The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

Uh. The FINAL game? Getting a bit ahead of things, there, aren’t you? I think the series is slated to be like eight books.


I’m assuming they mean the final version of it.


It’s planned to be 7.


Sorry I wasn’t clear. I meant the final version of this book not the final book in the series xd


Yeah, Baam picked up on it better than I did XD


Your fine xd

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The tumblr’s not working does anyone know something…

Is this the last part of the wayhaven?

Not sure what you mean, but…

The last part of the demo for book 3 is done. The book will be out… when it’s out. There will be seven books in all.

Tumblr is working fine for me.


Yeah, I wouldn’t worry about tumblr too much. More than likely it’s the site itself rather than Mishka’s blog. Tumblr’s always been kinda buggy, running on duct tape and prayers pretty much since its inception, lol.

And as Chani said, @Rozy_Zorr, this is book 3 out of 7 for the Wayhaven Chronicles, so find a blanket and pack some snacks bc we’ve got a loooong way to go before the series itself finishes, lol.


It’s working fine for me - Sera posted a progress update yesterday.

Find a blanket , snacks and lots of patience , because once you get invested into the story like the rest of us , waiting becomes unbearable XD


Its still not working for me it has been crashed for me for three days It says connection was reset welp…

Can you access other tumblrs?

Nope i tried Leo interactive fiction it still does not open

Tumblr is working on my end as well. I’m not sure if this matters, but how are you trying to access it? Computer, phone, etc.? And are you using the Tumblr app? Since it seems you aren’t able to access other blogs, this might be an issue with your connection. Have you tried manually resetting it?

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@random-dude What browser are you using? My first suggestion would be to try a different browser or make sure your cache is cleared. If that doesn’t work, try Tor or accessing it from a VPN and see if it works–not sure where you are, but if your ISP or country has blocked tumblr, you may see that error. If you can access via VPN or Tor, then there could be a problem with your proxy settings for your browser.

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The problem is somewhat fixed because by vpn i can access it Its probably some country issue but i can leave it at that

This is the error
By using vpn tumblr works fine anyways Thank you for the help…


Same with the app I can’t open it or write pms

I happened to check out the demo because I’ve read the first two and enjoyed them. The demo for this doesn’t disappoint. I can’t wait to see the finished product.