This Blood of Mine (WIP) Last Updated May 3



Oh, I drew Alyssa first… But then the drawing was horrible so I didn’t post it. Despite of that, I did submit it to DeviantArt.


Mind if I take the screenshot or copy the link and share it here?


Wait, there’s fanart authorart?! O.O



I’ll be submitting a drawing… The drawing is the scene where the RO dies. Can’t let people know.


Do it, Sabrina! >:D .


Saw the drawing and I think telling lies is not a nice thing Madame… The drawing is great and you should give yourself more credit!


I mean, the drawing doesn’t look like what Alyssa is supposed to look like.


Another dead boyfriend for you, Parrotwatcher?


I don’t even know yet! :sob: And even if he does survive, that still doesn’t mean he’s a confirmed RO… :sob:


Tsk, tsk. Look what you’ve done, @Sophia . You’ve ruined a perfectly good @ParrotWatcher. Look at them, they have anxiety now.


Is @Sophia torturing the poor, huddled masses yet again? Someone ought to do something about this. :wink:


Looking forward to the MC getting caught having purple blood!


When did she ever stopped? Pain and suffering is a certainty under her reign.


This is sooo cute! I like both Alyssa an Clyde, ehe. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really want to see how this turns out. Kudos to you for writing such a interesting first chapter! :smile:


Please tell me there’s a way to help poor Clyde confess his feelings to Alyssa! I want to see my childhood friends happy together :heart: before everything inevitably goes wrong and we have to endure a world of pain.



This seems interesting I hope you continue working on this and are having fun with it!


This is a fun game! :grin:


I like alyssa too! ------------ then GAME END! = ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

that was deliciously evil though :sweat_smile:


If you were given a chance to sabotage Clyde’s confession to Alyssa, why would you do it and in what way would you do it?

PS. Yes, I’m back to writing.

I only have 3 options so far and I ran out of ideas.

  1. The mc is jealous
  2. The mc is bored. (lol)
  3. The mc wants to play with their feelings.