The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

Whoah I haven’t played this demo in weeks and my saves are still here intact! Most of the game demos I played after more than an hour if I close my browser my saves will disappear! Why can’t all game demos be like this!? :persevere:

WAIT. How do I don’t get bitten by Murphy in book 1???

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You have to pass some stat checks. You can find it under the FAQ post in the first post. :slight_smile:

Edit: Oops… I meant here…The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (SPOILER FREE FOR BOOK THREE!)

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@EagleOne1 - A and N’s friendship is super strong. They are family. And though there will be tough, tense times and upset feelings, even the MC will not break that friendship apart, don’t worry :wink:
Jealousy is an awkward thing though.
Thank you so much for the kind words!

And thank you to everyone who helps answer questions when I’m not here as much! I really appreciate that!


I believe you answered this but i can’t seem to find it. My true love is obviously Morgan, but seeing how she’s only after my bod. I chose the love triangle instead. My question is, can I end up with Ava if I favor her throughout multiple scenes?

The love triangle will work in that you will have to choose N or A in scenes, but who you ultimately end up with will be your choice, no matter who you favoured in scenes. The favouring one over the other will just give points, so as certain scenes will play out slightly differently depending on who you’ve been liking most throughout the LT.


Thanks for the reply. Since I’ve recently joined this site. I’ve found the community to be a breath of fresh air. In regards to talented writers and nontoxic fans.


To give you some assurance, @Seraphinite did say multiple times that M will eventually develop feelings for MC so you don’t have to worry too much.


Thank you for the clarification.
I will be re-reading Book One as soon as I post this.
Excellent job on the Wayhaven Chronicles Book 2 Demo. You’re incredible!!!


The Wayhaven Chronicles what new from book one to book two

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Check out the demo. The story continues for the detective.


Server is down again…:sleeping:

The demo seems to be working?

Wow. Miss this forum so much. Just come back and there is demo book two already. Wohoooo.
First and foremost choice is love triangle route (oh yeah). Love to torture those two hotties. And the fact that A & N have close friendship make me think scenario where my MC can’t choose one of them and hurt another, and in the end decide to leave them both! That will be hurt for A, N and even my MC! Angst. Angst. Aaaaaangst (and happiness for me :rofl:)
Can’t wait for other routes, especially the fluffy F. Ah. This really makes my day :smiley:
Thank you Seraaaa :kissing_heart:



That’s odd. It is working at my end. Perhaps it is your mobile connection?

Don’t know what is going on since I can open any other website and also I can even download.:sweat:
Just updated the chrome and it’s working fine now.:grin:

I just re-read the first one, and now I find the wip for book 2 up here? Its not even my birthday!


Progress Report

Chapter 4, dubbed ‘the never-ending chapter’, is actually coming to an end.

Yay! :smiley:

I’m finally getting there, guys! My word has this one been a mighty one though, lol!

But I’ll definitely have it finished by next week and be able to start on Chapter 5 too.

Chapter 4 has been fun though. There’s a scene in it I really like, where the LIs each come up against the same small thing in the romance split scene, but they all deal with it in different ways. It was a really nice moment to show the differences between them. Kinda like with the patrol scene in Book One and how they all dealt differently with the Murphy moment.

Think it shows more about their personalities rather than just telling, which has been great fun.

And of course the romance-y moments, hehe ;D Totally my favourite to write, lol.

But yeah, I’ll finally be able to move onto Chapter 5 next week, woohoo!

Until then, I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! :slight_smile:


Oh, it does sound like a fun chapter to play/read! The patrol scene is still one of my favorites, I still remember how great it was to experience all those different scenes and the reactions from ROs for a first time. Of course that can be said of many other scenes too, but it was nicely evident in that one. :slightly_smiling_face: Can’t wait to see more of book two, so nice that the progress is going well!