The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (SPOILER FREE FOR BOOK THREE!)

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I don't think typical supernatural racial stereotypes really apply, here in TWC.

The MC has the option in the first book to demonstrate the sort of fallacy in this ‘[race] equals inherent [noun/adjective]’ mindset. When they have the opportunity to first hear about their blood mutation and ask UB questions about themselves, they can potentially bring up the uncomfortable assumption of ‘vampires and murdering go hand in hand, due to their diet.’ UB eventually helps dispel this mindset, but at the time I’m sure to those MCs this thought process just made logical sense.

Now we know that supernaturals can choose to use their abilities and special circumstances/biology for good or evil (UB vs Murphy), and MC states themself that they suppose humans are the same in that way. We do what we choose with what we are given.

We also know that much of the lore behind vampires is fictitious (if we ask UB) and can safely assume the same for most other supernatural races, to a degree. The fact that demons work for the Agency-- if you think about what that would typically imply-- is proof that these human-bred stereotypes are probably very misleading (if UB isn’t example enough). (yes, F seems to have some issue with demons, but that seems to be a personal issue… don’t think its an indication of their blanket evilness.)

If these things remain true, I see no reason why the blanket statement of ‘fae are manipulative and cruel’ should be believed. There may be traits that certain races are PREDISPOSED to, but hardly to a fault, and I don’t think the Agency would risk even keeping them around if they were at such risk of having deep-seated anti-human sentiments.

Also, there are some [cough Adam] that would argue that humans are the ones that embody those traits… and the detective, no matter what your headcanons on their past, IS GOOD. So… idk. Even if these stories hold some kernel of truth, people overcome. Plus, Sera seems quite fond of Elidor, so I’m not worried about him. Perhaps he can even eventually elucidate these stereotypes :slight_smile:


Pssssh I only became a cop to avoid jail time. I mean yeah now I am lawful neutral. But don’t assume my alignment.

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What I mean is that they work on the side of Good, whatever their personal feelings or motivations.

Yeah that’s true enough. I AM married to my job after all.

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Has Sera confirmed the existence of a mole? Or are we going off of what F said about the Agency having a leak? I had imagined that Murphy has some blackmarket contacts which is where he got the DMB from.

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As far as I know, no. It is just speculation based on what F said.


Just to throw a piece of what-if in the room. What if the mc’s bloodalteration, is really an evolutional thing, to fend of Echo World Creatures, but has come to the world earlier than the agency thought. What if there are families in which this blood is common, and because they know about it, they found a way to shelter themselves From getting noticed. What if they can enhance the power of the blood by Training. I Imagine a Guild of Shadow hunters.
Enough rumor thront hehe


It is an evolutionary thing. N said it in book one. There were other humans with that kind of mutation but got killed by Murphy. The Agency thinks the MC is the last one with the mutated blood, but I highly doubt that lol.


Nothing stops you from heacanoning that, but don’t expect the MC to gain any abilities from the blood apart from what the passive traits gives them.

But on a different note, is going to be pretty cool to see how the Agency provides methods of self defence to different MCs based on their stats. What word they give to a tech MC? What to people’s one? Or a deduction? And what type of combat will combat oriented MCs learn?


First of all, almost everyone changed avatars and i don’t recognize anyone anymore :disappointed_relieved:

Now, i have a conspiracy theory! Completely NOT backed up by facts and probably not possible, but just hear me out! I thought it was kind of interesting.

Wear a tinfoil hat and join me over here

So, this special blood that MC has is an evolutionary thing. Which meant it will continue to happen again and again until every human on earth has that blood alteration.

Centuries later we get another mutation that gets the blood to be even more potent and powerful and so on century afer century. Humans become a lot more powerful. This new evolved blood makes them faster, stronger, with a longer lifespan and all that.

Slowly the world changes and humans look at their past selves like some myth because they refuse to believe they were that weak and useless. Soon enough a war breaks out. Th victors want to erase their weak past from anyone’s memory and stop calling themselves “humans” preferring the more powerful term “vampires”.

A lot more centuries later everyone has forgotten their “human” past and some strange portals started opening in their new world. No one knows what they are or where do they lead as the ones who pass them never come back. But the vampires who do pass them, find themselves in a primitive world with things like “animals” and “humans” like in the myths. It’s like…they went back in time…

That’s why MC is immune to mind manipulations. Like a vampire is; so maybe the very early stages of vampirism are immune as well…


So this make me think of something.

As far as we know, vampires are not 100% to mental control-ish, since is safe to assume that the gas cameras that make supernaturals revive their worst fears would work on all supernaturals.

And this led me to think, will MC be immune to that as well? Does it affect humans to start with? And if it does, will MCs mutation protect them?


Right, ik you guys are talking about theories right now, but that fluff ask with A trying to be all sweet in their awkward lovely way is what Im LIVING for. So often we’ve talked about angst but I am here for these fluffy moments in game for all the routes😭
but damn F is a solid 9/10 :eyes:


When that kind of moment happens in the actual game, I know more than one user that is going to explode.

And this:

F doesn’t do them intentionally and goes in under the idea that it will lead to more and then is shocked when the other person just leaves. So they’ve been used for one night stands when they didn’t think they were. They wouldn’t go into a one night stand if they knew that’s all it was gonna be.

I really hope we can get a chance to hunt down this people and make them regret using this pure soul. They must be someone from the Agency, as I don’t think F would get many chances to get in touch with any outsiders. We must find this people and beat the shit out of them :unamused:

And also this ask!!

I wonder what that twist in book 3 will be about and if book 2 will give us any clues about it.


Dang im not sure what the twist will be, but hopefully we’ll get a chance in book 4 or book 3 to get with F or N :smirk:.

Omfg Imma cry internally. Imagine poor sweet F connecting with someone then after a night of passion waking up and finding no one there. It must suck to have ppl only after your body, we have to find these evil ppl and make them pay .


You know, I am laughing now because I just realised how genuinely angry I got imagining someone doing this to F, even if they are a fictional character :joy:


It actually baffles me how someone wouldn’t want a long term relationship with F. Like I understand they’re good looking but they just seem so fun. I feel like they would be my best friend until I realised I like them more than just friends. Or that one person in your squad thats always cracking jokes and everyone secretly has a crush on. Its like F is so adventurous and fun, and kind too, but they can also be soft and serious— plus they’re hot! Why would anyone use them like that. Dont worry @Meira_Litch it makes me mad too :joy:
protects farah


I understand that Because If they were upfront and say F I m just want fun nothing else I found it okay. But they lie poor f that is like my brother. NO ONE CHEAT MY BRO AND LIVES


:broken_heart: don’t worry @Meira_Litch, I got so mad after reading this too. How can anyone treat F this way??!

If they are really people from the Agency… They will really not be safe from the wrath of my detective. :angry:


Nothing like the fresh smell of a riot being born in the Agency. Look at the place burning to ashes because hundreds of the detectives are ready to hunt.