The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

I mean, depending on the playthrough, it could’ve been repaired with the rest of the station if you chose to stay instead of leaving with Tina to the bar. After getting wrecked by the thralls, A’s damage was minor in comparison.

Edit: I haven’t had my MC stay at the station in a while (he needs to get a pulse of the town, and beer is good), so, yeah, that ↓ more than likely happened.

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Pretty sure even when they fix the station after the thrall attack they left the duct tape on the corner of the desk. (Which kinda makes sense–since it was damage already there, people might’ve noticed if it was suddenly repaired.) If I’m remembering right the detective specifically comments that it wasn’t fixed with the rest of the office after that scene–I guess we don’t know whether the detective got a new desk in the interim between books but for now we’ve got no reason to assume so


It would be funny if we get a new desk and A breaks it again, then mc could choose how to react


I’m seriously just praying for more of A involuntarily breaking things rather than admit any feelings they have for the detective.


@Seraphinite just caught an error

i think you mean imperceptible?

Offended, but not surprised.

I just screamed :open_mouth:. This is so great.

recenly I’ve been replaying trying different routes with different RO’s and different detectives but I can’t wait to continue my main detective’s story, she’s romancing Adam.


My house was repaired but because I chose messy style they fixed it down to the old pizza boxes


Loved the demo especially the ava and Nat scenes can’t wait for the full game.

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Code note
#"My duty was always to this station—without you needing to state it."
		*set easygoing %-10
		*set bybook -10
		*set captainout "neutral"

Shouldn’t this be a %- for bybook as well?

Additionally, I’d like to second what @EvilChani said about the two months with no contact. We have their phone numbers and some of my detectives would have at least tried to reach out, so to simply be told that there was no contact at all for two months with not much of a reason was quite jarring. Of course, not all detectives would mind this, and it might be elaborated upon already more later, but it would be nice to have a choice to at least acknowledge how you feel about those two months and if you tried to do something about it (with an explanation of why that didn’t work), rather than just nothing

On a similar note, about the reunion in general and M specifically: Because of the amount of time with no contact, it feels a little odd how quickly we are accepted back into the group (and, again, with no mention made of the time spent apart and why there could be no contact at all). It’s not something I mind, certainly, cause I love me some warm fuzzy team feelings, but it was a little jarring especially when M walks you to your car. Why are they accepting you so easily? They weren’t that close to you near the end of book 1 (or at least, I didn’t read them as such) and there’s been no additional contact since. If anything, I would have expected that trust to be watered down (albeit easily rebuilt), not to have increased in the time that we didn’t see them


Maybe they’ve come to the realization that they like the detective and actually missed them :wink:

Also, I figured that while the warehouse was under renovation, UB was too busy/told not to contact anyone


There were so many times during this demo that I wanted to scream in delight with the reactions of the MC to UB and vice-versa (Mason and Adam, mainly) because each one of them was marvelous, but I couldn’t because it would meant interrupting “marvel time” (aka watching some of the series) for my parents in a very jerk and strange way. Anyway, I loved it, everything, so much! :heart:

I can barely wait for the full game!!! :heart_eyes::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

I almost choked on NOTHING when Mason, with a Detective pathologically shy, thought that he would “really need to work to get her into that backseat”. Oh, when he discovers that this same detective is the “ONLY WITH DEEP FEELINGS” kind, I’m certain: I’ll laugh so much that I’ll cry and fall from my chair :joy: And if not, well, I’ll still keep saved on my brain the scene I currently imagine for the moment


Sera’s British, so that makes perfect sense for her to spell it that way. And, given that we don’t have a set location for Wayhaven, it would make sense for a character to do likewise.


Probably the reason why two starting skills were chosen because during the first book, we could increase only two main skills in a good percentage iirc. It is kind of unfair for those who will import their character from Book 1.

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Ohhh… Is that how they spell those in Britain? I always wondered… Makes so much more sense xD

Probably the reason why two starting skills were chosen because during the first book, we could increase only two main skills in a good percentage iirc. It is kind of unfair for those who will import their character from Book 1."

Ahh. It’s been a while since I’ve read the 1st Book. Okay, that makes sense too… Probably should re-read the 1st Book then ^^

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The heatwave here has made me lightheaded, but these lovely news… Oh boy…


“Don’t you think our all-mighty leader looks even more…tense than usual.”

Their attention falls on Ava, who is glaring out of the window, a hand raised to his mouth.


I’d like to toss in my two cents on the two months apart thing because, honestly, that doesn’t bother me at all. They were all probably too busy to make contact with the MC and if they were dealing with rouge Supernaturals after the MC it was probably too dangerous to contact them without their base set up.

Plus, really, F is the only one I could see trying to, A and M are trying to hide from the feelings and N can’t work a phone, you sillies, what are they gonna do? Ask A for help? Send letters? Okay, that would be cute, but they can’t really put Hidden Warehouse as the return address and dropping it off would be dangerous.

Then in terms of the team accepting the MC so easily. I mean. They already had accepted the MC in the last game. Remember last game where the MC saved their lives? And even then having a bad relationship with A make it seem like they still haven’t fully accepted the MC yet. And they did only have a brief meeting so who knows how they all really feel.

So long story short I think it’s fine as is.


@Mewsly I’m so out of likes, but I’d give you 50 of them right now if I could.


I see you saved me the time to answer haha.

As for the two months apart, I also assume that there is burocratic stuff to put in order before MC can join. On last book, MC was a human civilian in need of protection, but for this game, they needed to give them clearance to access more stuff and become part of the agency. And if Wayhaven is anything like the real world, burocracy takes a long time.