The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (SPOILER FREE FOR BOOK THREE!)

@rose-court Book 2 questions;

  • How can I get Falk to sign the treaty?
  • Can Sanja be saved later on even if I chose to save the RO at the sewers?
  • How does the Trappers get their funding?
  • Will we see Falk later on? If so, then when?

General questions;

  • Can Ava/Adam stop being an emotionally constipated robot?



Actually… [BOOKS 1-7 SPOILER WARNING!] no.


Ahh I feel u but the first ever “Harry Potter book” I read was Cursed Child but that will never ever count in my opinion so the first one I read was Order of the Phoenix…

I know it’s so late, but I want to know about this too? Was it possible to save both ro and sanja? :eyes:

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If i recall, you can only if you don’t do the agency test in book 1


Ah, okay, i try that then. Thank you!

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I FINALLY FÜCKING DID IT!!! Sorry for the yellling but after a over a week and a half I read through every single comment on this thread!!!


Speaking of saving Sanja, I wonder if doing so will, in the long run, actually help the relationship with A.
A being A, I expect that one of their concerns about falling for the Detective is how it will affect Unit Bravo on the field. Will they, suddenly, compromise an objective in order to keep each other safe?
Maybe seeing that the Detective can still do what must be done will ease A’s fears about a relationship.


It probably would. A and M, for sure, tell the detective to save Sanja at the pivotal choice. F is screaming in agony then; it broke my heart to save Sanja, but F was glad that she was saved. Not sure about N yet; I have yet to play a solo-N Book 2 playthrough.

N’s the same.

As in they say to save Sanja, or they are incapacitated to the point where they cannot speak coherently?

As in “Don’t worry about me, save her!”.

Or something to that effect. It’s been a while since I played Book 2.

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I think you’re right that it would help ease A’s fears, but I don’t think it’ll affect the story in a way that allows A and the MC to get together quicker than an MC who didn’t save Sanja, mainly because the coding of that would be a freaking nightmare (though Sera seems to be a masochist with all the branches she has, so who knows??).

The one thing I notice you do get if your MC chooses Sanja over the LI is some very good encouragement about the relationships with A & M–you get the “tu omnia” from A and you get M saying they’d save the MC instead of the target, as well as a really soft moment with them if you are caring toward them.

Unfortunately, neither of my MCs got those moments, lol, though my MC with M got a soft, comforting moment that was good, but it really is nowhere near what Sera gave to those who chose the objective over the LI. I’m guessing there will be more of that–the MCs who are shy get more to work with, as do those who choose the mission over the LI.

So I guess maybe you’re right, because in a way, it felt like the A romance moved along for the ones who chose Sanja, whereas if the MC chose to save A, it was stagnant and had no progress unless the MC grabs A’s hand at the end (which, again, mine didn’t, so there wasn’t really squat in that scene to work with except the fact that A didn’t run away from her).


tis the reason why I choose to freeze and get bit by murphy in book one (despite of knowing how to deflect the attack), so I can get the glimpse of ro worrying about Detective’s bitten scar in book two. :pensive::muscle:


Yeah, I don’t play that way. I have characters and they do their thing in the game, regardless of what I want. Sometimes, they may change a response or two on a later playthrough (depends on if they’ve been developed a bit more by then or not), but the main choices stay the same. Like my MC with Mason–she never gets bitten, because it would be too out of character for her (she is a fighter, all the way, and she’s damned good at it), and she’d always choose Mason, because that’s just who she is.

My MC with Adam got bitten (she’s so not a fighter and not a great judge of her own abilities), but she chose him over Sanja, no matter how many times I’ve played through hoping she might choose differently, now that she’s more solid as a character. Pisses me off, too–I want her to get a bit of hope from Adam now that she is beginning to realize she cares for him in a non-professional way. But it’s not gonna happen. Oh well. It’s gonna be a long road for her.


In the Love Triangle path, when the text makes you choose between Ava and Nat, does favoring one leads to the other’s romance status lowering?
I’m asking because, before the scene where Murphy has been defeated or escaped and the detective is wounded, I am almost 100% sure I had both at Romance 6. Then I flip flopped between them because I’m going to draw out this angst as much as the game allows me.
First the detective gazed at Nat but afterwards told Ava that he was happy she was there. Checking the Team Stats, I noticed that both of their romance status remained at 6 which would make sense if gazing at Nat raised her Romance to 7 while lowering Ava’s to 5 but then choosing Ava brought them both back to their original numbers.

As far as I know, no it doesn’t.


Trying to guilt someone into letting them stay at your house is pretty inappropriate and manipulative. Also just because he’s a rich kid with little experience doesn’t mean he’s allowed to harass people after they’ve made it clear they’re not interested (there was a scene where the detective could say something like “Nothing I do for you means I have any romantic feelings towards you” or something like that).

(Apologies, I meant to post this here originally)


It’s just his character, I don’t think the author should change him at all. Douglas has lived a life where his father couldn’t care less about him which could seriously damage a kid, and now suddenly there’s a woman who was willing to save him. That’s a life changing event, it’s normal for him to idolize the detective, to have a crush on her and to want to be with her. Having someone Willing to save you and protect you is no small thing. Overall I don’t think he should be changed just because it makes some uncomfortable, yeah I may seem like a douchebag for believing that but it’s just what I think.