The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)


Oh well then, I understand if you found that scene a bit tense, I guess I just like tense flirting lol, maybe sera wanted to make the flirting a little less obvious becuase she said N and Fs romance will start earlier than the others, so she wanted this scene to be less foward with the flirting so everything doesn’t happen faster than it needs to. The romances all progress at different times, but in the end it is up to Sera. I do however understand where your coming from very much.

kinda spoilers?

I agree, I felt that the transition between N being like worried for the MC to just flirting weird but I thought that just might be their personality, since before the reveal(unlike F and M) in book one they seem conscious to flirt with the mc but after the reveal they become smooth? It seems like N has the most confusing personality(A’s a tsundere, F is flirty, happy go lucky and sarcastic and M’s a sexual hot and cold and you have N who is…random ?)

I don’t want the author to rewrite it(the scene i mean.) if that was the purpose but I hope they can explain it maybe :blush:. (But don’t change your opinion because I’m sure its helpful to the author as well.)

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I forgot what part it was but i think it was the end of the demo where N will mention what happen to the mc and if you pick the flirt option it’s like the scene didn’t happen, and if N comfort you during that one scene they don’t say anything about it afterwards.

Its been a while since I’ve played the demo but i think that was it?(Also We Probably Should Move This To The Discussion Thread Since its not really related to book two.)

Yah, ur right I’ve been quite greedy with the replies (last reply lol) (unless i have something constructive to post)

It’s kind of hard because N doesn’t fit into a defined archetype. If anything they kind of remind me of a traditional romance novel love interest. They are very conscious of consent but not shy about flirting and intimacy. I think the minute that MC expressed interest was the green light to approach which is where the heavy flirting comes in. Even more so when they know it won’t be a problem as far as the agency goes.

I also think that when N falls, they fall hard, 0-100. Judging by what we learned in book one, N hasn’t been legit attracted to anyone in a long time. Here’s this person who is also seemingly interested in them = N is not missing the opportunity. So they are simultaneously worried that MC isn’t as interested (cause they are “all in”) and also in a ‘must impress/please notice me’ mode.

I think they have a lot of confidence and swagger but also some underlying insecurity especially around an MC that they are head over heels for. And that’s where that seemingly contradictory scene in the book 2 demo comes in. Just IMO


Hello! I’m new to TWC and I’m absolutely in love - these forums have made it even better (you’re all so funny). I just have some sentiments that I didn’t manage to include in the Book One Discussion since I got there too late ;-;


The shy options often results in blushing, whilst understandable since many people do blush, for those with MCs with complexions that wouldn’t visibly turn redder I thought it might be good to include other ways of expressing shyness. I found a pretty good post about it here. It also doesn’t necessarily correlate with how dark one’s skin is, so perhaps a choice that is prompted by the cold, (could also mean another potential M tantrum, which is always a bonus;D) or physical exertion and the MC making note of their blush or no blush?

I understand it might cause some continuation issues with Book One and the demo, but I thought it would serve to improve the immersiveness for every MC.

And just so I don’t derail the commentary about N that @biscuitsntea brought up


Although he’s our Suavewell, it’s like you said, he’s anxious about the state of their relationship and it really shows. That’s why in the outside warehouse scenes, the options where the MC isn’t as forward and N somewhat misses the mark (such as the nod/brush hair ones), he apologises or admits fault. He displays obvious nervous behaviour in the others, like the ‘I missed the thrill’ resulting in him running his hand through his hair, or the glance with the throw away question.

Even upon MC’s immediate arrival, 3/5 choices give pretty N standard responses (genuine and smooth). The shy one I can see where you’re coming from, but it reads as N mirroring MC’s intense reaction to him, hence the smirk and added comment of “With all of us.” And with all of the options, it appeared that he was relieved (hands in pocket + lean on the wall) – so still nervous during the exchange. Bby N just doesn’t fluster, it’s against his nature.

This conversation is interesting though, because the scene clearly reads so differently to everyone.


Loved it! Can’t wait when you finish this book, Seraph!

I’m playing the guys’ route, and I love all of them. I really wanna see how the romance played out, especially the love triangles between MC, Adam and Nate. Of course, I also wanna see who’s gonna be the villain that wanted MC’s blood booster this time. Will it be a Fae?! Or other creatures? Would love to know about other supernaturals beside vampires. Loved the demo. Keep up the good work~



I replayed Book 1 the other day and it was really interesting how differently the final showdown with Murphy played out. Even though I didn’t make drastically different choices, I had a different outcome that I noticed has not been addressed in the demo.

Here’s what I’m talking about:


In my latest Book 1 playthrough Murphy tried to grab my detective to bite them, but she managed to slip away. He did however slash her arm, resulting in her almost bleeding out.

In the Book 2 demo I saw that only the scars of the bites get mentioned (either neck or wrist, I think), but not the slashing of the arm. And as it seemed to be quite a big injury, it might be also be worthy to be included as another option of visible scarring that the detective now has a little souvenir from the encounter.

Just thought I’d point it out in case it might got overlooked!


How did you manage that?


I think during the fight one of the choices is to tend to your wounds to the best of your ability, and apparently that led to my detective being able to slip away, though getting slashed on the arm in the process.


You have to have enough energy to get away from Murphy. There are temporary energy points in Book 1 for that chapter. So it really depends on your actions. If you keep fighting and struggling and yelling, you expend energy so that when it comes time for Murphy to bite you, you don’t get away. There are ways to gain and lose energy, but I can’t remember them off the top of my head. It’s been a while, and frankly, I like my characters to get bitten, so…

But seriously, why anyone would not want to get bitten for the drama… I just don’t know. :wink:


Lol, I honestly don’t mind my character getting bitten. I just didn’t know it was possible not to get bitten until the demo to the second book mentioned it. Now, I’m just curious to see how it plays out.


Honestly I really enjoy getting a good punch on Murphy and not get bit. Always getting my arm sliced open though but I’ll take it as long as I can hurt him one way or another. But in my humble opinion, I would loved to beat his ass more than a quick jab to the wound on his hip.


Regarding this subject, I’m just going to say that I am replaying the four routes getting bitten at the end for the sole purpose of the angsty moments. Listen, F warmed my heart for a million years with their conversation about the bite scars. I don’t want to punch Murphy if the price is to not see the RO’s in book 2 concerned and feeling guilty.


I can’t wait for this.

A mood. Generally, I’m so ready to throw down for the sake of UB >:C

Like who hurt you? Give me a name and I’m sure M and I can work out where to dump a body /banished


My poor Mc needs to get laid bad. The sexual tension between her and mason is going make her explode.


Ok, so I have a question; so in one of my (many) playthroughs of the first book, Murphy escaped. My question is, does he come back in the second book if he escaped in the first one?

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We’Ll JuSt HaVe To WaIt AnD sEe OoOoOoOoOoooooo

Honestly though? I don’t expect him to show up, maybe just one off mentions here and there until maybe Book Five? aw yiss


Sera did answer this on her Tumblr!

Not Book 2 but we have not seen the last of him!