The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

So my next question might get an answer that will be in spoiler territory… well, more so than the others; is there a traitor in the Agency?

PS, thanks @rose-court and @Mewsly for answering my question.

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No idea! :slight_smile: As far as we can tell, it’s just one of those things that happen when an organization gets too big, you know?

At least, that’s what I’ve gleaned from the game so far.


What if it’s Chana :sob:

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Not Chana! :sob::sob::sob::confounded:




I just realized your profile pic was the XANA symbol from code lyoko


Ohhhhh my god I squealed so hard when I saw Book Two is actually in progress! This so amazing! Adam continues to be my favourite RO (and amazing)! I did not die internally at all when he was about to touch MC’s neck scar! The strained relationship with Rebecca continues to be torture, but I like it because I’m an absolute masochist! AHHHHHHHHH

Can’t wait for more :blush:

Edit: I also love that there’s an option to have (symptoms of) PTSD. My MC certainly does. Will you ever mention it by its name? I’d love for the game to spread some awareness. @Seraphinite


Glad you enjoyed the demo. Please feel free to come over and chat with us in the general discussion thread.

However, please use the spoiler tags for yor post. The author has requested that spoilers be covered in this thread. Thanks!


Sorry, I didn’t see that. Fixed it!

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Noticed near the end


At least they’s all right. After what Murphy did, it’s amazing they’s willing to work with them again at all.

Actually, that pronoun thingy stayed for like that entire page, Just thought I’d bring that up (don’t know if anyone else has x.x


Progress Update

So got a bit more progress done on Wayhaven this week, which I was pleased with. Finished one of the split scenes, yay!

As some of you may have guessed from my snippet on Instagram, it takes place in a location we’ve already been in Book One :wink:

But pretty much this week it’s just been keeping going on Chapter 4 and doing some extra planning work for something I thought of that I really wanted to add later, lol.

Not much to report, but it’s going good! My hope is to have Chapter 4 finished or 90% done by the end of next week.

Hope everyone has a really fantastic weekend! :slight_smile:


I actually can’t wait for this. I hope it is as good as book one.

Takashi : I see my name in Wayhaven :heart_eyes: what say it if not me it ok but all Takashi we feel the love
Shin; well Taka is happy so thank you and if say way there are talk two people becouse there is two we don.t have room for and in name room

Good catch. I don’t play through an NB, so I would never have caught that. :+1:
Thanks for mentioning it!

edit: If anyone else notices anything like pronoun issues, please DO mention them! We need as many eyes on this as possible to catch those types of things.

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Hey, i wanna ask, would bobby play a bigger role in the second book? Thanks, i really love the game btw


We really couldn’t say but Sera did mention that we will see them throughout the series.

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Oh well, guess i need to wait and see

From that description me thinks somebody was hungry.

First off…I’m a huge fan.
I have a question that I’ve wanted to ask for a while and I guess I found the courage, so here it goes…
I chose Ava as my love interest in Book 1 (my MC is female, as well). I plan on re-reading and was wondering if I was to decide to pick both Ava and Nat as my LIs (love Triangle option) will that diminish the relationship between Ava and my MC?
Will selecting the love triangle option cause jealousy among A and/or N?
If you can’t answer because it will spoil the story, I completely understand. I will be happy selecting only Ava. However, if I can have the best of both worlds, then why not?!? Lol.
One thing I have wanted to congratulate you on is the rating Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One has on Google Play. I am so happy to see your book is getting so many reads and the ratings are the best I have ever seen. Full disclosure: If I had my way you would have millions of reads at a constant 5.0 rating.
Thank you for creating such a masterpiece. I love it. You are an incredible author. I will do anything I can to support your writing. You are amazing. BTW, if you have a Patreon or are thinking about one, don’t hesitate to let me know.


First of all: Welcome! c:

Each playthrough is a character all on its own, meaning that your other characters will not be affected.
As for the Love Triangle route itself, well… It is the route with the most angst in it, so there will be feelings that get hurt, yes. And there will always have to be choices made in regards of favouring one above the other in certain scenes. Though I can be wrong in this regard, since I have not played that route yet! But this is what I have come to understand about it after reading quite a lot of comments about it.

Possibly? It is all part of the angst. Though I personally think there will not be too much (if at all) jealousy between the two, since N and A have an incredibly strong bond and have lived who knows how long with one another. They have grown attached to one another and only want the best for each other.

Seraphinite , the writer, is working on setting up a Patreon. So there will definitely be announcements about them on the threads and her personal media. Keep an eye out for it c; (her Tumblr and her Instagram)

Hope this helped. If you have more questions you could always check the second comment on the other Wayhaven thread where you can find the FAQ.