The werewolf (interest check)

Hi all just to be clear this is only a interest check to see what the community thought of my idea if people like the idea I may start writing and getting a beta going.


One fateful night you have an encounter where you meet a alpha werewolf(which you will be able to choose how you meet them) then get bitten by the alpha with the intent of becoming a werewolf (again you will have the choice of why you let it bite you or maybe you didn’t let it )the next morning you gain claws and incredible senses


The MC will play as a werewolf and try to find a pack and eventually become a alpha

If anyone has anymore questions don’t hesitate to ask

P.S sorry if the story feels rushed i have had to change the entire plot


It sounds interesting. I’m a sucker for the supernatural. But even if I weren’t, I’d suggest you go ahead.

I’ve never seen the point of interest checks; if you write what you enjoy, the quality will gain an audience, regardless of subject matter.


I don’t know if you were on the forum when I tried making my previous hosted games but in the end I just lost motivation so I’m using this to see if I should and as a way to get motivated

Sounds interesting (20char)

Pray tell, what is a kanima? A quick search on google tells me that it’s a creature from the TV series ‘Teen Wolf’, and the method in which one become it sounds eerily similar to what you have described…

In south American mythology they are similar to a werejaguar and yes my game is inspired by the TV show teen wolf


I never watched it, but, nonetheless, I look forward to how this plays out.




Thanks to the both of you

It certainly sounds interesting. I’m more into vampires then werewolves, but this still seems like something I could enjoy… if done right. I do have a few questions. First being, why the scales?! Second being, what is the difference between a werewolf and a kanima? I mean, could you be more elaborate on what a kanima is. Thirdly, are there other supernatural creatures in this WiP, and will our MC encounter them? And lastly, are there going to be any ROs?

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In the show that I will be drawing inspiration from the kanima is depicted with scales

A kanima hunts murders and can paralyze people with kanima venom also while a werewolf seeks a pack a kanima seeks a master

Yes vampires, werewolves, goblins and probably others that I can’t think of

I haven’t decided but most likely not but we’ll see what the future holds

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It sounds interesting but I personally would avoid using the word Kanima, I haven’t seen it used outside of Teen Wolf, which probably means it is trademarked. I really think you should either come up with a new term or adapt a non trademarked creature to fit the theme more, just to be safe.

Like I mentioned above though, it does sound interesting and I always found the Kanima portion of Teen Wolf very unique.

@VioletHikari A Kanima is essentially a werewolf gone wrong, like how a Djinn is widely considered a “evil” version of a genie in media. It has some abilities that werewolves don’t though, it’s like a cross between a werewolf and a snake/lizard tbh. I think @Centralrouge covered the main differences.

EDIT: For anybody that is having trouble picturing a Kanima and didn’t Google it, here’s a picture for reference.


I have no idea, but the first thing I thought was Teen Wolf. Must be my teenage sister’s TV watchin influence.

In all seriousness however, I would love to see this happen! I feel as if I really need some good old supernatural titles to sink my teeth into.

I feared as much ah well I guess I will rename my game “the werewolf”

OK so because of @Wolfsra has told me that the kanima is probably trademarked I don’t want to risk it check the summaries I’ve changed them

hell yeah! There are barely any werewolf games on the forum so I’ll be pretty excited if you push this through. I never got why vampires are more liked than werewolves


So kamina is badass, poisonous werebeast seeking master… perfect RO material :wink:


We need more werewolf stories.


Werewolves are kings make it happen.


Will we be able to become a true alpha or just a normal alpha