The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

This is a v well-explained and seemingly valid explanation. I also have an MC that has a “lol of couuuuurse a bounty is on my head because why not” attitude, so I didn’t play through that option, but I definitely think M is still coming to terms with the fact that things with MC are different Just like in b2 M noted that MC makes things quiet for him so M doesn’t feel the need to smoke around them. I feel like M’s picking up on these things but hasn’t allowed [him]self to really acknowledge what they mean yet. If MC ends up in a… dire…situation in b3, I think it might be enough for M to finally put those pieces together. Although, I think M will get there by the end of b3 regardless, mostly because M doesn’t seem as deeply in denial as SOME people (coughAcough)


I’m hoping you’re right about the timing, but I figured it’d be more toward book 5 before we get that realization from M. I think with M it’s not really denial, it’s just something they haven’t experienced before and certainly don’t expect, or even want, for that matter (I mean, M is the emperor and empress of “no strings” and these are big time strings).

Plus, I’m wondering if they will freak out initially, before they finally reconcile themselves to the fact that they do, indeed, have it bad. I remember these two asks from Sera:


If M would freak out about moving in with or marrying the MC deep into the relationship, imagine the freakout for when they realize it is a relationship. I mean, already M is behaving as though it’s a budding relationship (the arm around the MC scenes in bk2 were just all kinds of cute since M doesn’t even seem to realize what they’re doing other than getting to touch the MC).

The second ask is what got me thinking that M might just walk away for a bit when they’re figuring things out (and realize, "yeah it’s not just loyalty, but wtf is it??), leaving the MC feeling like it’s possibly over. But after they finally get it (perhaps after a frank discussion with N, who offered to be there for M if they need it), then I think M would be back with the MC in a heartbeat. No denial about it, it’s just a matter of understanding something they never experienced before and never believed would happen to them because they’ve always been about the sex. Just my take, though. I could be wrong.


Since the first demo for TWC:B3 is up and giving all of us new things to fawn over, I thought to replay the previous games- cause, y’know, why not?

Just reached the part in book two where you can decide if you want Unit Bravo to either keep addressing you as they have, by your name or, lastly, by a nickname… and I thought to myself, I wonder what would happen if I tried to nickname them ‘Rook’?

:disappointed: Sadly, there was no reaction to it. Not that I really expected much of one, I guess, but it would be cool for the NPC’s to have certain reactions based on their nickname. :slight_smile:


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I was thinking about book two today and then I found out about this demo. Yayy lol thanks

Hi guys,

Please move to General Discussion for discussing Douglas as a character. Let’s leave this thread for feedback on WH3. Thanks.


I apologize, I didn’t mean to take this off topic. Keeping on the subject of book 3, I do hope we will be able to tell Douglas to back off and stop harassing us, if only because it feels like the option to do so I lacking at the moment. It feels a little bit like we’re railroaded into liking/sympathizing with him, which takes agency (wow what a pun lmao) away from the player, I feel.

To further clarify, I don’t mean to start a discussion on Douglas as a character, I simply want to state something that made very uncomfortable in the first two books, and request that the author do something to fix this in the third. (It’s still completely her choice what to do obviously).


Oh wow. I don’t know how many times I have replayed the demo since it’s release but boy am I glad I did Nat’s solo route because damn that kiss is hot and I thought nothing could top Morgan’s sexy scenes. Though Farah is still my fav vampire she is so adorable. Huge fan.


Is it sad that I just spent the last 3 months working on a COG Fanfick for this searies?
Though, was kind of hopeing for the Author to take a look at it, and perhaps slot it into the mane timeline, if it was good enough.

This one was fun. Much more that I went through each romance individually. Is it wrong to feel bad that I couldn’t make it through the love triangle option?. I have so many issues to deal with!!! Don’t Judge me!!!

By way, love the series, you make the wife o’mine jealous with the time I spend with N. Keep it up. She is enamored with N too by the way… she may also like A enough to spark a deep conversation…but then again…I may have said too much…

Has anyone been able to save their game in book 2? I just got done but it didn’t show a save option, just an option to have my vote counted.

You won’t be able to save your progress in Book 2 until Book 3 is 80% completed.


Yes especially if MC is a lesbian. That option would be great if we could tell Douglas “I’m gay and have no interest in whatever you have to offer.”

that was VERY interesting :slight_smile:
can’t wait for more!

Me: how much am i worth?
A: starts yelling at me about how i’m in danger and WHY AREN’T YOU TAKING THIS SERIOUSLY???


I almost died of excitement when I saw this! Omg! Even though it was just one chapter, I was hooked. I couldn’t put my phone down! I had to play Nate’s & Adam’s and then Felix and Mason! sigh I’m also elated by the fact that we’re going to get four more chapters free! I could just die of happiness, right now! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: (ahem but I won’t.)


In regards to the optional love triangle route…

Anybody else want a -probably- very awkward and/or amusing scene between MC and their mother about it?


I want a non-optional awkward scene with Rebecca for every romance!


I’m pretty sure we can all guess what kind of scene it would be for a MC/Mason (or Morgan) romance.

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Imagine there is a Love Triangle with F and M lol


If we had such a scene and it was non-optional, I definitely want the choice to tell Rebecca to mind her own business (for those MC’s that don’t get along with her and want her to back off) and to get out of wherever it is (which would be funnier if it was somewhere public, lol).