The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

I’m so sad. I didn’t get to finish the first book when I stopped reading on here for about a year. :sob::sob:

Buy at least I got a recap.:ok_hand: But I have to say that I was fangirling SO MUCH over Adam the entire time. I’m just back here with popcorn and fruit roll ups like “JUST KISS!!!”


The first book is out to buy if you wanna read the whole thing! You would never have gotten to read the whole thing on here unless you were doing Beta work most likely.

The first book is totally worth it though! I mean like… its good… :sweat_smile:


I would but… I’m broke :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Just popping in to say - I hear that almost everytime I introduce myself. My name is Trixi, and it seems to be a very common name for animals. I’m happy to welcome someone else in my boat, bwahaha!


I wouldn’t have been so confused if I had heard it used for an animal name before but like I have never heard it as one before :joy:

Really? It’s pretty common for where I live.

You’ve just got a popular name. :slight_smile:


Common as a human name or pet? because I’ve met tons of other Human Dylans (not always spelled the same), I’ve just never heard it as a pet name before :sweat_smile:

Both. :smile: (20 stupid characters)

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I’m fairly certain that the first kisses for the ROs will break us all.

I hope Sera will find it amusing. She is such a tease :joy:


I understand the feel. I exist off of disability. Where do you usually read from? Er… Which platform I mean…

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Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I’ve been too busy with work to notice you made a new post!!! Forgive me! I’m uber excited though ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

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I have a question for @Seraphinite; will there be any more interactions with the background characters? I mean, one of the few things that I found a bit disappointing in the First Wayhaven book was how little we were able to interact with people like Verda and Tina. Yes, they came by and helped the story move along, but once they were done they left, I was a little sad with that (just my opinion). Another character I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more is that annoying, untrustworthy ex so-and-so, but interact more our RO, especially if they were our ex. Example, I would like to see how Bobby, being Emma’s (that’s my character’s name) ex boyfriend, would react when he meets Adam. I just think it would be entertaining to see him realize that he has no chance of ever getting her back, even if he tried!

Also, last question; if we chose to not get an RO in the first book, would we be able to fix that by getting one in this second book?


Sera mentioned that Bobby will meet UB in this book so look forward to it!


This one I can answer. Yes, if you go to the demo, you will see that you have the option to choose an RO in case you want to switch or decide you wanted a romance after all.


No, what I meant was more along the lines of trying to romance then as the story progresses.

The only way to romance is to pick in the options in the beginning, and it will act as if you romanced them from the first book. Unfortunately, you can’t pick the friend path and then change it through the story itself. It’s just too much variance for Sera to have to take into account.


Ok, I understand. That’s actually why I was asking, I wasn’t sure if it was a possibility or not. Now that I know it’s not and why, at least I won’t have those thoughts clouding my mind. Thank you for answering my question. And thank you @resuri08 for answering my other question :slightly_smiling_face:


Um, I use chrome? But if you’re talking about device, I have a Motorola 5 plus

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