The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (SPOILER FREE FOR BOOK THREE!)

He gets the boost even when he did not manage to bite you


really? I always though thats why he bite you lol

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Yep, but If you manage to escape, the injektion needles rip out and he gets enough blood from that for the boost


It seems like having the blood test done in book 1 causes the Trappers to recognize you in book 2, and make it harder to save Sanja. I hope that there are some positive effects for it, such as catching the potential Agency leak early.


@Shani, @resuri08

Off course I am hardly surprised A’s relationship is a slow one. It’s revealed in the story A is like nine centuries old and is thinking that they have a plenty of time on relationships. I guess they have very different perspectives on these matters being that old.

And the detail that MC is actually human and has lower life-expectancy probably wouldn’t even cross their mind.


I do agree with you that A. Is very much conflicted on the aspect of loving the detective. But one we dont know the long term effects the experiment Murphy did will do to the detective. So he could have triggered hyper healing aspect of vampires (think wolverine) though technically human and very much so could have an “average” life span,its somthing to chew on at the very least and pure speculation on my part.


I bought and finished book two, after playing it for almost three days straight.
I just have one burning question: book three when??

Throughout my playthrough\read, I was dreading this phrase: “continued in book three”. And it just HAD to come.

Loved it, can’t wait for book three. Although, if there is one thing I don’t like, is the prevalence of winking. I don’t know if it’s me personally, I just find winking so awkward and “wince-worthy” (or cringey). And the problem is it’s always for flirtatious answers and, to me, it comes off as douchey lmao. I mean I still choose them because I like what is actually being said, I just don’t like the winking part.
Like, dude no, don’t wink.

Other than that, I wasn’t disappointed (besides it actually ending):

The new “villain” was pretty cool, the interactions with UB are great (romance or not), and I liked how each romance was varied and with very unique scenes for each. Had to take a break here and there, because things were getting real spicy with a certain someone. Others were so sweet that I was smiling like a crazy person in the corner of my room on my own. And of course, the angst of our dear leader didn’t disappoint.

So yeah, book three when?


Probably 2022

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I think that’s the burning question for all these master crafts take time and I’m all for it but uggggggh the real though of being a couple of years at least kills me lol. Not to mention it took almost 7months of a wait que for this book after it was all done

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You mean in the dialogue choices? I noticed a similar thing with a lot of the sarcastic/humourous choices where MC is always “chuckling”. But then I just thought it’s there mostly to let the player know what kind of tone/mood the choice is for. So maybe, it doesn’t have to be a literal wink. :wink:


Does anyone else get the feeling the rogue supernatural leader is your deceased father’s “dead” sister? Your mom comments that you have his eyes, and Falk says of the leader ‘“You remind me of her.” He points to my face. “Something about the eyes…”’.


Theres a few ideas on that. 1 what you mention
2 the former member of Ub getting back at the agency. And the reference to eyes could just show emotion of the moment/person at the time but who knows lol

Well, I saw that clues too! At first I thought that the rogue leader “inherited” the eyes of the MC’s father by drinking his blood, which would have also the rare mutation that supernaturals are attracted to.

But now that you have shared your thoughts, I think that your theory is the most likely of the two :stuck_out_tongue:

‘Something about the eyes…’’ usually mean you have similar looking eyes, or a stare. But that doesn’t mean you have the same eyes color. At least I don’t think what that really mean…


Yes, you are right, I was simply talking about the feeling that I got out of it.

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Random theory:
In some myths, vampires only have power over you in your house if you let them in.Could that be why Murphy flushed us out with thralls in book one?And will it come into play in later books?Or is that not in TWC?


So I’m caving and asking here. How do u catch Murphy? I can escape from him but can’t seem to come up with a plan that stops him from running away. What’s the key?

You need to choose an option during the fight that ties to a professional stat that is greater than 50.

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Everytime A and N argue I always get the ‘mom and dad are fighting’ vibes.



Is it possible to add this guides made by @Sylveranty? :smiley: