new thread)

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Mind giving us a teaser? Just to show us what your plan is.

I’d love to see a Viking game! I don’t think there’s been any game specifically about Vikings so I think it’d be refreshing.

Could you please tell us more about the game, though? The description is a little vague…

Also, will there be gender options?

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Yeah sure! Your character was raised in a monastery in England around the Conquest of England in 1066, when Vikings come and ransack it. A particular person(it’s a spoiler so don’t want to name them) sells you into slavery, and you go to the Viking “Empire”. Stuff went down during its creation, so there is a rebellion faction fighting against the Empire. As a slave to the Empire you can choose to either serve them faithfully with the prospect of your freedom or join the rebellion and try to bring down the empire.

Yes, there will be gender options, but stats will not be altered due to the fantasy setting of women being equal to men in a sense, or whatever you identify as.


I would love to! I’ll just paste the first page though, because my mother doesn’t have the proper things I need to run the coding, and the one I currently have is severely outdated. I also have a chart of the characters, names, gender ( some based on MC’s own gender), sexual orientation, position, and faction if you want to see it. Here is the first page you will encounter as of now.


The bright, sweltering sun of the summer months beats down upon your head; baking the exposed ground, heating up the soles of your boots. It radiates from them in waves scorching the pads of your feet.

You shift in discomfort, stamping your feet in an attempt to cool them off. The sudden movement jolts the sticky sweat that clings to your brow, sending it into careening into your eyes. It stings and you blink away the blurred vision and pain it brings. The other droplets cascade down your face, dropping off your chin onto the caked dirt below.

You move to wipe away the salty sting , leaving the other arm hanging limply at your side. Rivulets of blood dance down your skin, dripping off your numb fingers onto the greedy ground. The color fades as it seeps into the dirt, it’s bright red color dimming into a rusted brown. You sniff the air and slightly grimace at the scent. The air has a metal stench to it. The smell of rust. You can taste the iron on your parched and cracking tongue.

Crimson rivers flow and quench the likewise dry dirt’s thirst. Rivers that flow down and around great mountains. Mountains of brown cloth and flaking ashen skin. Ashen skin whose summits are topped with glazed and unseeing orbs, that stare blindly into nothingness. Dead, beady eyes that seem to look right at you. Watching. Accusing. Judging.

You shudder as they eye you, these dead men who you once knew. Every single man in the yard lies dead. All except you and two others. Everywhere you look, you see the ground littered with the twisted corpses of monks who had raised you. You stare at them and…


Honestly I love this idea wahoo Viking are awesome

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Definitely a good idea. Not enough Norse mythology and stuff in COG so far, so it’d be nice to see.

I have been waiting for this so long and have only one question: Can we choose how we style our beard?


Haha, as of now you can change your body type( to change your base stats, buff= strength and stuff, lithe = dexterity) but I can certainly add such a thing xD perhaps when you are at the auction


You got a good writing style but I personally think the idea’s stupid. As for the history nerd in me if you’re going to make a Viking empire make it sound plausible as well. Or do some research look up to what it actually means to how the Nordic people lived what was their daily life like. If you want a Viking empire you can just make it take place during the reign Cnut Great.

I suppose I could make it your generic Viking story. However, if you think by fantasy I’m going to include dragons and unicorns you are mistaken. Yes, there will be aspects such as magic and some norms that wouldn’t be appropriate for the time, but it’s just an extension on things that already existed. The Gods or soothsayers will simply have a more fantasy feel than they normally would. And I have done research, I have a folder dedicated to Norse history and mythology on my home pc. I would prefer not to use a real Viking civilization, as fiction is more my thing. Thanks for the website though.

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I mean when you do say Viking in fantasy it’s been done to death my friend. I’m a huge history nerd and the Vikings as if any culture is far from generic. They were trader Raiders Pirates and conquerors explorers and colonizers. The Vikings and their influence deeply influenced English Isles with their conquests the founding dynasty of Russia is of the Viking Prince. They were the bodyguards to the roman Emperor Constantinople. Then settling the duchy of Normandy gave rise to Norman culture and turn to the invasion of Normandy other than eventual formation of the kingdom of Sicily. So no brother history is far from generic and you can have a fun time with it. How do I make a good game system check out mythical Iceland. And if going to use my mmythical fuck fantasy us magic realism with history and you’re going to have a very interesting tale.

PS Your welcome!


Can we ascend to nobility?

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Sounds awesome can’t wait

Depending on who you choose to pursue a romance with you certainly can.

You could always just go fantasy Viking. Just give everything a different name and there, you got it, no historical accuracy needed.

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xD I very well could, but I have a crippling weakness for mythology.

If I can become Fylkir and found the holy order of the Jomsvikings and take a bunch of hottie’s as my concubines I’ll definitely be interested.


See the CK2 reference there sir!

It’s not a CK2 reference until someone is seducing their sister-aunt-cousin