The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (SPOILER FREE FOR BOOK THREE!)

Just gonna make a quick announcement that as of now, and until further notice, this discussion thread is officially… :drum: …SPOILER FREE FOR BOOK THREE!

So talk, speculate, drool over Unit Bravo to your heart’s content! Just make sure that any Book Three spoilers are well-hidden!

Have fun, everyone!!


What’s your guys favorite RO?

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For me, Nate. :relaxed:

Best friend, Felix. :grin:

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Same @Taylor_Enean except opposite gender of the characters



Can’t decide :thinking:

I understand it’s hard.

Mason or Felix, depending on what RO vibe I’m going for lol

It’s Felix right now. Used to be Nate but book 2 made me fall headfirst for Felix. I love Mason too but Adam isn’t my cup of tea, I’m glad to be friends with him though.

Thank you guys for answering!

Definitely Nate. Felix is a close second because he’s so sweet and fun.

I love each of ro, so im gonna pick everyone.
But to be bff spesifically? Yeah, F. They lots of fun to be friend with. (and probably a friend route with M and genuine!MC. M just doesn’t know how to deal with them, it’s so funny and endering at the same time :joy:)

Morgan :100:

:+1: nice everyone

Mason for RO, Felix for BFF. Adam for RO, Nate for BFF.
It just makes sense. :thinking:


Ava, Natkins and farah for romance . :kissing:

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Ava for RO.
Morgan or Felix for friendship.


Ava for RO.

Farah for BFF.


Farah for RO.

Morgan for friendship (also my second favourite romance).

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I do all of the routes, but my favs are Nate then Mason. Mason is my fav bestie when I am not romancing him, and Felix is when I am romancing Mason

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Help me update the FAQ!!! :smiley:

So it’s been brought to my attention that the FAQ is a whooooole book behind on info, but as I haven’t the free time I used to I would be ever so grateful if all of you could help me out! What I need is simple:

Come up with the most commonly asked questions you’ve seen about Wayhaven, along with a link to Sera’s tumblr where she answers it. I’d like to keep things focused on Book Two, but if there are some questions regarding Book One or the series in general that aren’t already addressed in the FAQ, you can suggest those too!

Please tag me in your comment so that I can actually see and keep track of everyone’s suggestions.

Thank you ahead of time, everyone! I really appreciate it!