The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

Christ alive, we have one ambitious author working on this. And that’s pretty awesome. The series is deffeintly gearing up to be one hell of a gem. Like if this type of consistency is kept up and enough people keep reading it, this series may vary well really put Choice of Games on the map.


Isn’t TWC under Hosted Games?

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Right. I meant the front page of the website, where somebody can play the demos and download games.

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Ok, gonna add my 2 cents here, but there is NO timeline for when the demo will be updated.

PLEASE do not state a timeline. There are people who are new or do not follow this as closely as some of us who are on here daily, and they may take those dates as gospel. Sera has set no date. No estimation.

The only thing for sure is that the demo will be updated to contain the first 6 chapters, and that won’t be happening until the editing has been done for it.


I love this Book


Progress Report: 1st-5th October

Chapter 5 is finished!! Woohoo!!

I was a bit worried I wouldn’t manage to get it done with having a few days where I couldn’t write, but I really knuckled down and finished it like I hoped!

I’m actually really happy with how the small unplanned split scene worked out at the end and the minor characters involved in it (you will get to meet either one or the other depending on stats).

So yeah, next week it’ll be on to Chapter 6, which actually brings into play a conversation which may hint at something I know plenty of people have been curious about!

So yeah, a slow start to the week but a great ending, hehe :smiley:

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! :slight_smile:


S-so, only 1 more chapter until the full demo is released. Alright calm down self, inhales. Jesus, I’m gonna need a minute everyone…:laughing::upside_down_face:


Sera, no, why would you do this… Saying things like that are torture, no worse, they are killing blows. Waiting is ever more torturing now… Only for me to perish just before the demo to be updated… how i adore angst, though, perhaps it shall keep me alive after all…


It will still be edited by spunkycat before releasing, I think, so it will be a tiny bit longer :smiley:


And I don’t get it right away either. There are other things she does with it before it even gets to me after she finishes writing. (going to be vague about it, sorry)

But hang in there, peeps! Sera’s a fantastic writer, so the wait will be worth it.


I’m excited and I don’t even like Unit Bravo

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How dare you


Why you don’t like UB?


Sacrifice a Digital human to Murphy, so Murphy will behave and not attempt again to break out into the real world…

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What do you mean by full demo?

The author is working on creating the next few chapters(I think chapter 3-6?) Then she will update the demo once they are completed and that’ll be it.(well not it but it will be the completed demo then she will work on the last few chapters private)(sorry if this is confusing I’ll try to reworded it.)(sorry if I read your post wrong)

(You can check out the author’s tumblr and Instagram which goes into more info because I don’t really know.)(both links are in this Thread: The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers) )


Is there a beta tester for this book?

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You probably have to message the author that but usually the authors(in general) ask for beta testers on the thread but since this is book two I don’t know(I know there’s a editor she works with tho))

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If you want to leave general feedback, this is the thread for it.

If you want to beta test, you’ll need to wait until Sera has the book written. At that time, she’ll set up beta testing while I’m editing the last few chapters. She’ll set up an email and links and all that stuff for those who get approved. :slightly_smiling_face:

But that is a long way off right now.


Oh okay. Thanks @spunkycatninja @Alexis