The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

Sounds like a perfect book five plot device to me :wink:


My vote? It’s going to be a one-two punch combo. Caging facilities all over get sabotaged, resulting in a world-wide escape, sending the Agency into chaos. You spend a considerable amount of time (an entire book?) corralling the Wayhaven escapees.

  • If not!Murphy escaped, he’s the one responsible for the prison breaks. With the Agency weakened and in disarray, he hopes to make use of the opportunity to get to the Detective.
  • If not!Murphy was captured, you get a call to go to the warehouse, where you find mum and the Bravos supertense and looking at you worriedly, and the VERY LAST SENTENCE of the book is someone telling you “Murphy has escaped.”

As I said previously, there’s not much narrative point to having a non-nebulous containment facility filled with superpowered murderers if they’re not going to escape.


Exactly, yes! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: This is actually one of my main theories for what may happen during Book Five to make it into the angst fest that it’s supposed to be.

However, at the same time I feel like there may be a hole in this theory??? Sera has dropped certain hints that the detective and their LI are going to spend a significant amount of time apart during Book Five. One of the hints that she has dropped that come to mind at the moment is her saying that we’re going to spend a lot more time with Tina and Verda in Book Five compared to the rest of the books. As a side note, please forgive me for not wanting to deal with with Tumblr’s terrible search engine in order to find the specific ask where she says this. :joy: And idk, at least I personally sort of interpret this as a subtle implication that we’ll be spending a lot more time with them than usual because Unit Bravo aren’t going to be around?

But point is, if The Agency’s imprisonment method fails or gets sabotaged somehow in in Book Five, shouldn’t it be the other way round, as in the detective basically having to be constanly glued to Unit Bravo’s side so they can protect the MC? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: That’s the main thing that makes me skeptical of this theory. Or at least, it makes me skeptical that it’s going to happen during Book Five specifically. As for the other books tho… I think it may still be on the table as a possible plotline. :thinking: :face_with_monocle:

I lowkey feel like this post sounds like the ramblings of a crazy person. :joy: Who knows, I may be interpreting things completely wrong, but it’s fun to discuss theories and such, so fuck it, I’m just gonna post my inane ramblings. :joy:

Yep, pretty much, you said it best! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Completely agree with you here. :face_with_monocle:

During the scene in Book One where Rebecca is showing us those mental torture cages, I feel as if Sera was trying to tell me: “Look at all these extremely dangerous and powerful rogue supernaturals. They’ve killed dozens of people. It sure would be a shame if they were to one day somehow end up escaping…” :joy:


I mean, if characters spend time discussing the lovely antique gun hanging over the mantelpiece, I fully expect the thing to be fired before the end of the movie.


Something that COULD make it work for book 5 under these circumstances is that the Bravos are at the facility when the inmates take control of the jail, while the detective is in town. That’d leave the detective and the three musketeers (Tina, Verda, Douglaasssss?) to deal with the influx of evil supers in Wayhaven and planning on how to retake the facility, while inside the facility the Bravos are mostly trying to not get heavily murdered.

I’d also like to retract my previous stance that an uncaptured not!Murphy might be responsible for the caging failing, which I made because apparently I’m dumb as a bag of bricks. It’s been repeatedly hammered on us that there’s a leak in the Agency. THEY’re going to be the ones unleashing hell.

As an aside on not!Murphy, I’m half-leaning towards him turning out to be the origin of a myth like Cain or something like that. In Book 1 he takes the initial charge from M like a champ and he can almost hold back the Bravos working together (and we KNOW M and A are combat powerhouses), meaning he’s probably super-old (in the tier discussion, F mentions that age strengthens supernaturals), and him being famous is a good reason for the author never letting us learn his actual name.
I ALSO suspect that, contrary to not!Murphy’s belief, the transfusion has left the detective not quite as “boringly human” as they previously were. We’re half-dead when he bites us and a weak blow sends him staggering back, when we come between Falk and the RO in house of mirrors we do it with “a speed [we] didn’t know [we] had”, and we pull off some impressive moves in the sewer raid, which is particularly egregious on my detective, who has… 0 combat. Not “combat so low it might as well be zero”, ACTUALLY zero, and I still deliver flying kicks.


You don’t have to be crazy to romance the vampires here, but it helps.


Hello, Agent Chekhov. What a nice gun you have!


I think a lot of people got that impression from that ask, and frankly it is a good theory.

Don’t worry about it. Your ideas make more sense than some I’ve seen. Besides, we’re all a bit crazy here. This is the fandom that occasionally refers to itself as a cult.

This is the perfect analogy. You know those cages have to important.

Speaking of obvious hints the option to choose how we are dealing with the Murphy incident, but no other traumatic event in the series do far cemented the fact the Murphy was goingbt ok come up again and fof me. Even before I saw the tumblr ask.


Mason’s route is :ok_hand::ok_hand::sparkles: chef’s kiss. A masterpiece :bowing_woman:t2:


I’m laughing so hard because I just invited a friend over to work on some stuff together, and she just looked at me and said “if I go back to your house, I’ll just end up playing Wayhaven the whole time.”


I feel personally called out.


I’m in this post and I wouldn’t like it, except I don’t notice it because I’m too busy (re)playing Wayhaven.


Hey how do you get to the haunted house scene because I been playing this game and I haven’t even found this scene yet?

Do you mean in Book 2? There’s a haunted house scene in Book 2, it’s at the very end if you’re romancing M.

Yeah its book 2 that I’m talking about and thank you for helping me with this.

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Glad to be of help. :smiley:

This has been pretty silent for awhile, so I’m going to give a random hypothetical question to you guys. If, for some random magical reason, your MC was turned back into their high school selves, what would they act like, and how would your RO react? Like a protective big brother, a best friend, super awkward, etc.

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Hello, I would suggest for MC discussion and such, you could discuss it with other fans over the Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion thread:

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Progress Report - 12th November 2021

Had some nervous fun this week! It started off with me losing my back-up SD card for Wayhaven. And with my laptop starting to get a little funny lately, every day without backing up was making me more and more anxious!!

By Thursday I was a bit frantic trying to find it, but we did find it (in a super obvious place, of course…)!

But amongst that, I finished Chapter 9! It took longer than I planned because I changed one of the endings. I really just can’t be doing without a good romantic moment with the LIs in each chapter now, lol! :smiley:

Though saying that, I really love the other ending too! Not just because it might bring in one of my fave side characters again ( be still my beating heart) , but because you’re away from UB again, it’s more about the focus on how the MC is going to handle dealing with these other characters without that instant back up from Unit Bravo.

So it has been interesting being like, ‘Well, I always love spending time with the LI, but…I really want to see how my MC does in this other scenario!’. I definitely know it’s strong when I can’t decide between one or the other! I really like the very distinct feel between the two endings, and I can’t wait for you guys to try it! So it was worth spending the time to rewrite that.

Next week will be editing, but I also will definitely be getting some writing in on Chapter 10 too. I’m seriously excited because the version of Chapter 10 you get is the first one where it’s decided by who which members of UB decide to side with when it comes to choosing a plan. Unless your MC decides that A’s idea is actually the best to start with, or maybe you’ll agree just for team unity in such a stressful moment, or some other reason!

It’s gonna be interesting to see who backs who in this moment…and you’ll certainly get a sense of the shift in UB with this new power dynamic—who, of course, doesn’t have to follow the chain of command already established in this team!

Hope you all have the most amazing weekend! I’ll talk to you all soon! <3


Progress Report 26th November 2021

It was some seriously awesomely intense writing this week! :smiley:

Not just because the scene was quite intense, but I think it was the most nuanced bit of coding and dialogue I’ve done so far, lol!

In this moment, it’s really important that everything feels smooth. I want it to feel like each member of Unit Bravo’s decisions are because of what’s being discussed, their own thoughts on it, and the person suggesting things, not just because of the game mechanics calculating in the background.

For example, if M agrees (because they have enough friend points), then I want F’s next dialogue to bounce off of what M said but their response will depend on if they have enough friend points, so they might disagree with M or not. But after that N also needs to make a choice, but they might refer to what M and F said (whether that was to agree or disagree), so I need to make sure that not only triggers correctly but reads like a seamless conversation!

It’s also not just the friend points that come into it but the actual situation. Another example being that N is more likely to agree with the MC in this moment because they already agree with the MC’s side of things (if the MC decides on that option, anyway :D), so N actually needs less friend points to ‘pass’ the check than they might in another scenario where they don’t agree.

On the other hand, M needs A LOT of points (or to already be besties, lol) in order to agree, because it’s not something they want to do.

So yeah…intense, but also incredibly satisfying! :smiley:

But once I was definitely finished with that (it’s a scene I’ve kept bouncing back to because it just hasn’t been just right so far) I went back to the next fun bit where I’m on this one version of Chapter Ten, and F is having a little chit chat about just how the MC feels about how things went down…so maybe your MC didn’t win the argument, maybe they didn’t want to start an argument and just went along with it, maybe they were actually in agreement…we all know how well F picks up on these things ;D

I’m loving these more intimate moments with UB that isn’t necessarily romance. Romance is obviously always my favourite, and I will get it into every single moment I possibly can, lol! But this really is fun to start exploring this idea of just how the MC is fitting into Unit Bravo so far. Obviously, that can/will change over time too if your MC feels like it!

Wow, sorry, that was a bit of an essay! I was just seriously happy to see the story coming to life in a different way that involves the MC in their new role—the MC no longer outside of UB’s decisions but proactively part of it!

Ok, enough hyper blabbering now, hehe! :smiley:

Next week, I have a very strict goal for myself that I am determined to make, but I also have social media days, which I am super eager for!

And we have a winner for the theme of the Patreon Christmas/Winter scenarios next month!

Christmas Party at The Agency!

This was probably the tightest poll we’ve ever had, hehe! :smiley: I was watching it swing so closely between ice skating and the Agency party.

So I’ll be planning those out over the weekend and writing them up on next week’s social media days! Lots of chances for awkward situations and character cameos, I’m feeling…

Hope you all have the most amazing weekend! Talk to you all soon <3


Progress Update December 3rd 2021

Seriously, Autumn and Winter are totally my time of the year! :smiley: I’ve got so much done recently and seeing my checklist with so many ticks is even more motivating!

Social media days were great fun! But the first version of Chapter Ten was going sooooo well, that it did cut into the social media days a little. But my goal for last week was to finish the first version of Chapter Ten….and I managed it by the end of Friday!!!

It’s actually a more action-based chapter, so things have been quicker to write. There’s not too much dialogue after the initial ‘who’s gonna side with who?’ moment, which helps ease things :smiley: A few moments during these scenes just seriously got me going so much though. I actually turned to Nai at one point and was like, 'Aahhh!! I’m loving this!’ lol!

So it was a pretty packed week, but a majorly productive one. This week, I hope to try and finish the other version of Chapter Ten, or at least get it mostly done.

That would be pretty huge and also put me ahead of schedule! As is probably obvious, I want Book Three to be out next year, so anything that can push me ahead makes me very, very happy!

A few people have asked about The Curse of Creek Edge. I don’t post too much about progress on that as it’s a slow, 'when I have time’ personal project, but it is coming along. I’ve made some big leaps recently, and it’ll be nice to start the actual writing on the demo portion now that the art is almost finished. I haven’t done the CGs yet, but they’re much easier to add in after the writing is done. I’ll start posting proper progress reports on that after the demo is released.

To finish off, I have the dates for the Patreon Agency Party Christmas specials:

9th December: “I’ll Leave that as a Surprise….” —An old friend reveals a little more than they were supposed to about the charming Second-in-Command (Nate/Nat special)

16th December: “It’s Fun to Enjoy the Mystery"—Someone’s flirtation with the Detective leads to Adam/Ava getting a dose of realisation and honesty (Adam/Ava special)

23rd December: ‘Absolutely Besotted’—A familiar face gives a surprising statement about the odds on this relationship (Felix/Farah special)

30th December: "Jealousy Doesn’t Suit You…” Just what the Detective might mean to Mason/Morgan comes from an unexpected source (Mason/Morgan special)

The Patreon Christmas specials were longer than I planned, hence the short summaries this time along with the titles…I got a bit carried away with them, hehe! :smiley: But I got to introduce or bring back some characters that I love, so I couldn’t help myself!

Hope you guys had an amazing weekend! Talk to you all soon! <3


Looking forward to playing the final game and seeing what happens during the Christmas party with my Detective & Nat