The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (SPOILER FREE FOR BOOK THREE!)

(clears throat nervously) uhh…well I was contemplating posting this or not but here goes nothing.

I work in childhood education and recently I’ve thought of using poems to teach writing techniques. Here’s a silly poem about similes I wrote, as inspired by Unit Bravo! I threw it out of the window (wrote another for my worksheets) because I realised I should keep fandom separate from work.
Now I’m kind of torn between cringing at how cheesy it sounds and deleting it forever or just going YOLO and sharing it. So… here goes nothing! :sweat_smile: I await your judgement.

Be warned: it's very tame, and very PG because it's meant for young kids.

Here’s Mysterious Mason, hair as dark as the night,
With skin tanned like the earth - he’s quite a handsome sight.
He’s stoic like a statue, and as gruff as a bear.
So while he’s sensitive like a flower, you can’t quite tell if he cares.

Then meet Sweet ol’Nate with his smile as bright as the day,
He will always be there to hear what you have to say.
He’s as charming as a rose, and as tender as a bud -
You can find him sitting under the moonlight, strumming his beloved guitars.

Laugh with Funny Felix, he’s as bright as the sun.
Whenever you are with him you’ll surely have fun!
Eyes twinkling like the stars, he will always have a joke to share:
Try not to laugh - is that a challenge you dare?

Finally there is Adam, as steady as a rock.
As stiff as a statue, yet alert like a hawk.
Strong like an ox, he can carry us all -
He’s someone you can rely on, if you ever fall.

So these are my friends, with diverse personalities;
Lovely in their own way, unique as can be.
Now try using similes, it’s simple like that -
To write about people, and those you have met!


Make that two. I’m a lot like M (with some A and F mixed in, because, like A, I don’t deal with emotions all that well and, like F, like to have fun and tend to snark at everyone like F). When I was in college, it was nothing to just go up to someone and hook up with absolutely no intention whatsoever to do anything other than ‘get physical’ to put it nicely. Everyone now is so stuffy and tight-assed. There are few Ms left in the world. sighs


Mara Agrees. Now I only miss Adam is big like a tree he is not as estoic as you see
If you say naughty stuff desks become art free… :black_joker:

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You guys finished all my likes thanks.


I tend to find that happens when people talk about ub lol. Especially RO!Unitbravo :joy:


That’s an amazing poem! Bravo, quite literally!! :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

But why keep fandom separate from work? Is there a truly important, meaningful reason you should do that? Nothing wrong with using whatever methods to actually enjoy your work. I feel like many people think work can’t/isn’t supposed to be fun, and that’s just wrong.


Oh I don’t mean that. I know plenty of people that hooks up for a night, but I don’t know anyone who is as fucking rude as M. People in daily live doesn’t behave like the dickhead M is in game.

And I say this with all my love to M, but if a person like them existed and talked to me like M does to the MC… I would be having a massive fight with that person. I really don’t believe you are like M, are you super aggressive (and I mean real life aggressive of getting into actual fights without hesitation)? Are you incredibly rude to people you know of nothing? Do you not give a fuck about hurting others? Because that’s what M is, and while this has its charm in the game, in real life would be a horrible person I wouldn’t want near me in a million years.

But anyway, I don’t want to offend anyone with this, etc etc, blah blah, you know the message :rofl:

@Cheion I love it!!! That poem is so good what the hell!! Don’t doubt to share more if you ever do any more, that was such a nice read :smiley:


Aww thanks :hugs: you’re too kind haha.
And it’s mainly a personal thing! My company is real strict on IP rights so it won’t have been a good idea, as putting it in the worksheets would have met signing off ownership of it.

And UB is MINE :japanese_goblin: :joy: nah jk it’s Sera’s but it’d prefer to keep it that way.

@Meira_Litch thanks :blush:


That’s exactly the reason why I only tried M once as an RO and never again. I get that people go through a lot of pain and damage, but that just isn’t an excuse for treating people like shit. That said, I’m not saying M is a bad character or that you shouldn’t romance them/romancing them is bad. I’ve just had enough of people like that in real life to the point where I can’t really enjoy such characters in-game.

Then again, in real life I’d probably annoyed as fuck by A and avoid the hell out of them, yet in-game they’re my second favourite romance. So idk really :elf:t2: I guess we all have our individual experiences and mindset and that just influences who our brain decides we are attracted to.

You’re welcome! And well, damn your company, I bet the kids would have enjoyed your interpretation of UB. Those IP rights are similar to the European council deciding it’s a good idea to filter the internet. :roll_eyes:


A real life M is a toxic person to keep away. If they want anything they must short their shit out first and then come to the civil world.

With A I would clash a lot too, I hate people telling me what to do and I would fight them in 0,01 seconds :rofl:. But with A I can see things getting better if they took the first step, otherwise it would be forever growling at each other :joy:

I don’t mix fiction with real life, not much at least, so I am much more forgiving with fictional characters than I would be with a real person behaving certain way.


No I am not toxic mean. But Iam rude sincere and for many people is worse. If you look like a lettuce sandwich because your hair ended in a wrong color and that dress is about to break by pressure because is 3 size smaller I will tell you to the face if I care about you but in private Like you are horrible you look like a lettuce we will go fix that girl!


So… you are not like M then :joy:

That’s the thing, you seem to care for not hurting peoples feeling by publicly calling them off on something they will feel humiliated or bad about, while M… wouldn’t give a fuck about doing it. M has no consideration for anyone’s feelings besides UB, and as I said before, while that is really cool in game, in real life is just a bad person that needs to learn how to behave.


You are Spanish so you will understand who I am talking M is Risto Megide

And Risto Megide is a piece of shit that deserves to rot lol.

Risto is the typical person that uses the “I’m just honest” as an excuse to be a fucking asshole.

God how much I hate that guy. He has zero compassion and doesn’t give a damn about hurting peoples feeling and making them feel shit about themselves.


Totally I hate the guy but M is like him at first. That was why I hated M at first.

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Exactly. A, while emotionally constipated, cares about people and doing good things in their own way and they manage to (unconsciously?) show it even through their armour. That’s something I could (painstakingly) work with. Hence the slow burn is born :smiley:

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I found that boring however here is fun because i could banter him and make him mad using Mara charms without him even notice

I really don’t mind A’s stubborn personality or attempts to ignore catching the feels. I rather like it, because it’s obvious they take their job very seriously, and…come on, they aren’t doing a great job on the hiding of the feels.


tbh it’s kinda same with me like my main top 2 are M and A but irl ion think I’d ever go for them romantically to begin with… but I guess it’s because in the game one knows beforehand how they will eventually change their attitude, care deeply etc towards the MC vs not knowing irl and winging it … but lbr I’m a sucker for characters like M and A who gradually develop their feels, obstacles etc because the content and storyline is just pure gold :sob::ok_hand:


Okay so I know this is gonna sound a bit outlandish but just hear me out this is my theory on A’s background, now while some of you think they have been around since the 1800’s or so I take it back even further and say around the late 8th century to the late 11th century cause this is around the time that vikings were also around and yes that does mean I think A might have been a viking because not only were vikings big on order amongst their ranks (one of A’s favourite things) they also were the first to have females in their armies as shield-maidens now shield-maidens were absolute badass warriors but they were also extremely tense outside of combat (viking men were also like this) not to mention that A has a lean, solid build which is pretty much a requirement to be a soldier of any calibre especially vikings.

Now as where they got the accent from is another matter all together my continued theory is that they eventually found their way to over to Great Britain most likely to assist in numerous cases (with the agency obviously) including the Jack the Ripper case which happened around 1888 (if you want to continue with that) who actually turned out to be a werewolf or another vampire (mainly because of how gruesome the deaths were) and that’s why it was never “solved”, also they would have a lot more time to mature rather than having only 148 years or so (sorry, not sorry but it’s true) also probably more than enough time to harbour a certain hatred towards certain humans.

Sure my theory puts them around 1268 years old but I like the idea of A having viking blood in them because vikings are absolute badasses and so is A not to mention that they try to maintain a stoic expression and fail marvellously especially when dealing with the detective, try and fail spectacularly to keep their cool especially when dealing with the detective, try and fail wonderfully to deny and surpress their feelings for the detective and a bunch of other things that are likely to pop up later in the books.

That said this is just a theory (more like a head Canon but whatev’s) so DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY unless this turns out to be true than (yay me I guess?) not that there’s even a remote chance that it will be just thought it would be cool to have a viking vampire cause we haven’t had one before.

Sorry for the long post here have a unitato