The Wight King(WIP) - Chapter 6 added (12/01/2023)

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This is GOOD! Honestly, the story just captivated me from the start. I’m quite intrigued at how you’re gonna go with this.
I’ll be waiting for further updates!


Didn’t really want to talk about it. But guess I should. A week ago I had a car accident on the highway, luckily I wasn’t wounded, at least not too much considering the impact, and no other car was caught in it either so I was really lucky. But I still took a week to rest and try to recover as best as I could, during which I also caught a cold, because why not.

But now I’m alright except for the occasional headaches, so I’m gonna try to finish what I was writing and the changes I made to the system as soon as possible.

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I’m so sorry to hear that! Please take care of yourself first, your health should always be your top priority. Get well soon! ^^


I was taking a look at the choice of species, and I thought it would be a good time to talk about, or remind you of a few characteristics of the main species of this world. I’ll talk about the three races of elves, orks and dwarves for now. These are the most classic species, so it might not be entirely new or original, but I still want to give my twist to them.

Though like most things I do, it’s mostly theory and not set in stone. So I might make changes later.

Elves: I’ve talked about elves before in a general manner. Elves are advantaged in many ways compared to humans, but they’re not exactly as much of a superior species as they think. Elves are slightly stronger, but more importantly much faster than humans. They have a faster reaction time, reduced by almost half, giving them insane reflexes, their senses are also much better than humans, they can see farther, hear clearer and feel with more details, and that applies to magical senses as well.

Elves are very intelligent, and almost all of them are born with a higher magic potential, and a much higher chance of them being born as sorcerers.

But millenias of decadence, isolation and sheltered existences made the elves weak physically, elves are weaker to diseases and poison, have mediocre stamina and feel pain more accutely than humans, they’re more sensitive in general.

Another significant weakness of the elves is their very low birth rates, which makes elven populations very small comparatively to humans.

  • High Elves: They are relatively untouched, the high elves have all the strengths and weaknesses listed above. Additionally, they tend to learn magic faster and be more powerful mages, though they have an affinity for sorcery and wizardry above all, a high elf shaman, priest, druid or witch is mostly unheard of.

  • Wild Elves: The Wild Elves are the descendants of exiles and criminals sent to their deaths in the deep woods, they lived in the wilds for a long time and adapted over time. Wild Elves are tougher than any other elves, shorter but stronger physically, less weak to poisons and diseases and significantly more tolerant to pain, they also have a higher stamina. Though their affinity for magic shifted to druidism and shamanism. They are often less intelligent and educated than high elves, and less of their children are born as sorcerers and have a lesser magic potential compared to high elves. Finally, their birth rate is slightly higher than high elves, making them better able to multiply.

  • Dark Elves: The Dark Elves are corrupted with demonic power and have significantly different features. They tend to be taller, slightly stronger and just as fast. Though they are not as tough as wild elves, they have grown less weak to poison, pain and diseases than high elves. Their affinity is for witchcraft and all forms of black magic. Though their corrupted nature makes them weak to all forms of divine magic, and weaker outside of places where chaos is strong.

Orks: Orks usually live in tribes, either nomadic or settled into fortresses. Most clans have a tribal structure, and only a few Orkish factions adopted a more feudal way of doing things. Orks are incredibly tall, averaging at 2.2m tall, though the tallest, most massive of them reach the 3m tall bar (incredibly rare). As you can imagine, they are extremely strong, and much tougher than the average human.

An adult Ork could tear a normal human apart with their bear hands, though not without a little resistance. Their skin is rough, tough and thick, naturally resistant to damage, wounds that would be fatal to a human could turn to a mere nasty gash on an Ork’s skin, their bones are thicker as well. Orks are fast, but they are much heavier than humans, and a little less coordinated, some would say clumsier, but it’s more like having less control over their strength and momentum. Orks have slightly slower reflexes due to their large size, though the difference is not insurmontable.

Orks are not stupid, even though people tend to characterize them as such. Far from it, they have a developed culture, an extensive history and are fully conscient and sentient just like humans. But they have less raw processing power, they learn slightly more slowly and are not good when it comes to understanding complex concept. Orks can still be very wise, so underestimating their intelligence is a mistake you’ll never make twice.

Orks usually don’t make good wizards, and have few sorcerers, but the few sorcerers they have are incredibly powerful and unstable. However they have very deep and ancient shamanic traditions, their shamans are usually the best in the world, they are also well-suited to druidism, and surprisingly enough good clerics and priests.

Orks have a notable sexual dimorphism, beyond the usual differences between male and female. Female Orks tend to be taller, closer to 2.3m or 2.4m on average, though they are less wide proportionally and slightly skinnier, females also have a characteristic lush mane of hair, with a lot of volume that grows rapidly and quickly reaches to their hips if left untended, they are usually slightly less clumsy than males and have a faster reaction time. Males tend to be very broad of shoulders and their chest are wide, their hair is usually far less voluminous and their tusks tend to be larger, longer and deadlier, their skin and bones also tend to be thicker.

Finally, Orks are the species of humanoid closest to monsters, chimeras in particular. They are the only humanoid species with human-level intelligence that tend to mutate into particular creatures instead of randomly mutating. Like wolves tend to turn into dire wolves over time.

Dwarves: Dwarves were split into three different main factions, much like elves. But unlike elves, these different dwarves are relatively similar physically. One of the reason is that dwarves are the humanoid species most resistant to chaos, but also to all other forms of corruption. They almost never develop major mutations due to chaos.

Dwarves are of course, shorter than humans. Their adult size can vary a lot, from 1m to 1.50m for the most massive dwarves. But Dwarves are MUCH wider and thicker than humans proportionally, as well as much heavier.

Dwarves are stronger than humans, but that doesn’t even begin to compare to how tough they are. Of all humanoid species, dwarves are probably naturally the toughest, they have incredible stamina, a very high pain tolerance and tough flesh and bones that is hard to cut through and can absorb strong impacts with relatively little damage. Their small size actually works for them here, not only are they hard to hit, they can take a beating. They can also survive a long time without eating or drinking.

Though of course, their short legs make them poor runners. They cannot cover a lot of ground quickly by running, though they can jump surprisingly high and far considering their size.

Dwarves have lived underground for ages, and that affected them, they do not handle sunlight very well. Their skin easily get sunburnt and their eyes are sensitive to light, beacuse of their great night vision. That’s why they tend to wear full armor or heavy covering clothing when they are above ground, and don’t show their faces on the outside. Though the nomadic copper dwarves caravans have spent enough time above ground to slowly develop a better resistance to sunlight, at the price of their night vision’s efficiency.

Finally, they are also less prolific than humans, like elves, but not as bad.

So, here you go. If you have any question, or want to discuss about what I said, don’t hesitate.


Hmm, that’s a lot of Elven variation. In that case, what about the variants of Half-Elves? How does the Elven half change things (if at all)? Can only a specific variant reproduce with other species? Do they get the best of both worlds? So on and so on…

Sorry if you’ve answered this before.


So probably mentioned before what is up with mutations?

Secondly while you say the don’t have many mutations are the ones that do happen particularly strong?

What’s a chimera? Like I’m not assuming a lion head with a goat body with a snake tail?

And finally what are their attitudes towards Humans


Can we practice shaman magic and primal magic


Would the undead made of these races a zombie for example be different


Hybrids of high elves and wild elves are relatively similar. Their human side lessens their weaknesses significantly, it makes them more polyvalent but less specialized.

Dark elf hybrids look more inhuman. They keep more of their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Chimeras are monsters that came to be naturally. Either through evolution or mutation. Like Dire Wolves, Manticores or Wyverns.

Depends. You can’t really sum it up to “there’s bad blood between orks and humans”, because you could say that of almost all factions toward each other.

Sometimes they have to work with each other, sometimes it’s status quo, sometimes they go to war.

Different orkish factions can act drastically differently toward humans.

No, you weren’t trained to become a shaman. Though if by primal magic you mean sorcery then yes, MC was not born a sorcerer but over time they developed a sort of simple, but powerful sorcery.



So no voodoo hoodoo then or praying to the old ones ?


No voodoo for you. Though shamanism is more a primitive form of divine casting, somewhere between witchcraft, druidism and divine magic(which might actually be voodoo, I don’t actually know anything about voodoo beside the Baron Samedi and raising zombies). It’s usually a mix of spirit and ancestor worship along with ritualistic magic.

As for the old ones, they have no use for prayers or faith. If mortals wish for their favor, they will have to do a whole lot more than dedicate their prayers to the abyss.


Can you become friends with an old one?


Why would you though? They’re about as friendly as a STI, or cancer, or that guy that promises you power, to be by your side and to give you what you deserve at your lowest point, only to suck you dry and throw away your drained husk once you’re no longer useful.

Seriously, don’t. You’re worth about as much as dirt to them, a speck of dust floating through the cosmos and conveniently where they need it.


well, what if they get lonely?


So, just out of curiosity, are the dwarfs in this world the serious “this is going in the book” type, the normal, serious, greedy come drink with us type or the isolationists that kill everything that accidentally walks in their territory type?

something tells me that you want to become a warlock with a father-daughter relationship with its “deity”

Also, do you plan on exploring more parts of this world and the species besides the “main” ones during the books or shall we focus on our little… continent? country? And of course, how are ye holding up, made any interesting changes in this universe since your last update here on the forum, has the universe stopped trying to kill ye?




For everyone’s sake, we better hope they stay lonely.

It depends. Though I can give you the stance of the government. (Implying that the people is not necessarily agreeing with them)

The golden dwarves, the original empire of the dwarves are extremely isolationist, they consider that dwarves should stay among dwarves and that those of the surface should stay among themselves. They consider that the surface dwellers are tainted and will bring ruin to the dwarven race and are unworthy of even seeing the walls of the forbidden city.

The civil war that split the dwarven race apart made two other factions, the Iron Domain of the Dwarves and the Copper Nomads.

The Iron Domain is distrustful of strangers, but they still accept brief stays into their cities, they trade with other nations and sometimes even lend their help. But they are very serious about staying independent, completely independent. Unlike the golden dwarves, if you do something to draw their ire, they won’t stop at the exit to the surface, they’ve shown themselves more than willing to lay waste to enitre duchies to get back at the people who thought they could get away with a serious slight against them.

The Copper Nomads are traders, mercenaries and craftsmen of all sorts. By their nature they’re less of a nation and more of a company or a very large guild. They have caravans all over the world, meeting regularly to make big decisions. They’re the most open of the dwarves, but also the least reliable. They are very chaotic and one caravan might be jolly, wholesome, honest traders while another might be full of greedy swindlers, slavers, highwaymen and bandits posturing as mercenaries. You never know what to expect when you hear a Copper Caravan is coming your way. They have a few “free cities” on the continent or big trading districts in some cities.

I feel like “it depends” is becoming my catchphrase, but it depends. You’ll probably meet more exotic species eventually, but Arkadia is already dense and complex, so even if the story focuses more on the classic species I think you’ll see your share of interesting things with humans, undead, elves, and pals.

Ah, the universe will never be done trying to kill me. I almost died the very day I was born. If that’s the not a sign the universe wants you dead what is?

As for changes, I make some all the time. Half of my waking hours are me thinking about my world, making stories play in my head and altering things, or adding things to the lore. Most of that is still in my head though. There are things I still need to think more about.


if the Wight King was to take over the kingdoms of the living and left the living alive mostly and being fair and reasonable would traders from the nation be allowed to trade with the Iron Domain or would they be entirely opposed to dealing with a nation lead by and undead