The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

‘Detective, you blew me away the first night we met.’


Rebecca: my child have the worst taste in men/women

Detective: yeah, thanks mom


Years later on how I met your father, Wayhaven edition;

Kid: Mom, how did you meet Dad?

Detective: Well you see, back when I was investigating my first case I ran into some shady characters outside a creepy warehouse. Thanks to your Uncle Mason I thought your dad was going to try to knock me out, so I pepper sprayed him…

Felix: snickering

Mason: How the hell was that MY fault?

Nate: Mason, watch your language in front of the children!

Adam: sound of breaking furniture in the background

Kid: Mom! Dad broke your desk again!

Detective: sigh


Oh. My god. :sparkles:Nat :sparkles: when she meets Bobby-the-college-ex during the blood drive signups. Delicious.

And a few scenes later in the woods, never has something like “Don’t make me call Mom” been more menacing. But I did find myself longing for an option that involved the detective pulling their sidearm for the less-Lawful-Good amongst us. (Even then, pepper spray? We already know that could be used indiscriminately around the gang… :grin: )


When I woke up this morning, I was like I should do something productive today. What did I end up doing all day… Writing a Wayhaven fan fiction where my four favorite MC’s all existed at once (as siblings) and lived together while working with UB. It’s actually really interesting to think about, and ended up with some pretty funny scenes and better insight into some of my MCs.


Sounds pretty productive to me


Every time I visualise Rebecca’s character I see Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove.


This is probably the most accurate description of Rebecca I have heard :joy:.


I always visualize Rebecca as Anne Robinson the host of the (original) game show THE WEAKEST LINK (I have no clue why…it’s so random)


Wow. See my detective has black hair/green eyes, so with Rebecca having black hair/brown eyes and being (I’m assuming pretty because hey my detective is pretty) a consummate professional woman I always picture her like Regina from Once Upon a Time (maybe an older Regina given how old the detective is).


Okay guys. I recently started the love triangle route and I didn’t expect it to be this damn hard. Anyway enough about that, when the times comes for you lot to pick one of the two (assuming you didn’t do so at the end of book two) who will pick? I know you all will do at least two play throughs to pick either character, but we are assuming you only get one choice and you’re stuck with it. So who will it be, A or N?


I’ve made characters for the A romance, the N romance and the love triangle. Once I’ve seen all the unique content on the love triangle route and it (presumably) merges with one of the others, that character will have served her purpose and she’ll fade away. I feel kinda bad about romancing them both at once when there’s no polyamory option - this is how I assuage my guilt. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


The majority of players seem to float their boats toward A, but I’m a sucker for N and I blame it entirely on my childhood wish of becoming a mermaid and marrying Prince Eric.


N is my favorite too, I’ve always preferred the kind, responsible types. But this series’s routes are well-written enough that I’ve been willing to give them all a try - even M, who is definitely not my usual type (creating an MC destined for him was… interesting).


Another N!mancer? Heck yeah! I know what you mean, they’re definitely well written for their tropes.

I really like B3 M, but B1 M was so off putting that I had to squint my way through it. They snapped at everything. It was like The Agency sucked out their memories and stuffed a horny Gordon Ramsay inside instead.


Yeah, I sort of had to plow through the first game’s M romance scenes with gritted teeth - especially since cigarette smoke (even the virtual kind) makes me feel queasy - but it turned around in book 2, and I’m looking forward to the future.


Can’t wait for the complete game! Looking forward to romancing all the ROs :smirk:

…Am I the only one who had no trouble with any of the romance paths? xD Might just be me, but I didn’t face any big obstacle whilst doing the slow-burn romances :sweat_smile:
I did make my MC/s feel troubled/hurt at times, but I never had to stop because of the angst…I guess I live for it lmao


The love triangle definitely is for the masochistic among us, that’s for sure X.x;; I finally did the book 3 demo on the LT route (I’d been putting it off because I knew it was going to hurt lol) , and argh :frowning: My very first time playing book 1 I’d gone with the LT because I liked both Adam and Nate and couldn’t decide between them (how appropriate…lol)

Frankly though, unless something mind-blowing and earth-shattering happens in the story that changes my mind, my triangle-mancer detective is going to choose Adam. Mainly because the way I’m approaching it, in her romantic, naive daydreams when she was younger, Nate is the kind of person who she always imagined as her dream partner…kind, funny, responsible, intelligent, etc. When she first met the team she immediately crushed on Nate. Adam she thought was attractive but his personality and demeanor were off-putting (much like Mason but not as bad). She admitted he was attractive but that was about it.

But there was still something else there she couldn’t explain and it drew her (and frustrated the heck out of her too XD ).

So (especially in book 2) she starts seeing behind the wall and beneath the mask, etc, and that’s only increasing the pull towards Adam…but understandably she knows Nate has feelings for her and she doesn’t want to hurt him (and naturally Adam keeps trying to push her away from him specifically towards Nate, which doesn’t help).

So I had her trying to do the honorable thing by not entering an official relationship with Nate at the end of book 2. Which makes the LT demo for book 3 even harder since it means she’s never even kissed Nate (which she’s trying to avoid because she doesn’t think it would be fair to do so or date him unless she’s 100% certain of her feelings).

All I can say is if the LT is this painful when Adam isn’t actively trying to win the detective’s heart, how much more so is it going to be when he does stop pushing her away and it IS out in the open between the three of them? Poor Nate is already (finally) really catching on by the demo.


Oh no, I love the slow burn routes (especially with a shy, never dated/no sex until it actually means something detective with Mason >:) . Adam and Mason might be slow going (in a I love you way), but I know it’s going to be worth it in the end. Solo Nate is great when I just want classic sweet but occasionally suave romance. Felix is my least favorite romance-wise because I have to head-canon my detective significantly younger than I prefer her to go with him…he’s just too much like a surrogate little brother, and he’s the only one at the end of book 2 that I feel horrible choosing to save Sanja when it’s clear he’s terrified :frowning: I can never NOT save Sanja so it made me so guilty when that part came up on my F route :frowning: At least with Adam, Nate and Mason they feel like grown men and a lot tougher than Felix (not to mention they tell you to save Sanja).


Progress Report 11th June 2021

Another really great week last week!

So as I said the week before, I’m tackling the research version of Chapter 8 first, and seeing as my usual order of writing was put out by not planning A’s scene, I dove straight into N’s.

Except…well, that went all off a completely different tangent than expected, lol!

The start was going exactly as I planned and then this HUGE opportunity presented itself to put in a scene that I thought was going to be in Book Four but it fit here SO perfectly!!

So then it was all a bit of a flummox 'cause it’s so perfect but I wasn’t expecting it quite yet, but guuuyyyyssss …I LOVE IT!!! In fact, I love what I’m writing so much that when I went to get a cup of tea I couldn’t stay still while the kettle was boiling 'cause I was so hyped. I was practically bouncing round the kitchen, lol! :smiley:

It’s a massive moment, but it feels so incredibly natural. Well, if you decide to take that moment. Obviously there’s different choices here depending on your MC, but even the other options lead to places I am seriously happy with and also feels right whatever you choose!

I wasn’t 100% sure how I was going to approach this moment when it came up in Book Four, but because it’s fit so well here it’s just flowed, and I didn’t even need to think about planning!

But even better, I will be able to match all the choices in this moment back up really nicely to work back into the original stuff I already planned for N’s research scene, so I don’t have to lose that content either!!

And I managed to think of how to adapt it for the Combat version of Chapter 8 so the moment can still happen but in a completely different way to suit that version of the scene!

It’s a lot of variation, much more than I had planned, but I really hope the nuances will really allow you guys to play the story that feels right for your character.

I’m also super happy because I managed to fit in a choice set to improve the MC’s skill choices too. I haven’t managed to add that in in a while as it’s never felt appropriate, and I thought this would just be for upping the combat or research stats, but I came up with a really nice moment to make a choice that didn’t feel mechanical or gamey-like, if that makes sense!

So yeah, it was a hectic week creatively but a great one! :smiley:

With the demo fully out now, it will pretty much just be months of knuckling down to the same routine and just hammering out the writing…as well as editing, which I really am going to do! SpunkyCatNinja is currently working on getting proper subtitles up together for the YouTube Q&A vids, but I will send her Chapter 7 as soon as I can get in the right editing headspace.

But I’m way too pumped on Chapter 8 for that at the moment!

Hope you all had the most amazing weekend, and I’ll talk to you soon! <3