The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

i dont think you did get what i wanted to say at all, i can understand if somehow Ava distanced herself from the mc, but the choices we are given in the 2 book are kinda more in the “friendly zone” when in the book 1 was more romantic, flirty or caring . After all the mc is (us) and i did find it pretty restricted in the choices we have in the 2 book. (Also have in mind that is only in the Ava route, the other routes feels more in line with the mc and Ros after the end of the 1 book…)
Of course this is only my opinión and you may see it different. :wink:

Alright at this point I’m not sure what qualifies as Adam/Ava “being sweet” or “romantic”. Everyone finds the RO’s reactions different but so far in the demo A has reacted as kind/tender as they can to the mc without giving up their whole “shoving down feelings” personality. They’ve been acting the same way in the demo as they were in book 2. In fact I feel they opened up a tad bit more becuase they were worried about mc and what happened with Murphy. But honestly you may have picked the wrong choices, it happens. However for now like others have said maybe just wait until the full demo is out so you can judge more past 3 chapters? And even if what I’m saying isn’t what you meant we should probably continue this personally messaging, or in the general discussion thread because a lot of people have had input but it seems your opinion/thoughts aren’t changing and we don’t want this conversation to drag on forever right?


there is nothing to worry if you debate about the game in a respectful manner, i dont think i can be more clear about what i mean in any of my replyes so i agree is a good point to stop writing about this since not many people are getting what i mean (and just to clarify you i was talking about the choices we get not the personality of Ava):wink:

What dkisma is referring to, is that the choices we have as the MC on A’s route, are more on a friendly tone than in a flirty tone as it was on book 1. He is not referring to A’s reactions per se, and more to the dialogue choices we have.


I thought the choices had much emotion though. For example:


As well as

Those seem to have as much emotion as book 1’s dialogue with A…I mean the shy flirt options are right on but I guess its the bold flirty choices dont seem as forward or super flirty as before in book 2? Its probably the wording. These were like the only 2 choices we have so far tho.


Fabulous idea. :+1:

Here is the thread for general discussion. Please direct further debate/discussion to that thread so that this thread can stay more focused on feedback.


Throw sugar cubes at A, it should probably work


I like playing shy because real world I can;;t take being flirt on my face will go red if someone tried

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The Full Demo is NOW OUT! It includes Chapters 1-6!


I truly hope you guys enjoy it! :slight_smile:

Also, for anyone interested, my Patreon Page is also now out:

And now I’m off to try and calm myself down and not get too overly nervous, hehehe ;D Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


you made my day boss :cat:




Thank you so much! So excited!!


OH MY GOD HERE IT IS!!! :heart:

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Wow this’ll be a wild ride, I’m so excited!!

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Is it going to be rude if I ask you how many chapters did you plan for the 2nd book @Seraphinite

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It’ll be 19-21 chapters, depending on how writing goes :slight_smile:


I just died from reading this.


Yes, enduring today gets rewarded

On that scene where Ava waited me and walking me home, after lifting the trees… she was supposed to face me while talking to me right ? Then the supernatural’s hand touch me and i Scream before Ava step in front of me… i am thinking how would Ava miss them in the first place until they touch me , since Ava was looking at me and thus should saw them right? It looks weird for them able to appear behind me unnotice by Ava …perhaps i miss read the scene ? :slight_smile:

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The vampires are just very distracted by the detective. :smirk: