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I can’t see A forming part of a big army when they were human just because of Ava. If it was just Adam, then yes, sure, but I like to find something that would fit both Adam and Ava without “twisting” the world, with this I mean, “Ava pretended she was a man to join the army” or “the army didn’t care”, and while the part of the shield maidens is very extended as common knowledge, the history nerd side of me can’t help but cringe a bit because is not accurate to say that shield maidens were a common thing amongst the vikings (which, to start with, most norsman where farmers, not warriors).

I guess that’s why I always imagine them to be even more ancient an be part of a civilisation where gender roles weren’t as marked?

Now again, I’m pretty sure that Sera might not be as historically precise with the past and just give “because yes” reason as to why Ava could have the same life as Adam in something like the the Roman Legion :rofl:




Just a heads up that I agree with all the historical headcanons for A and I absolutely dig how much of a history nerd each and everyone of you is. I FULLY SUPPORT VIKING VAMPIRES, I just fricking love vikings lol.

I can’t even begin to fathom how it must feel to have to live through so many centuries, witness the changes and adapt to them. It must be fascinating, really.

Also, that shakyeye.gif y’all are posting makes me anxious, but also, I can relate xD


Probably just by saying Happy Birthday they may even…gasp…give the MC a kiss :smiley:
They’d indulge the MC in what they wanted to do that day, too.


Goblins! I haven’t seen goblins brought up too often in this thread! I would love to encounter one of those tiny green troublemakers!



I’m starting to get a lot of Eric Northman vibes and I’m loving it.


I know Sera has said she is not a “heavy” writer but I often think about what difficulties UB may have had throughout history because of their gender or race


Well, I think once they became vampires, nothing really? Once they were part of the Agency they were away from human society. Obviously they faced problems, because drama. But I am not so sure if it will be related to gender or race.


I agree with @Meira_Litch, plus, once they joined the agency I don’t think they really cared much anymore, they were working with completely different creatures and people like them. Not human. Different. So I think they didn’t only look past that in themselves but in others as well. That’s why they don’t judge people based on how they look.


Still in the agency there is that stereotypes about classes of supernaturals like vamps are feared and humans doesn’t want them. And vamps seems have rivals with demons

Yeah, but the point still stands. they were surrounded with different creatures, super natural of all races.

I didn"t really read that humans don’t want vampires… :slight_smile:

And the so called rivals is so common within government agency , like FBI may not like CIA or NSA … but it isn’t any big deal :slight_smile:

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The part of the demons is, apparently, an F issue, for some reason still unknown, they don’t like demons. Same way A seems to have a problem with Unit Alpha but no one else in the group does, lol.

And @Eric_knight, at the reveal F tells us if we react well, that they are very relived we took it so we’ll because it wouldn’t be the first time that human agents refuse to work with the just because they are vampires.


Thanks Meira, now i remember that line … i didn’t took it seriously then, my first thought was it is a common “jest” … well, i thought it was just F trying to make us feel good :slight_smile:

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Okay I see your point but I didn’t exactly twist history to prove my point I took a part from the Wikipedia page on shield-maidens

“There are few historic attestations that Viking Age women took part in warfare, but the Byzantine historian John Skylitzes records that women fought in battle when Sviatoslav I of Kiev attacked the Byzantines in Bulgaria in 971.When the Varangians (not to be confused with the Byzantine Varangian Guard) had suffered a devastating defeat in the Siege of Dorostolon, the victors were stunned at discovering armed women among the fallen warriors.”

This not only proves my point but proves the point of scholar Neil Price who often debated that shield-maidens existed. His field of study is archaeology especially the viking age, he has a Bachelor of Arts degree acquired at the UCL Institute of Archaeology and he also has a Doctor of Philosophy degree acquired at Uppsala University were he went on to complete his doctoral thesis on vikings called “The Viking Way:Religion and War in Late Iron Age Scandinavia”

I very much dislike when people twist history to suit themselves so I often do my research before saying anything if there is one thing that I enjoy it’s history.

Now on to other matters this new race could be one of many but seeing as how many people have wanted more interactions with the supernatural girl at the start of the demo it could be an elaboration of her species or an elaboration of the prisoner species that we encountered in the first book you know the one that uses acid to burn humans then devours them while their still alive now that would be terrifying :scream:(is that how its told or is it something else I can’t rightly remember (dammit I don’t have a thinking emoji)) or something else entirely the only person who knows is Seraphinite (dammit I wish I could time travel) until we find out we must endure the agonising wait :joy::sob::joy:


I’m not saying shield maiden didn’t exist, what I am saying is their numbers are not even close to the male warriors back then. People tend to think they were very common and that is not the case.

Edit to add: is extremely difficult to tell good sources from fiction back in the time. Most of the references to shield maidens during history have been northern folklore and mythology, and there isn’t really a big hard evidence that proves that they were common or that they existed.

But anyway, I don’t want to turn this thread into a history debate :joy:. If you want to keep the debate feel free to PM me :+1:


Gottcha that said I am more than happy to drop this subject and I have to say your are a very intriguing person @Meira_Litch.

Now I must say why is no one appreciating the unitato I found :sob::joy::sob: it took a lot of time to find it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (not really it the first thing I saw when I searched for a unicorn potato but still) do you think F would approve or is it just too ugly :scream::joy: (dammit I knew it was too ugly arrrrgh :joy::triumph:)


If it was a shirt, F would buy it, I’m sure of it.


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OK guys, so good new and bad news!

Good news:

I do believe that I have all of the Hunches and Theories we compiled ready for posting! :smiley:

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What I have so far has more than doubled the word count, and apparently posts can have character limits!! Who knew? I did, actually, it completely slipped my mind.



Looks like I’m gonna have to make a separate FAQ thread after all. :eyes: