The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

A bit of feedback…

This is a question, rather than a suggestion. Why did the MC have no contact at all with the team for two months after they’d already been declared a part of the team? Really, it seems like the MC is just now becoming part of the team. That seems a bit odd. You might want to provide some kind of explanation for it, so it doesn’t come off so forced, especially since the MC seems unneeded, UB does everything without her, and she’s more of a charge than a team member, even from Rebecca’s words of “they’re here to protect you” (which implies the MC is useless and just something to halfway guard along with the town).

Choice feedback1

For the choice where the MC is wondering how many people in town might be supernatural, might I suggest a more laid back answer for the detectives who aren’t excitable, but aren’t prone to fear? Maybe something like: “It’s a thought I find intriguing, and I look forward to meeting more supernaturals.”

Just something that’s a little less “five-year-old in a candy shop” than the first option, but with no fear or ambivalence.

Choice feedback 2

For the choice where Rebecca mentions, unhappily, that you’re part of the team, none of them struck me as something my MC would say/do.

My MC has a horrible relationship with Rebecca and, honestly, nothing Rebecca is doing or saying so far is helping that, so I kinda find myself wanting something more hostile or sarcastic, telling her to back off some. I mean, from a character POV, Rebecca is problematic–logically, UB will never treat the MC like a part of the team when Rebecca treats her like an imbecilic child who has to have a babysitter all the time and can’t defend herself. She’s really grating with that, especially if your MC as anything other than a wet-behind-the-ears kid.

Scene feedback

This bit was amusing:

The flash which had caught in his eyes before seems to turn into a storm. Heat radiates like electricity in the small gap between us, and I almost forget there are others around.

More specifically, my mother.

“Agent…” Rebecca says the warning in a low tone that even has me taking a wide step back. Though retreating from Mason’s magnetic pull is harder than expected.

Though it does nothing to endear Rebecca to my MC. If anything, I can tell she’s just going to hate the woman more as time passes, lol.

Scene confusion

The scene with M outside, where M says, “I’m not asking for a life history” seems very out of place, since the MC isn’t talking about themselves. Maybe change it to something like, “I don’t really want to discuss my history” since the focus was on M’s history?

Scene feedback2

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the exchange between the MC and A when A sneers about “some humans” and the MC points out that she’s there working with them. That actually got an apology from A, which rocks. A needs to see he’s a species-ist.

Scene feedback3

The scene where M offers to walk the MC to the car. I love it, but no F snark?? I live for F snark!!

Random fangirl begging

And one more for tonight, just a reader request (begging??)… after the scene with M walking outside and the discussion about the sun, the detective so needs to be able to give M a pair of seriously dark sunglasses (not like A’s because the aviator things are totally A), but something to protect M’s sensitive eyes!!

Cool! I actually love that idea. But maybe wording it differently would help. I assume the coding will only allow you one choice at a time, so maybe instead of changing the question itself, just add in parentheses that you can choose the same skill for primary and secondary to max it out?

On the same note, will we be able to adjust our MC’s skills for imported saves? Or friend points?


Considering I based it on the fact that it doesn’t matter if M’s the one you were better friends with at the end of book 1, as demonstrated in the demo, no I don’t think it’s pre-emptive. Clearly, friend points with M–at this point, at least–make absolutely no difference. Otherwise, the MC being closer to M than the others would cause M to rank them a bit higher than MC’s who have not made the effort. I believe it’s intentional, based on the fact that Sera has said in several asks that it takes a long time for M to bond with anyone and a long time to get comfortable around anyone (which requires them spending a long time with someone to get that way). So yeah, it’s not pre-emptive. Perhaps trying to be friends with M in book 2 might make a difference, but without friend points, there’s really no way to keep track, which leads me to believe that trying to be friends with M at all is pointless and it will just happen way down the road, much like feelings if M is the RO. It fits with the character.

Edit: After looking at the code, I see that, should you choose M as the one you got along with best in UB, you get a +4 to friendship points for them (+5 for A and +6 for F or N, if you choose them instead). Given that, and the fact that I had a +9 for M when I did a Nate RO, and a +11 for M in my M romance, it’s possible the difference in points may make a difference in M’s attitude, so I’ll reserve judgment (and replays to redo points) for now.

@spunkycatninja again:
Edit 2: Okay, I was wrong. Because of how friend points are figured in the demo, you end up with ‘barely teammates’ pretty much all the time with M. However, the code does give credit for having made friends with M in book 1. Specifically, if you have 4-9 friend points, you’re teammates with M, 10-12 friend points then you’re “better teammates” and above that, you’re ‘closer teammates.’ So it’s totally worth it to pour points into M’s friendship. YAY!!!


I don’t know if I should greedily devour the demo and then wait impatiently for more or just wait for the whole thing…someone help me with my first world problem! :sob:

Also, after playing through all the options, am I the only one that is going to have an incredibly hard time choosing the dialogues for the romances? Like, most of the answers are perfect for me? And I don’t know what to choose?

The only one I know for certain is M romance and the one that will kill off their mood because you throw a serious sense into their flirting. I still can’t get over how if you subtly say that it would be worth the time to know each other better it makes them so damn confused, to the point that they are not capable of giving a flirty remark to that. It’s honestly top content and I can’t wait for it in the full game.


This is something two of my MCs share with yours. And, honestly, as a reader, I find Rebecca grating and annoying. She treats the MC like a child she doesn’t want to grow up. She reminds me of those parents who never want their kid to become self-sufficient just so they can continually have the kid depend on them. Screw that.

While my MCs don’t hate UB, I get this, too. And the demo kinda made it worse, what with UB running around the detective’s town patrolling without her and not including her in anything they’re doing in her town for two months. It’s not cool. At all. But I blame Rebecca for it. It’s like she wants to sabotage any chance the MC has of becoming a real part of the team and being able to deal with what might happen just because “meh, I want to protect you instead of treating you like an adult who can handle stuff.”

I’ve played both with both A and M. The office scene with M is actually better than the bar scene, to be honest. At the very least, he’s not talking about picking up a group of chicks looking at him like he’s a meal and they’re starving. And there’s still flirting

The A scene at the office… I don’t like it. It made me want to punch Adam right in the nards. As hard as possible. So stick with the M scene for the office one! Just my rec. :wink:


I totally forgot to try out the M’s office scene come to think of it so I better check it out. :smile:

A’s office scene was okay with me but I like the bar scene better. :joy:


I know! She’s got a lot of great options. I keep switching because I can’t decide! :confounded:


I kind of joined the hype late on the first game(since i only noticed it existed after it released :persevere: ), but I’ll be sure to be around for this one!! As always, Felix is my absolute favorite, his stuttering and over-eagerness makes my heart melt!! Fantastic job mate!!


Let’s thank the gods because now we still have the save option… Brace yourselves when the game is totally released and we walk in the dark…

I will never not hate that CoG refuses to give us a save option


Just dropping by to take a wild guess about the girl our detectives bumped into: a harpy. No idea if they exist in the world of Wayhaven or how that would even work, I just got bird vibes because of the feathers lol


Now you say it, I can totally she her as one of the harpies from wow!!


I will be honest if i found out supernaturals were real i would board up my house and hide in there armed to the teeth and never leave.


I work with UB because I have to. But I don’t have to like it. Ultimately as soon as Wayhaven is secure I’m telling them to hit the road and don’t bother with Christmas cards. I’ll become The Grimm of Wayhaven without their help if needed. Saw people talking about Bobby I’d love to (try to) expose the existence of the supernatural to her just to say fuck the Agency. But either she wouldn’t believe me, the proof wouldn’t come out, or the Agency would mind wipe her. But I’d enjoy the backlash from them.


Just a reminder to try and keep this thread as book 2 focused as possible, please! For general Wayhaven talk, please go to the discussion thread :smiley:


Yes everyone, please listen to what @Meira_Litch says.

It’s only been a few hours and we’re already 150+ comments in. Most WIPs don’t even reach that in a week, some not at all.
For the sake of convenience let’s please try and keep this topic focused as much as possible on feedback for the game so that we don’t unnecessarily hit the comment limit. That’s what the general discussion thread is for.

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And that’s my lecture for today, ;p


Yay, demo!! May I just say: A. Full stop. <3!!!

a little bug

I did notice this playing through Ava’s route, before the meeting starts:

“I notice her bring his hands together” being the offending phrase.

I’m getting some real Dead Moon Circus vibes from that last scene… Sophia is not going to enjoy this carnival lol


I’m thinking American horror story freak show.

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I hope there’s a scene where someone tries to hypnotize us using our love… Oh your family…oh. your friends…oh… Well crap. You’re just kind of a miserable person huh detective?

" You’re under arrest jackass"


@Seraphinite i have a question! one thing that doesn’t make sense to me, at least, is why the detective didn’t have any contact with the unit in those two months after they left the facility? i thought they’re already part of the team and i just think two months without any kind of contact is just too long and there must be some explanation for that.

other than that, I really loved the demo! M and F laundry fight scene is the best (so far)!


Ooo, Mason’s trouuuuuuble!


Soooooper important question: Is the corner of our desk still smashed up? Because I kind of really hope so.