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But my plan is much more worst than what you currently imagined so far.

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So the Red Bloods were either the original inhabitants of Argia or the predominant settlers of unknown origin. Based on geography their culture is probably defined as agrarian, at least in the northern regions. Given the present generation’s reverence for a giant oak tree their beliefs hold much respect for nature and its preservation.

Blue Bloods sound quite interesting - the fact that they arrived via ships and in a mass large enough to establish a nation of their own not only showcases considerable knowledge of naval navigation but implies an ethnic exodus from their original homeland.

Considering the prejudice favoring blood purity extends only towards the literal color of an individual’s blood and not more apparent features like facial structure or skin color would mean either:

a). Reds and Blues are ethnically indistinguishable and only differentiated through blood color.
b). Reds and Blues are both multi-ethnic among their own groups but find solidarity and identity through a shared blood color

The Blue Bloods came to Argia to settle but that itself raises three questions:

1). Why did they leave their homeland?
2). How did they know of Argia, which itself seemed isolated, blood-wise.
2b). And how were so many of them willing to risk what seemed an untested journey into an untested land?

Speculation: Its possible their homeland is a place where Blue Bloods are the norm but after suffering some devastation (war, famine, etc) a large contingent of its populace either elected or were coerced into leaving all together.

Alternatively it might have been persecution that drove them out, either by fellow Blue Bloods or another group. The Blue Bloods would have been a large minority that for whatever reason couldn’t integrate with the ruling culture or were actively alienated.

They had ships which meant a history of trade and exploration, its possible small scale expeditions were made to Argia but despite its vast natural resources no colonization seems to have been initiated, which is peculiar for a civilization with ships against a nation of farmers. This would imply a vast distance between Argia and the Blue Blood homeland that would render sustained colonial efforts impracticable.

As such some extraordinary circumstance served as the impetus for the Blue Bloods to abandon sustainable living in their homeland and brave a foolhardy, if not outright perilous expedition to a land so vast and untamed it might as well have been its own world. A new start seems to have been the common motivator for these Blue Bloods and its yet to be learned whether present day Cerlean retains any communication with the land(s) of their ancestral origin.

Question: Can a Lavern produce offspring with a person from Vermeil or Cerlean?

TFW Madame chaos conjures something from the stuff of nightmare.

Oh, trust me your highness, I can imagine far much worse than that…I’m just not sure if it’s legal.


Another WIP of yours?
I can already taste my heart breaking.
Loved it.
TBH I am waiting for an RO yes I guess you can tell wich one :wink:

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Yes, but the color will be a little different. For example; A Laven and a Vermeil. Their offspring will be a Laven, but the purple/violet will be a little lighter. The same goes with a Laven and a Cerlean.

Oh? Try me. If you manage to predict it, I’ll give you thr list of all the ROs. :smirk:

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I’m not interested in the list of possible ROs, to be honest. I’m more interested in their own character development, specifically how Clyde or Alyssa would react when they inevitably discover that you’re a Laven. So, no, I’ll just sit back and watch how the tragedy unfolds.

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Oh well. Don’t blame me if your heart gets broken.

Aside from that, which did you like the most? Clyde or Alyssa?


I don’t think it could get anymore broken than it already is, not after that…that…accursed wedding! Argh! I’ll make them suffer…

All jokes aside, I’ll be (pleasantly) surprised if you can get me as emotionally invested in something as PrinceMC’s relationship with Melissa, that was a beautifully executed maneuver, kudos to you.

As a character?
I can’t pass judgment at the moment, we’ve scarcely interacted. I need at least three more personal interaction with them to create an opinion.

As a RO?
Alyssa, if only because people older than me, even by an attosecond, are outside my strike zone. (Melissa got a pass because she’s a beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure.)
But objectively speaking, I think they’re about the same at the moment, need more fleshing out before I can start a crusade comment further.

Finally we have a childhood friend who doesn’t have a crush on MC. That archetype is so overused, dammit. I wonder if we can become a wingman of some sort :thinking: I’m all up for that :slightly_smiling_face:
Eh, all ROs being bisexual seems unrealistic.


Ohhh the childhood crush cliche… Can’t say I’m a fan with it too. Don’t worry. You’ll see something devastating that will make all readers hate me for writing it.


someone hold my hand, i’m scared :disappointed_relieved:


Plot twist? Awesome. Bring it, Britney!


To be honest, I think this will be the evilest thing I would be writing…


It’s that devastating.


to be fair, this is a story where some people literally have blood that’s the color blue, and the mc has purple blood. that alone isn’t exactly realistic. well at least i’ve never heard of people who actually have blue or purple blood.

oh god


And I will say this. This is not a fake spoiler. There will be a lot of deaths that will happen in the story.


Oh, don’t sell your self short, your evilness! We both know you’re capable of something much much much worse.

Ahh~ I can’t wait for it, I’m literally shaking in fear excitement!


Guys i tried to download but it says web page not available. Same happened to other games. Anyone has any idea?

I often see “realism” used as an excuse to justify things which would make stories less enjoyable for minority readers. It should be remembered that these are as much games as they are stories, and forcing one particular subset of readers to have a much worse time is unfair, no matter how “realistic” it might be. Besides, as @komorebi pointed out, this isn’t the real world, so why wouldn’t it be realistic for everyone to be bi?
(I actually made quite a long post about this some months ago, if you want to see more arguments…)

Pls don’t kill Clyde… :cry: Or make him hate us for our blood colour… Or kill Alyssa and have him blame us and hate us for that…

(Although, if you do kill Clyde, I would consider it kinda disingenuous, since you’ve been treating him as an RO thus far… I’m not a big fan of dead boyfriends… :sob:)


Naa, maybe my phrasing wasn’t right. It’s a fantasy, I’m fully aware, magic and all that jazz. But I see all characters being bisexual err as if reducing them to only being love interests, nothing else. They lose uniqueness.
Where’s the diversity? I’d say, gay chars = cool, straight = cool, bisexual = awesome. Full cast of bi is kinda meh for me ¯_(ツ)_/¯