The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

@VioletHikari - The other characters will crop up and the MC will interact with them, but they are still very much secondary characters to the LIs :smiley:

Progress Report - 3/August/2018

August??? How is it August already???

Anyway :smiley:

Bit of a slow progress week this week. Work has been a bit overwhelming, but I think I should be on track again next week to put more time into Wayhaven.

Chapter 4 is beginning to be a bit like wading through treacle, lol! I finished writing the second page of the plan for Chapter 4, turned to the next page, and then saw that there’s actually another split scene before the love interest split scenes…

But I’m very much looking forward to writing them! And it also starts inching the MC into a bigger choice which comes later and will have quite a major effect in later books :wink:

So yeah, Chapter 4 is still going on. Slow but sure!

Thought I’d share one of my favourite choices from Chapter 4 so far:

CHOICE: “Hours of screaming children, nauseous rides, and possible food poisoning? Sign me right up!”

Who doesn’t enjoy super snarky MC? :smiley: (This is one of the choices that does actually provoke a personality comment too. I’m starting to be able to add small bits of variation like that in now people’s stats will be more settled. For example, the other character will note if the MC is usually sarcastic or say something about it if the MC usually isn’t.)

Hope everyone has an absolutely fantastic weekend! :slight_smile:


My guess?

We finally get to choose our favorite flavor of ice-cream, which Unit Bravo (read: Nanny Sewell) will bring every time we’re in the hospital at the end of every book.


This is so exciting!!! I can’t wait for the characters to start reacting to our personalities! :smiley:

Me and My MC choosing the wrong thing and putting everyone in Wayhaven in danger


@Seraphinite Upon finding out about the carnival, will there be an option for our MC to just scream in delight? Because that’s what I do, every year. My friends and family hate it. I want M to hate me, lol.


@ceecrab - Don’t worry :smiley: I really don’t want there to be wrong choice in Wayhaven. Just different ones. Some may not have the best outcomes, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong or bad, just different. And you never know what those choices might lead to later on down the line anyway. Some choices may not seem the best now, but the consequences of what that could lead to later on in other books might be interesting or even good.
I really, really want people to just be able to play Wayhaven how they want to, not worrying about best playthroughs or right choices.
Just to have fun and pick what they would pick!
EDIT: I will add though that some choices might still not have the best outcomes immediately or ever, but may kick up unexpected outcomes instead even if not happy ones :joy:

@rose-court - Who doesn’t want the option to get totally as excited as Tina would? :wink:


Mmmyes, time to destroy Unit Bravo’s ears off with my screeching.


Ahhh thank you Sera, you’re truly an angel!! :two_hearts:


Take your time @Seraphinite! I am just glad you are enthusiastic about next week and I am also glad that I was introduced to the DA series so the wait for Book 2 will be more bearable!!


But then you’ll also be in the wait for Dragon Age 4 and let me tell you…it’s a doozy of a wait for that game, let alone any news on it :sob: (You won’t regret getting into that series though!!)

And then to keep this on topic, yes I am feeling very enthused for next week :smiley: I always miss when I can’t really get into Wayhaven properly and I’m itching to get onto those split scenes!


I have no regrets!! Alistair is such a sweetie (You have good taste in men.) Currently on Awakening and I still giggle during the scene between my Warden and him. sigh

Anyway, back on topic! Just don’t overexert yourself and I really love the scenes for A and M. A with all the tension and M for the er… teasing stuff? :joy: Will do N and F soon but I have hunt down some darkspawn first and finish some commands of my subjects… To be honest, I thought my Warden will do the commanding though since she is THE commander but eh…


I can’t deal with the weather in the UK right now… it’s too hot. :sweat:
(15-20 degrees Celsius is ideal for me)

Oh well, playing through ME3 indoors in the evenings seems to help. Garrus is one large reason.

The demo for Book 2 was really good and I’m very excited to see what’s in-store next. Keep on being amazing, Sera! :smiley:


Stubborn Mc & Ava at same time: any choice that is different from mine is the wrong choice.


Ah, I see you are a woman of culture…



I was a beta tester last year before I left this site altogether. I was wondering if I could do so again?

Yes. He is. I was trying. SO HARD. Our personalities just aren’t compatible…


Damn it. I only saw it just now. It’s like a free taste, and you keep wanting more. :((


I think it’s less about compatibility and more of… that’s his thing. He’s like a snake. The harder you fight to be his friend, the tighter he constricts with his hostility, lol.

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i’m so glad people will finally react to the mc personality~ especially since my main one (Luka) 's personality is just mainly silently bitching about everything A does lmao. (the stoic and stubborn personalities are so great lol)


Omg, just played the demo and lemmmme tell you,


N has given me life once more, with “how do I look”, I also enjoyed A’s scene with the whole “I wanna kiss him but punch him” I think u all know what I mean. I was laughin’ my ass off at Rebecca bashing M scene and then lovely F getting all emotional on me.
I am curious though about what was wrong with N’s scenes, since a couple people don’t like it that much, however we all have different tastes. Imo N’s scene was perfect, the fact that N is being anxious about the detective coming was adorable, I get N is suppose to be cool and collected but it just goes to show you that the detective means that much to N and they want everything to be perfect. They relaxed after the detective came in though and went back to being laid back and lovable (also very sexy if you pick the flirtatious choices). But I mean, I’m kinda bias when it comes to N lol. All in all, I loved it so much. And bless your soul for releasing this Sera, Summer school plus work is hell in hell and this brightened my week.


Hi there, as one of the people who critiqued N’s scenes, I actually only really felt the scenes AFTER N being anxious about the detective arriving felt off and a bit too intense, where I felt that pretty much all of the choices led to rather intense flirting than just the obvious “flirty” choices.
I actually really loved the part where they were anxious before the detective arrived!

But yeah, ultimately it’s Sera’s choice on how to approach the scenes, I was just trying to give a few suggestions!