The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

My detective would NEVER be that desperate lol.


The Trappers are still taking a massive risk though. By getting supernaturals (rogue or not) onto the detective, what’s the guarantee they’ll deliver?

We know the info of someone with potent blood is out there. We know, that the blood is enticing to different supernatural. Why risk this?

Unless - as you suggested - it’s to draw the MC out or get them into a certain situation.
For all I care, all Trappers can fall into a bottomless pit. I think I dislike them more than the rogues or … gasp even ex Bobby! :astonished:


I been wondering how big a threat the trapper are :thinking: because they be a around for while

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I’m wondering how the blood drive plays into it all. I don’t know if you code dive or not, but there are a couple of stats that get tracked when the MC chooses the captain or mayor’s plan. And they’re kinda disturbing.

I am not involved or really interested into code diving.
That’s the kind of meta-gaming I’m not overly keen on.

But knowing Mishka - it’s gonna be another way for her to go off into a branching-craze :sweat_smile:

Considering that they kidnapped and sold agents before and stole equipment that resulted in the rather volatile and potential lethal voltguns … my take is that they are a considerable threat.

Let’s not forget that they actually had the guts to go directly to the front gate of the agency, in an attempt to kidnap the detective.

They’re bad news.

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That blood drive is going to be such a mess.

I can’t wait.


That’s my point! Perhaps it’s not really the Trappers! Let me try to explain :smiley:

I have absolutely no foundation for this theory, but I am sharing it anyway hehe. What I am thinking is, perhaps, somehow the Rogue Leader contacted the Trappers and offered them some type of deal. Trappers like money and they like anything that gives them the opportunity of more. Having powerful allies is a good way to achieve these goals, and if there’s something we seem to be learning from book 2 is that the Rogues are more powerful than we think.

Until Falk told us some more information about this leader, the Agency didn’t even seem to know that they are becoming a more organized group, and if they have been doing this under the Agency’s nose for who knows how long, who is to say that they don’t have some shady connections with Trappers and other organizations?

With what we know about the Trappers so far, I can see them accepting jobs from well paying people, be it Supernatural or not, mercenaries of sort, but black market edition, thus, maybe they accepted to collaborate with the Rogues, or maybe, they are not even aware of the Rogues moving everything from the shadows :open_mouth:



The rogues have been buffing up in the background and the fact that the agency didn’t know - is concerning. On the other hand, they knew about the blood results, which was supposed to be only known within the agency as well, right?

So, we know the agency has a leak or a mole.
So - what if that information of the rogue organizing was actually delivered but taken out of circulation by the mole?

Haha, sorry, I am grasping straws here.
Was also thinking that maybe the bounty wasn’t even FROM the Trappers - but rogues posing as Trappers - at least for this specific bounty. We know a bounty is on the MC’s head. The two Trappers in front of the facility confirmed that.

For some reason - my thoughts go in the direction of a distraction. Trying to get the agency to use their resources to hunt down the Trappers, while the rogues (and dear auntie?) can continue to move in the shadows and push forward with their agenda.

Obviously - I am very likely totally off from the actual storyline, but I missed the theorizing.

On another note - I adored Tina’s reaction when finally reunited with the MC and knowing about the supernatural world, though I hope we get into more depth sooner, rather than later. Talking with her about it seems to be a bit like the constantly interrupted N romance moments :joy:

I also picked Verda for the demo - since I didn’t have the heart to tell him in B2 - and my goodness … my heart. :sob: But I do want to send Eric a bouquet of flowers for ensuring that Verda returns but man - this will need some serious work to get Verda back to his vivid self. Could never forgive myself, if he stayed in such a broken state.


I am so excited​:grin: I have loved the series so far and am looking forward to seeing what the dream team get up to thank you for your work :relaxed:

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Ohhhhh my gosh. What if it’s a distraction to take us away from the investigation related to the kidnappings? I thought how stressful this book was going to be for the Detective, having to deal with kidnappings in Wayhaven and a bounty in their head. But gosh, it would make sense if it was all orchestrated to divide the Agency/The Detective/UB efforts :open_mouth:

With the whole Verda/Tina subject, I am waiting for both paths (letting them find out the truth or not) to backfire in some terrible way, so I am not really enjoying anything and more of, well, panicking while I look around for something that will go wrong nervous laughter


Yeah - that’s my current train of thought. Trying to divert the center of attention.
And if you think about it - having the detective the potential target (pretty sure the summary of the demo confirmed it) - is a massive issue - for the detective, UB and the agency. Our MC falling into the wrong hands … is a problem.

And another thing - the detective is the liaison for supernaturals in Wayhaven. But with a bounty that large, making them a massive target - will the detective be able to continue?

Every mission could turn out like the werewolf situation. So - if that continued, could the agency deem the detective no longer a valid option for the job?

So many threads and ideas are connected to this damn Echolian bounty and they’re getting out of control.

I also had this horrible little brain-doodle (that’s what I call random short stories/ideas coming into my head).
Because the agency is looking elsewhere, Tina gets taken by the rogues and they demand the MC in return for her safety. My main MC would totally do it - Tina has been his best friend for a long time - but the LI holds them back and Tina gets hurt/dies, because they know how devastating MC’s blood in the wrong hands could be.

My MC would be shattered - even though, it would in the end be the resolution with less casualties, I think - but he wouldn’t get over it.

Totally random comment - I apologize, but whenever it comes to TWC, my brain just doesn’t stop. :laughing:


I would imagine they wouldn’t. When it comes to risking them falling in the wrong hands, keeping their blood safe is more important than their position. I feel horrible to talk about my MCs as a blood bag who’s value and importance is so based on this ability of theirs, but it’s something that can not be easily ignored either…

With that said, I do think we are in the right track, after Evil Chani’s mention about the code I went snooping some more and found these labels

(Under the cut for anyone who doesn't want to see "spoilers"

which kind of prove what we were on about here. The fact that the action that works towards us succeeding in the rescue is also the action that empowers the Rogues, makes me think that this is orchestrated by them.

I think we are going to be faced with yet another situation of facing between two potentially bad outcomes and I am ready for it!


Hahaha, oh, I am ready as well.

I am trying to stay away from coding stats - at least until after I played the full game, so forgive me for not investigated that aspect of your post.

And is it strange though - that I actually love Mishka’s way of doing it? That even if you fail somewhere, it’s not a ‘game over’?

I appreciate that her series of books is less about stat’s juggling than other books are. Don’t get me wrong - ‘game overs’ have their place in other books and settings but I had some that really frustrated me - especially when all choices are determined by min/maxing - as in - you started good at this, so you better ALWAYS stick with it or choices representing it or you will fail and die!

While we can ‘fail’ in certain situations, such as Murphy or Sanja, it’s actually more interesting to see the other options, instead of having to start over again or being stuck.

This way - I am really interested in how things turn out with a Murphy that has escaped, for example.
Sure - some may think that it takes out some tension, because we know that Mishka isn’t going to kill off our MC or LI, but I for one, appreciate it very much. And of course - I admit - there’s certain ‘bad’ outcomes that I avoid at all costs - but that’s my personal choice.

Now out of curiosity (and since we have thing going here :sweat_smile:) - who do you think will be the bigger threat?
The Trappers or the Rogues?
They’re two “evils” - both driven by different agendas and forces but both not to be ignored or underestimated, I think. Both are resourceful in their own rights.
The Rogues are obviously a serious issue - especially with the new leader and they have the power of supernatural on their side. The Trappers on the other side - have been adapting as well and produced equipment to deal with their opponents. Both are ruthless.

It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out!

And I hope that we’ll eventually hear more about the situation of the two Trappers in front of the facility. That actually fanned the flames of the theory that Elidor could be the traitor/mole - since there was no mention of it. Not sure, if it’s just a blip on the radar - but it still irks me from Book 2.


The Rogues, definitely. I have no shadow of a doubt that the Rogues will be a bigger threat down the line, not because I think they are way more powerful or anything of the sort, but because unlike the Trappers, who seem to be motivated by money, the Rogues seem to be motivated by reasons much more personal.

While someone who is there for money and no personal reason certain risks would be not worth the reward, for someone that is motivated by a cause -whatever the cause is- will go to greater lengths in pursuit of fulfilling their goals. For that alone, I see them as the greater threat.


I say the Rogues because they actually what to destroyed the agency from we see so far

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Yeah Nates my second favorite Adam reminds me too much of my self, I guess? Like I’m sarcastic but emotions I don’t know how they work?? Also slow burn ain’t my type but he’s a good character still! And Felix is just good at handling emotions??? Which is what I want in the very distant future???

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Conviction or a personal grudge surely is a great motivator. I can see that.

Sure - but at the same time, I don’t think the Trappers would mind if the agency was destroyed either. The agency is one more force trying to stand between them and their business. If there were no more agents or agency that would try to spoil their fun, they could do all the slaving they’d like.

I agree that the Rogues are serious threat.
Due to their convictions and having a seemingly ruthless leader - but at the same time, when I look around in the real world - greed has become a conviction for others.

Think of some who own billions and let their workers go without proper pay. Those that will take away access to water from those who need it - so they can sell it to the highest bidder. Human trafficking and so on.

Personal reasons - while certainly allowing one the grit to go through severe situations to accomplish one’s goal - can also lead to irrational decisions.

Someone who is calculating and trying to make the most cash - is likely more logical and methodical.

Of course, doesn’t mean it has to be that way. I think that at least for B3 and B4 or B4 and B5, Rogues will be the main issue. Obviously, I don’t know what Mishka’s plan and story is - could be that the Rogues or related cases will make up the rest of the series of course - but I’d like some more isolated threats.

I wouldn’t even mind if we’d have some totally isolated cases - neither related to the Rogues, nor the Trappers.

Either way, I’ll be grateful for every single line she writes.


That beg the question how big are the Rogues to be a threat to the Agency considering Agency is Global and widespread :thinking:

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Could be a threat for this specific … institution/cell or whatever you wanna call it?

But I think taking it global is a bit too far, since In TWC, Wayhaven is the center of the universe :grin:

edit Sorry for hogging this topic for a while. It’s just been in my mind since I read the Demo/Beta - whatever - and the fact that Mishka said it’ll be discovered in the book actually made me even more curious.


Nate :kissing::kissing::kissing: ive missed you too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: