The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

THE END OF THIS MONTH IS SO CLOSE!!! ヽ(´ω`○)ノ.+゚*。:゚+


Congratulations, Sera! :sparkles:

We’re all super excited for more Unit Bravo! and I’m excited for the Bobby scene


I wish I could like post more than once!! (Well, I could unlike and like it repeatedly, but that’s not what I meant haha)


hope see mc father or more family member


First i want to say i love your books and can’t wait to spend my money on Book 2 second is there still not a date for the release of book 2? Sorry for asking its just I’m addicted lol


Nope! We don’t ask authors for release dates as it gives undue and unnecessary pressure :slight_smile: Nonetheless, Sera is pushing to release the final demo (of chapters 1-6) by the end of November, so that will be something to look forward to really, really soon!
In the meantime, you can entertain yourself with the Asks sera answers on her tumblr, or join in the discussion on the general discussion thread. You can check out the fanworks thread too!


YOUR THE BEST!!! :smiley::kissing:I loved the first and now 2nd :hushed:!:heart:


Also, you should check Sera’s Tumblr every Friday, since that day she gives us a weekly report on her progress! That will also be the quickest way to know when the game will have an estimated release date.


what will you never fight if it monster my choice is fairy because love them

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I’ll reply you in a PM so we don’t clutter this thread :smile:


OMG YEESS. (Obligatory minimum character limit.)

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A little while back, I posted a few sentences where the pronouns were incorrect. I can’t recall if the following was posted at the time. I apologize if this a repetition, or if you already have it in hand :wink:

Their attention falls on Ava, who is glaring out of the window, a hand raised to his mouth. Normally Ava would have heard this conversation with ease, but apparently she’s focused on something else so intensely that she doesn’t this time.

Correction: First sentence, the bolded ‘his’ should be ‘her’


Yeah, there a couple of other pronoun issues people managed to catch too. They’ll be in the update when I release the final demo :slight_smile:

Thank you for catching those!


did you make any changes to the Ava route? its the only route that feels a bit cold after the ending of the 1st book i expected maybe a bit more warm Ava

No, there were no changes made. Adam/Ava isn’t a warm person and certainly isn’t one to admit what they’re really feeling :smiley:

It’s a real slllooooowwww burner, lol!


Sets Adam/Ava to simmer and waits you look delicious enough to cuddle for days.


are there new romances if you did not pick are team:thinking::kissing::kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::facepunch:

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It’s verified that Sera will not add anymore.


Unit Bravo are the only ones we will be able to romance throughout the entire series. Sera has of course mentioned this multiple times so no there will be NO new R.O.
added in anywhere

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what i mean is that i find it a bit more cold than the 1 book, there is no option to be more flirty and all the options and talk they do to each other sound more like friends than what we have in 1st book, for me its kind of weird after the ending we get with ava in the first book…

(even the Ava in the triangle love is more open and u have more flirty options… maybe is only me that find it weird…)