The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (SPOILER FREE FOR BOOK THREE!)

Yeah. Wait, How old is MC?

Between 24 and 30, I believe. Douglas is 18.

Ah okay.

I hope so too…I kind of want the Douglas route to shift over to mentoring instead of the crush and a chance to disabuse him of the notion that he can get with Female!MC as soon as possible (Male! and NB!MC get pure hero worship on the Douglas route apparently).

Wait. He still hits on Female!MC even if she’s gay? Even Falk apparently does not hit on a gay female MC (I do not know if he hits on gay/bi male MCs or NB MCs that are attracted to men/are attracted to men and women).


Yeah he does. That’s why it kind of stood out to me, because I remember the author fixing the bug where Falk hit on gay Female!MC. So I assumed maybe this was a bug (I hope it is). In any case, it’s very uncomfortable to play through.


I have no idea if this is a bug, but I think maybe it’s the same email as for other CoG bugs. I don’t remember the exact email address though. Alternatively, maybe the author will see this on the forum, though I know she said that she’s very rarely active on here.


How do we report Wayhaven bugs?

Also the hero-worship, and the complete 180 that Douglas does after being saved seems pretty awkward on its own (plus there’s still the drama of Douglas following MC and UB into dangerous situations, not realizing that UB are vampires, etc.).

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Personal opinion here if you disagree totally cool I just feel like people need to chill on Douglas he’s just a kid and I highly doubt he’s always going to be cringe worthy eventually the MC will have a convo with him and he’ll have some character growth but it ain’t going to happen overnight and along the way he will make mistakes everyone does and some of those mistakes will totally suck and we will disagree with it but until he grows up maybe cut some slack.


He’s 19 sexually harassing his boss after being told no we’re not interested, and even showing up at their house at night. Just because he maybe have character growth eventually, doesn’t mean we can’t criticize him now.


at 19 you aren’t a kid anymore. If you commit a crime, you aren’t treated as a Juvenile , but as an adult . Also, don’t tell players to ‘put up with Sexual harassement’’ till he grow . As it is, those who don’t care for him, has only one option to put up with Bobby who try to kiss you (yurk).

He is a character, he may change in the final release of Book 3, maybe he won’t . But all the characters had their fills of ‘Love, and Hate, and frustration’ , and he isn’t above those just cose he is a ‘young’ adult .

I for one, if I knew he turn like this…I would’ve let those zombies take him when we went for drinks :smile:


Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t remember the MC having any real conversation with him about it but I might not remember. I also don’t think he’s sexually harassing the MC he hasn’t asked her to do anything innaporiate or tried to do anything innaporiate he just has a crush and yeah going to her place was weird but the way I read it he went to her mostly cause he has no one else to go but that’s the way I read it. And I’m sorry but nineteen is still a kid hell in my book people are kids in they’re early twenties. Anyway I’m not saying to suddenly like him I’m just saying people should ease up a bit.


I agree


Also just because your legally an adult doesn’t mean you are mentally it’s all about experience and I’m sure we can all agree Douglas has none he’s a rich kid who hasn’t gone through anything really, it’s why my mom beat me up so much as a baby just grabbed my legs and spun me around in the air.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I didn’t know Bobby is a RO…

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Really? I thought it was only the four

Bobby isn’t a RO it’s only Team Bravo.


Then someone said that Bobby tries to kiss MC. What happens if MC lets them?

Bobby is not a “true” RO, but if you take his path there is a possible kiss :face_vomiting:

@WarMaster999 Let’s move this to the General thread if you have any further questions, since it’s a book two event. But basically you can kiss him back, stand there shocked, or push him away (I think this last option avoids the kiss altogether).

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Ah okay

I personally didn’t see him as quilting the MC into staying but whatever it’s subjective. I wasn’t saying he was rich so he can get away with it I don’t even know how what I said could imply that I was saying he was rich so he hasn’t had much experience in life maybe read my comment again I was talking about how being legally an adult doesn’t make you one mentally and I said he was a rich guy who hasn’t had expireience in anything when your rich you don’t worry about the roof over your head or what your going to eat next week at least someone’s whose rich like him wouldn’t.


To be fair, Douglas has been sheltered and coddled like a baby his whole life, with an indifferent dad and a god-knows-what mom. So he can be excused a little bit for not knowing the fact that stalking your boss just because you have a crush on them is NOT cool.

However…if he keeps on with that behavior in the future and has no noteworthy character development whatsoever, he’s going to invite a lot more criticisms then. And there’s nothing we can say to defend him from that.