The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (SPOILER FREE FOR BOOK THREE!)

Haven’t you play the first book? :thinking:

Oh I have a magic trick I skip mentally all the part agency is cool from my mind. Is called selecting reading . :black_joker:EDIT

I FOUND IT MY JOKE EMOJI :black_joker:


Yeah, it’s just been awhile.

Well, if you remember, Murphy got hold of a substance called DMB, which is strictly created and controlled by the Agency, whoever gave the DMB to Murphy, is a member of the Agency, so… suspense music


How have I not see this before…:exploding_head:

I totally could help the mole in the agency but sadly Idon’tthink is a option. I hope at least a neutral choice to doesn’t care in the agency

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So far we have had the choice to stay neutral, so I don’t see why it would disappear later on :smiley:

And now…

F is actually likely the one to realise that the MC is the only one for them the quickest!

I love this vampire so much <3


I stan F.


F IS SO GOOD I LOVE THEM!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I really hope we can go on proper dates with F with the other three spying in the background in bad disguises


They’re so precious.


i like F but I find him too like my little bro to be my main.


That seems to be why F is the least “popular” in terms of mains.


I must have say this like a million times, but I really love how F is very cheerful and childish yet super mature when it comes to their relationship with MC. To me, this makes them the more “realistic” character.


Him and M are the more realistic. I havefoundSEVERAL M in dating lol. and F is like my best friend in real-life


I find M to be the least realistic of all, because I haven’t met anyone that has the balls to be as rude as they are in real life. Eventually they would get beat the shit out of them and people irl are not vampires :rofl:

Also, same with flirting, never found a guy/girl that would approach someone saying straight away they just want sex (even if that is what they really want, they usually don’t say it outloud).


To me N is the most realistic because they spent their time making kissy noises at a dog instead of eating aka me irl


Ok that’s a wonderful point and you couldn’t be any more right :joy:

And now let’s ignore that N speaks 1039495403 languages


I think all of them are pretty realistic in different ways. A is that one person who would never acknowledge their feelings even though everyone can tell they have them (I’m a lot like A in that regard, probably the reason why she’s my favorite RO), N is that sweet boy/girl next door with irresistible charm, F is the best friend who you suddenly realise one day that you have developed feelings for, and M is the classic bad boy and rebel that you know you shouldn’t be falling for but you end up doing it anyway.

I’ve seen all four of such people in real life. In a lot of games I have troubles truly relating to characters and especially ROs, but TWC is the one game where all the characters felt realistic to me. Part of why it’s one of my (and a lot of others’) favorite HGs of all time.


Who needs ”realism” when we can have fun?! I think all the ROs have little things that make them all feel alive, grounded, and relatable which I think is way more important that being “realistic.” Or maybe I’m just burnt out on realism since people tend to mistake it for “dark, gritty, no fun” which, personally, I don’t need more in my life.

The most realistic character is Dougie cuz he’s a phone obsessed Millennial and as a phone obsessed Millennial I feel that.


You have found one. Me Or I was I am a demi romantic now after several bad relationships I don’twanthave anything anymore. But I am and I was like M . I like you Do you want a date today? was nothing weird when I was young .

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