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Why do I feel like F would say something like that in regards to making N angry :joy:


If I disappointed N, I would feel like Percy Jackson disappointing his mom, Sally Jackson.


I would like an invite to the NSFW thread

Wow, I just realized Sera has an Instagram :woman_facepalming: I can’t believe it took me this long. So you’re telling me that all this time I’ve been in ignorance of that snippet of Mason’s portrait! He’s so gorgeous. :black_heart:

(You draw beautifully Sera! Can’t wait to see all of the finished drawings.)


Little bit late, but may I be invited to both the NSFW and detective discussion threads? Thanks!

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@smuteczekbiczo, I answer your question here because this has not much to do with the other thread, which we prefer to keep focused on the Demo of Book Two from the Wayhaven Chronicles only.

Now your question:
In order not to get bitten by Murphy at the end of book one your mc needs to have enough energy left. There are invisible counters (which you can see in the code) that keep track of how much energy the mc uses once they are captured by Murphy. So most (if not every) possible choice you make has consequences in this regard.
Now the best way to keep from using your mc’s energy in fruitless manners is to keep silent and to not fight against the bounds when your mc is strapped to the table, whilst Murphy is talking to your mc and about to put those needles in your arm.

What also helps:
After your mc has escaped from the table and meets Unit Bravo there is a fight between the Unit and Murphy. It comes in handy to have a high enough Observation in order to be able to see that Murphy has been injured and favours one of his legs. Though this is not a necessity, I believe.


I hope it’s okay if I pop in. I believe you also get energy back if you either try not to escape when Murphy leaves or if you do you go with your Optimist/Pessimist stat when the MC is too tired to move. If you have higher Optimism then try to keep moving and if you have higher Pessimism then don’t.


Hope no one minds me throwing in here, too…

Stubbornness will also get you up and moving after you fall down. The combo that got one of mine to keep from getting bitten was:

  • High combat skills (she had 67% at the end… you get another 2% combat if you wriggle your wrists free, just FTR)
  • High stubbornness (68%)
  • She fought against the bonds because she was pissed (when Murphy had her tied up), but responded with either sarcasm or threats for the rest of the interactions with him

With this, during the fight, she noticed Murphy favoring his left side and clutching his waist. When he grabbed for the detective, she slams her hand into his side. You still get your arm clawed, but you don’t get bitten.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to keep from getting your arm clawed? I figured it was just there so Murphy could get your blood.

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If I remember correctly, you will get clawed if you weren’t bitten.


Just FYI, all the possibilities are answered in detail in the FAQ under:

Book Specific Questions > Book One > How can I keep Murphy from biting me?

for the lazy, lol

Oh, and for reference, getting bitten by Murphy isn't a 'bad ending' or anything, as he will always manage to get your blood somehow, it's merely that him biting you is more ~d r a m a t i q u e~, but otherwise has no effect beyond flavor text in both Book One, and Book Two (as far as I can tell).

Personally, I always have Charlotte get bitten on the neck because I like torturing her and Nate, mwahahaha. It’s all about roleplaying, really.

Also, @resuri08 I love your new icon!!! :sparkles:


I was watching a video just now, and a horse listener said “horses are unicorns, you can only see their horn if you are also magical”. And… omg…

F, there is still hope. Go find a mage or something.


You trying to tell me F isn’t magical themselves?? They are a magic blessing on us all.


Maybe you have to be a magic wielder


That’s fair. I don’t think F could be trusted wielding magic.


I’m sorry for double posting but-

This is both super interesting and proof that F is best vampire. They were always perfect.


Does kinda explain why I have a hard time seeing F as anything other than a really good friend…


I can’t imagine A being intimate with anyone, even before they were turned lol

And what if F was in a relationship when they fell through the portal, leaving their SO behind :cry:

Well at least we know UB re all experienced lovers wink wink


Poor A but since I went through their route, there were indication that A is not all cold. I even read it in other routes, not intimate imo but the interaction between A and F during F route indicate someone who cares as well as between A and N.


No, they’re not cold, but they’re pretty stubborn and dense. It’s not very conducive to relationship forming, so it makes me wonder how in the world they got that close to someone. Maybe it was their doppelganger or something.

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Yeah… well…we will found out soon enough or I do know their type so it’s not hard to imagine. :joy: