The Witch's Familiar (wip, updated Oct 13th 2022)

Formerly a care free lesser spirit exploring the realms you one day heard a distant call echoing through the planes. It asked for assistance and in return would give companionship, protection, and most importantly a physical body. You had heard calls like it before and always ignored them, but this one felt different, like it was meant only for you.

Following the call through countless realms of existence you finally found the source, a young witch, new to their powers and in search of a familiar. You had a warm feeling in the presence of this young, by their species reckoning, witch and proceeded to negotiate the terms of your partnership. What surprised you most was that they gave you the choice of which form your physical body would take.

Most familiar’s took the form their partner wished them to take but here you were, a not so special spirit being given the choice. They presented you with several bodies collected from the area and said you could take your time choosing, they even helped you weigh the pro’s and con’s of each choice. Eventually you chose and the two of you became an official familiar.

Now after a century together, going through thick and thin, adventuring through realms few can imagine, you wake one morning to find your witch gone. The home the two of you had shared so long empty of nearly all their items save a mysterious letter left with your name on it, but not in their handwriting. Now it’s up to you to find your missing friend and discover why they have vanished without you.

Along the way gather power, friends, and possibly a little romance as you search for signs of your best friend.
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Content Warning

This game will eventually contain, violence, depictions of war and innocent casualties, strong language, drug use, death, and explicit sexual content.


*Take on the role of a witch’s familiar and choose your physical form. Each form has unique abilities as well as challenges for you to manage. Choose the body of a Bird, Cat, or Spider. Then pick which family it belongs to. Are you a Crow, or a Sparrow? Tabby, or Persian? Black Widow, or Tarantula?

*As you grow in power learn to take an almost human-like form. But beware that while it may fool others from a distance, up close it is obvious that you are not what you appear to be. Whether it is the feathers growing in your hair, the tail playfully trying to avoid view, or the second set of arms you keep hidden in your cloak, others will know you are not like them.

*Become friends with a veritable menagerie of adventurers. A bubbly necromancer, solemn knight, lighthearted scribe, or a grumpy bard are all willing to help you, provided you assist them with their own quests. Others may be waiting off the beaten path to tag along should you be adventurous enough to find them.

*Adventure through a world where magic is an everyday part of life and is openly practiced, provided you are the right sort, which you are most definitely not. Witches are considered outlaws because they do not practice within the strict rules set forth by the law and as a witches familiar you are considered little more than a demon to be squashed. Can you avoid such a fate?

*Travel through the realms on your quest to find your lost witch and find many side quests to undertake as you go. Some will reward you with greater power, some with gold, and some you may simply undertake for no other reason than to help those in need, or take advantage of them.

*Play as a Female, Male, or Non-Binary.

*Fully customize your spirit form, physical familiar body, and even your human body once you acquire one.

*Customize your witch partner, choosing their gender, physical attributes and race. They could be Human, Elf, Fae, or something else entirely.


The Necromancer



Age: 301

Appearance: At 6’1”, Tanila exemplifies the image of an elf with a lean, delicate looking frame, and preternatural grace. She has raven black hair with streaks of white stripped through it which she keeps in a waist length braid, deep almond coloured eyes, and a perpetual smirk. Besides the odd hair half of her left ear is missing, the end shredded in some previous encounter. This gives her a slightly unbalanced look as her right ear is still intact, all five inches of it bouncing happily as she walks.

Description: An outcast from her village, Tanila has spent the last fifty years adventuring and seeing the world. Occasionally she teams up with others, but most leave her when they learn she is a necromancer. By no means is she evil and she treats her necromancy as a tool no different then a knight would treat his sword. Her necromancy is the reason for her oddly coloured hair, damaged ear, and banishment. When she was a young elf of only fifty five years her village was attacked and her mother killed. In her grief Tanila sought out everything she could find on the art of raising the dead and tried to bring her mother back. But her teacher tricked her and she raised a wraith in her mothers form, which promptly attempted to drink her life force. After she destroyed the abomination and killed her teacher she vowed to never try to raise the dead again and now uses the other aspects of necromancy to fight the wicked in the world.

The Knight

August/June Bard


Age: 31

Appearance: June is 5’6” with shoulder length auburn hair, striking blue eyes, and a scar running from the top of her eyebrow to just below her eye. With an athletic figure honed by years of being a knight June has been known to turn heads, but many lose interest when they see her scar and as such she keeps her hair covering the right side of her face. June tends to be quiet and reserved due to the way she has been treated by others due to her scar.

August is 5’9” and keeps his hair auburn cut short in a faux hawk. A scar runs from just below his eye to his chin. He has a muscular figure and combined with his scar and rugged looks attracts lots of attention. This makes him arrogant and off putting.

Description: August/June is the heir to a family with a long history of serving the kingdom as knights. Because of this they are held to a higher standard than others and this can get in the way of how they want to live. August is arrogant and utterly sure of himself with no humility and frequently drives others away with his attitude. June is quiet and reserved, doing her best to avoid others and hiding in the shadows whenever possible. Whether male or female this knight will need to learn to either temper his attitude, or learn she is stronger then she believes.

The Scribe

Hanna Lore


Age: 22

Appearance: Hanna is only 5’1” with extremely curly red hair that reaches her mid back. She has expressive gray eyes and delicate features. The young scribe has a cuddly frame that she is rather proud of considering the rest of her family are scrawny as rails.

Description: The only member of her family to be literate, Hanna taught herself how to read as a child after finding a picture book abandoned in an alley and wanting to learn what the short sentences next to the pictures said. It quickly became apparent she is something of a prodigy when it comes to language in its written or spoken form and she is now capable of speaking and reading five languages fluently. This has led to some separation from her family who are traditionally hunters and tanners who view such pursuits as unbecoming of someone not of the nobility. Combined with the physical differences she is the black sheep of her family and despite the love she has for them she tends to avoid them and moved out on her own well she was still very young.

The Bard



Age: 61

Appearance: This grumpy half-orcess is 6’3” with a strong, yet lithe build. If not for her faded green skin and angular ears she could easily pass for human. Her green eyes are hard to read as they seem to always be glaring at everyone and thing around her.

Description: Ancient by orc standards, and merely old by human, Swan is technically a bard. However these days she spends most of her time drinking and getting into fights. Thanks to her slightly sorcerous blood she looks half her age, and that is where much of her attitude comes from. She has already outlived both her parents, all her siblings, and many of her nieces and nephews. She does not know if one of her ancestors is the cause for her long life, or if there was something else she encountered in her youth that may have caused the magic which prolongs her youth and life, but she gave up trying to find out years ago. Now she has resigned herself to working as a bouncer for a dump of a tavern and drinking her days away.

Hey look!!! I have a tumblr now!!!

This idea came to me last week well I was working on a scene for my other IF and I haven’t managed to shake it from my head. So I though, “Hey, why not run it by and see if anyone likes the idea”. In the past I have found bouncing between two projects helps me come up with ideas for the other, not to mention helps with the ADHD and “Oh shiny” of getting distracted as the “shiny” is frequently the other story lol :laughing:

So what we have here is just the first tiny little bit of the story. I am working on it as I type this, just taking a break. At this point you are able to select up to your spirits form and your gender. The story takes you to the point were you meet your witch.


I massively enjoy your writing style, so I’m happy to see another project from you :). Helps that, based on seeing your comments in other threads, we’re on the same page for a lot of stuff (even if I’m lurking more often than not) so I know I will enjoy your works. Plus your stuff is super interesting conceptually, in that it’s not more of the same that seems so common here (not gonna say what I’m meaning 'cause I don’t want to be rude).

Also, unrelated, “if I had a nickel for every time there’s been a WIP here where you’re a familiar, I’d have two nickels, which isn’t a lot but it’s weird it’s happened twice.” I’m hopeful this one goes further than only a chapter or two, since the other kinda died which sucks since I loved it and the concept is super fun (I totally have a bias for playing not-humans).


The premise and the way you’ve set it up so far seems really interesting I’m exicted to learn more as the game is developed. I couldn’t open up the page for stats so I assume they aren’t programmed in yet, what do you imagine the stats looking like in the future?


I really enjoyed it but I hope we get to meet the clutch of dragons


The way you’ve written the gender choice seems a bit odd. At first I didn’t realize it was a gender choice, because the options are also display pretty obviously different personality traits.


@Kitty_Gaige Is the stats page still being worked on? Cause i cant view it.

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Totally a bias I can get behind. Though if you pick the Ghost for your spirit are you still human :thinking:

I have made plans for that yes. That would be a terrible tease wouldnt it?

Noted. I will make it more clear. grabs gender hammers Now which one would you like to be hit with, loool. No seriously, Ill just add something so you know its a gender choice.

Indeed it is. I will have the basics out in a couple days.


Added a placeholder so selecting the stats page doesnt crash the game :heart:


This looks really cool! but I was wondering if this meant that you other wip will be cancelled? I’m asking because I really like the story you put into your first wip (which I can’t remember the name of right now, sorry) and wanted to know if this means the other one was cancelled or not?

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Oh not at all!!! I am most definitely still working on Time Warden :smiley: In the past I have found having two projects to work on at once actually helps my productivity and this story just would NOT leave my gray matter, so here it is.


Phew! okay just wanted to be sure. Thanks for answering :grin:

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Got stuck in an infinite loop after choosing “hey! Who turned off the lights?”

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Better look for the light switch…

But no, that option allows you to select a different spirit. If you want to pick the umber then select the first options. Checked it myself :smiley: Am I just to vague and esoteric in my ways?


Ah alright! Thank you:) I do think it was a bit unclear in the wording, though.

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face palm I shall endeavor to cut back on how vague I am lol

Edit: Gender choice and choice for choosing a different spirit are now clearly labeled :+1:


Always wanted to be a familiar haha

Definitely caught my interest.
Happy writing :smiley:


Loooove OG Salem!!! But new Salem is pretty cool too, not so talkative but definitely deadlier


I am invested and interested so this gets an instant bookmark bc I just gotta love IFs with non-human mcs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Not much here yet, but I certainly enjoyed the little glimpse we have so far.

I’ve always wanted to be a magical slug! Just me? Fine be that way. Looking forward to more.


That’s actually a cute idea. Slugs are adorable!!