The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (SPOILER FREE FOR BOOK THREE!)

Ikr! Like see M tried to make a pass at them but F turned them down and I sorta feel like M respected F more after that and the two also got much closer and M saw F for then just their body. I feel like the reason people are doing this to F is because of how fun and loose they are, they think F is just here to have some fun and then that’s all. But F isn’t just some coat that you put on to feel nice and warm and then throw back into the closet. And then these fools who do this to F dont stay with F long enough to see the more serious and long term relationship part of them :sweat:



Awwwwe I can imagine smol baby vamp N :laughing::laughing::laughing:


F is such a romantic, I love that they can live with M but the idea of one night stands happening just… never crosses their minds. We need to protect them.


You guys go have your fun “hunting” I’ll be here Working. Shuffles papers

I really hope that the mc can help F with all this, romanced or just friends. I know if someone did that to me I would have trouble trusting a lot of people ever again but F even though their careful, trusts the mc. I can’t wait to cover them with kisses and tell them it’s gonna be alright. I bet mamma N and papa A are always there for F when something like this happens. And M is like “you want me to beat them up?”.
Oh and the “A and N (definitely N, lol) prefer quality in general.” Why can I imagine N dragging A along for shopping. Then A being like: How about this?
N: The fabric is too thin, the stitching is all wrong and the collar has been permanently creased. That being said it is a delightful shade of Cyan.
A: You’re right, onto the next one.


This made me burst out laughing, because I feel that it WOULD be a conversation that they would have.:joy:


Didn’t know this existed until today…

Oh Nate you make everyone swoon.:kissing_closed_eyes:
And Adam… you handsome angsty man.:hugs:


Could this perhaps be an age of unit bravo? Or maybe we’ll finally get to figure out N’s race(s) :eyes:
There are so many things we don’t know yet so it could literally be anything. Damn


I had never seen that, either. Haven’t made it that far into the asks in 2017. Work keeps getting in the way, but I’ve finally gotten to July 2017 asks, so yay me.

On that same note… am I the only one thinking M must be totally ticklish? Given the hypersensitivity, it makes sense. And also makes sense M would get so ornery if the MC makes a move to tickle them (I’m ridiculously ticklish and if anyone even mentions tickling me, I turn into a rage monster in a heartbeat). M just needs to learn about ‘nice’ tickles instead of the evil kind. I’m sure many detectives would be happy to teach them about those. :grinning:

On the non-spoiler teases–for me, they’re just too vague to cause even the tiniest amount of excitement. Guessing about them, at this point, is akin to pissing in the wind–most likely it’ll just blow back in your face. I am definitely curious to see the final demo when it’s released, but realize then it’s going to be nothing but a desert wasteland until it’s released (sometime next year, I guess?).

It does make me wonder how everyone tolerated the long wait between the demo and the release of book 1. I stumbled upon TWC after it had already been released, so there was no ‘wait’ for the first book, and I have no patience at all for waiting for anything. Did the asks help kill the time and keep your interest spiked? It looks like there was a lot more solid info in them then (like the tickle question, which was hilarious and the scenarios were awesome), but now it’s all vague RAFO answers (“read and find out” for those who aren’t familiar with Robert Jordan and Wheel of Time), so there’s nothing really to go on. The wait between the final demo and the release will be complete and utter hell!

Hm, well I don’t think it’ll take that long to release the demo, I’m not saying it’ll release really soon but I think that the demo will be ready before 2019, of course anything can happen so I’m not sure but at the pace sera is going I think the demo will be ready around November-December-ish.

No ur not alone :laughing:.

THIS. But it’ll all be worth it! I, like you found out about TWC when it came out via cog, but ik one thing that helped me well waiting for the demo (even if the wait for the demo wasn’t that long), replay, replay, and replay again. There are sooo many combinations in the game, I still haven’t played them all and I’ve replayed this legit 100 times. Also tumblr asks. I survive off them…


I think Evil Chani meant that after the demo is released, there will be no content until book 2 is out.


Yep, that’s what I meant. Waiting will be hell!

Can you imagine how awesome a massage would feel to M? I so want the MC to be able to do all that crap for them, once they finally pull their heads out of their asses and give even somewhat of a crap about the MC (past getting into their pants).

Sera has said in the past that M might be surprised how quickly they want the detective to stay around. I can see it now:

F giving them hell: “Oh, you actually care now?”
M: “No, I just don’t want them to die before I have a chance to–”
N: “Please don’t finish that…”


Omigod, weirdest thought ever but imagine unit bravo as american idol/ X factor judges? It would work strangely well with A as Simon cuz of the British accent and plus I can imagine A not holding back at all when critiquing others.

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tries not to laugh out loud at work

Ok, so I read book one a while back and didn’t realize this forum existed until i googled wayhaven to just see what was going on with it.


now there are a few things that have bugged me and im sure you guys can help. Whats the deal with the pepperspray? If the vampires, especially M has hypersensitive senses,


as seen with the DMB,

Why doesnt the pepper spray bother them?


Hello! Welcome to the forum!

Sera answers a lot of questions on her Tumblr and she actually addressed this!

The pepper spray had more to do with their healing ability. The spray would have stung to start with (pretty bad due to sensitivity, but A can handle a lot of pain), but their healing ability would quickly dampen the effect of it so as it would be more of a nuisance :smiley:


Hey, welcome to the WC thread.

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Welcome wayhavener!.. Or was it wayhavenerd :thinking:. Either way welcome to the land of wayhaven, and who’s ur favourite romantic interest so far?

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Or none you don’t have to romance anyone. It’s not mandatory

Of course, I’m just so used to seeing the characters as ROs. I should’ve said “are you team A, N, M or F?”
@dragonwithin15 so who’s ur favourite from unit bravo so far? :grinning: