The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

Would you say that all of the romances are a slow burn in their own way? Such as getting A to be more emotionally available to the MC, N being comfortable voicing their opinions and disagreements, F being more serious when it comes to being a couple, etc.?

Or is this something that will vary depending on the LI?


I don’t think F can be any more serious than they already are. And I don’t mean this in a sarcastic way, F is already really really serious and mature about their relation with the MC. They know what they want and they are super honest and open about it. I don’t see how you can get more serious than that.

I wouldn’t consider either F or N slow burns. The relationship with them will start early on, and from there, their relationship will grow like any real couple would. So, I wouldn’t consider it slow burn and more the natural development of a couple?


@Jukka_Sarasti - As @Meira_Litch says, the romances will be individual in the speed they progress with A and M being slooooow, and N and F being smoother.

N and F have no real barriers to hold the romance back, where A and M do (emotional barriers, that is, lol).

But each route will still contain romance and plenty of moments. Wayhaven’s main focus is on the romance, after all :wink:

Progress Report

Chapter 5 is so close to being finished!! And I’m so happy with how it’s going, hehe :smiley: The split scene at the end—though not planned—is something I’m so glad I added and I hope people will be able to have as much fun reading and interacting with as I am writing it!

Got about 13,700 words written this week and Chapter 5 currently is just over 23,000 words. Which means I already hit my 20,000 minimum word goal for the chapter! Yay!

I should be able to finish Chapter 5 by Tuesday, I imagine, if it goes as smoothly as this week.

Then it’ll be onto Chapter 6…

So yeah, a super successful and productive week!

Hope everyone has the most fantastic weekend :slight_smile:


Soo if i cant make the supernaturals cry for help please tell me that i can be a genius, like, really really smart (REALLY SMART):grin::joy::yum:

I mean, you can play as a mind/science focused mc. Basically yeah. :slightly_smiling_face:

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As I think you are new to the fandom, I just want to let you know that if you would like to keep talking about Wayhaven in general terms, we have another thread that is focused on chatting about anything Wayhaven related, while this thread is meant to be to give feedback/report bugs about book 2 demo.

So please (and this goes to everyone who doesn’t know already), if you want to talk about this awesome game but is not feedback for book 2, then please come and join the rest of us at The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (SPOILER FREE FOR BOOK THREE!) - #3693 by soprano :smiley:


So I got a question, at what point are you going to stop the demo? Or is this all we’re going to get till the game comes out?

Just want to clarify that after this demo is finish on chapter 6, Sera will still have between 13-15 (or more) chapters to write.

Just in case someone reads that “few edits and closed beta” as “it will be done fast” :rofl:


Christ alive, we have one ambitious author working on this. And that’s pretty awesome. The series is deffeintly gearing up to be one hell of a gem. Like if this type of consistency is kept up and enough people keep reading it, this series may vary well really put Choice of Games on the map.


Isn’t TWC under Hosted Games?

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Right. I meant the front page of the website, where somebody can play the demos and download games.

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Ok, gonna add my 2 cents here, but there is NO timeline for when the demo will be updated.

PLEASE do not state a timeline. There are people who are new or do not follow this as closely as some of us who are on here daily, and they may take those dates as gospel. Sera has set no date. No estimation.

The only thing for sure is that the demo will be updated to contain the first 6 chapters, and that won’t be happening until the editing has been done for it.


I love this Book


Progress Report: 1st-5th October

Chapter 5 is finished!! Woohoo!!

I was a bit worried I wouldn’t manage to get it done with having a few days where I couldn’t write, but I really knuckled down and finished it like I hoped!

I’m actually really happy with how the small unplanned split scene worked out at the end and the minor characters involved in it (you will get to meet either one or the other depending on stats).

So yeah, next week it’ll be on to Chapter 6, which actually brings into play a conversation which may hint at something I know plenty of people have been curious about!

So yeah, a slow start to the week but a great ending, hehe :smiley:

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! :slight_smile:


S-so, only 1 more chapter until the full demo is released. Alright calm down self, inhales. Jesus, I’m gonna need a minute everyone…:laughing::upside_down_face:


Sera, no, why would you do this… Saying things like that are torture, no worse, they are killing blows. Waiting is ever more torturing now… Only for me to perish just before the demo to be updated… how i adore angst, though, perhaps it shall keep me alive after all…


It will still be edited by spunkycat before releasing, I think, so it will be a tiny bit longer :smiley:


And I don’t get it right away either. There are other things she does with it before it even gets to me after she finishes writing. (going to be vague about it, sorry)

But hang in there, peeps! Sera’s a fantastic writer, so the wait will be worth it.


I’m excited and I don’t even like Unit Bravo

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How dare you