The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

Lol this is SO weird as well as it’s good…

Hold on. Do we know if the Trappers have a specific leader? Or are they just a massive group that has their smaller groups that are led by different people? It was probably mentioned but I must have forgotten.

I don’t think so least no yet

From all the information we have at the moment, there were supposedly never enough rogues to actually make them organize into a determined group.

Only with the appearance of the the ‘new leader’ have they now banded together and become a group. So, I don’t think they have different leaders or anything like that - they have just relatively recently become a group at all.

At least that’s my take on it, from the info we’ve been given so far.

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All the discussion about the Trappers and rogues, did anyone see this:


Rogues rogues rogues.

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Yeah I’m thinking you’re right. Since you looked at the code, what did you think of the ‘rescue’ stat?? I’m wondering if it’s the MC’s turn to be in danger and we get to see how UB deals with it now that it’s more than a mere acquaintance they may be interested in and all four of them are, at some level, attached! Or if maybe UB has to choose who to rescue, like a mirror of Sanja with the MC?


I am thinking something along the lines. I think the rescue stat corresponds with perhaps, the kidnappings and rescuing perhaps the little girl we see during the kidnappers POV?

But then, adding how that makes the rogue forces stronger, I wouldn’t be surprised if we were to get captured. However, I don’t know how I feel about this, considering that the Detective already was captured during book one, it can get repetitive if the kidnapping card keeps getting used :thinking:


Yeah, I’m thinking there will be more kidnappings before anything else happens. And it’s a matter of finding out who’s doing it. But how?

Remember the choice in book 1, when Rebecca is telling about Murphy and one of the choices was along the lines of “we can use this” because the MC was hinting at being bait? It’d be interesting if the team is forced to use bait to catch who’s doing this. And the question is what bait do you use: the MC or one of UB? Considering the MC has a bounty on them, the MC is bait whoever is doing this likely wouldn’t be able to refuse.

If that’s the case, I wouldn’t really view it the same way as the Murphy situation, since it’s the MC’s choice and it’d be done in a way that would be their choice, so they know it’s coming. Granted, one of my MCs would never volunteer for that, no matter what. One of them would hop all over it, lol.

As for the rogues… I found it interesting that having Agency forces increase in response to a “flashy” blood drive results in a +2 to rescuefail while having a less flashy blood drive results in the rogues moving in more and succeeding in the rescue. That’s what made me curious about exactly who the ‘rescue’ stat is referring to.

I love reading all the discussion, but…

Let’s try to keep this for feedback to the Book 3 demo and move the talk to the general Wayhaven thread. :slight_smile:


I noticed that telling M you’re terrified will lead to them completely refusing any form of intimacy unlike with every other option during that scene.
Wonder why.

I appreciated being able to respond negatively to A’s “I love them… but I musn’t!” flip flopping. I’m not at the point of calling them an emotional abuser but good lord, I want my MC to hop on tinder and go on a few dates in the big city. Her options are A or Bobby? I know it won’t happen because soulmates, but A deserves to have the MC just kinda shrug and move on. Make a move or lose out, buddy.

Hopefully my A-mancing MC gets a few more chances to express her irritation because OH BOY.


I bet that M will spend the full night at the MC’s house before A kisses the MC. :smirk:


That wouldn’t be hard though, as long as the MC can…keep up, if you catch my drift.

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I didn’t get that scene since my MC is little miss “this is hilarious to have a bounty on my head and I fear nothing” but I dug through the code and read through the choice you’re talking about, as well as his reaction. My take on it is that M is getting a strong case of the feels (in addition to the protectiveness), it throws them off balance.

With the other choices, the MC is either putting on a brave front, trying to ignore the dangers, confused, or only worried about other people. It’s easy for M to jump to “comfort them with sex” in those cases, while calmly saying they’ll protect the MC, but with the MC who comes right out and admits to overwhelming fear? That puts M on edge–all of the other choices bring out M’s protective nature, but this one is more than just protecting someone who is trying to handle it the best that they can. This one leaves M with not only the desire to protect them, but the question of how to deal with their emotions, and he doesn’t know how to do that. Worse, it stirs emotions in M, emotions he doesn’t understand and can’t label.

M doesn’t know how to identify “love” in the romantic sense–in bk2, Sanja asked them, “You think what you’re starting to feel for her is loyalty. But does it feel the same as it does when you think of the rest of those you are bonded to?” and they stiffen in response. Having the MC lay their fear on them this way, to be this open about their feelings, makes those “it’s not just loyalty” feelings stir in a huge way that M can’t just dismiss, as he does with the question from N in bk2 about it not just being a fling (“why bother with someone else when you have someone right there?” is a logical response from a man/woman who has never done anything but flings that were mostly a one-shot thing).

So yeah, I think the reason that option didn’t lead to any form of intimacy was because it threw M off their game because their own reaction to the MC sharing that fact stirred emotions they don’t know how to identify or deal with. The other choices may have led to M’s typical form of “being close” to the MC, but that choice? That one shot right through M’s heart and it was too much for them to deal with right then.


This is a v well-explained and seemingly valid explanation. I also have an MC that has a “lol of couuuuurse a bounty is on my head because why not” attitude, so I didn’t play through that option, but I definitely think M is still coming to terms with the fact that things with MC are different Just like in b2 M noted that MC makes things quiet for him so M doesn’t feel the need to smoke around them. I feel like M’s picking up on these things but hasn’t allowed [him]self to really acknowledge what they mean yet. If MC ends up in a… dire…situation in b3, I think it might be enough for M to finally put those pieces together. Although, I think M will get there by the end of b3 regardless, mostly because M doesn’t seem as deeply in denial as SOME people (coughAcough)


I’m hoping you’re right about the timing, but I figured it’d be more toward book 5 before we get that realization from M. I think with M it’s not really denial, it’s just something they haven’t experienced before and certainly don’t expect, or even want, for that matter (I mean, M is the emperor and empress of “no strings” and these are big time strings).

Plus, I’m wondering if they will freak out initially, before they finally reconcile themselves to the fact that they do, indeed, have it bad. I remember these two asks from Sera:


If M would freak out about moving in with or marrying the MC deep into the relationship, imagine the freakout for when they realize it is a relationship. I mean, already M is behaving as though it’s a budding relationship (the arm around the MC scenes in bk2 were just all kinds of cute since M doesn’t even seem to realize what they’re doing other than getting to touch the MC).

The second ask is what got me thinking that M might just walk away for a bit when they’re figuring things out (and realize, "yeah it’s not just loyalty, but wtf is it??), leaving the MC feeling like it’s possibly over. But after they finally get it (perhaps after a frank discussion with N, who offered to be there for M if they need it), then I think M would be back with the MC in a heartbeat. No denial about it, it’s just a matter of understanding something they never experienced before and never believed would happen to them because they’ve always been about the sex. Just my take, though. I could be wrong.


Since the first demo for TWC:B3 is up and giving all of us new things to fawn over, I thought to replay the previous games- cause, y’know, why not?

Just reached the part in book two where you can decide if you want Unit Bravo to either keep addressing you as they have, by your name or, lastly, by a nickname… and I thought to myself, I wonder what would happen if I tried to nickname them ‘Rook’?

:disappointed: Sadly, there was no reaction to it. Not that I really expected much of one, I guess, but it would be cool for the NPC’s to have certain reactions based on their nickname. :slight_smile:


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I was thinking about book two today and then I found out about this demo. Yayy lol thanks