The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

Oh, boy, that would be an interesting conversation. We know they can get pretty heated when they disagree, and your best friend making eyes at your literal soulmate is enough to piss off even the kindest, gentlest souls, yeah? Mishka has already said their friendship is too strong to break over this, but man, I would not want to be a part of that conversation. Now, as a fly on the wall, it could be interesting, as well as most likely heartbreaking. Maybe later in the series, though? I imagine it would take quite a bit of testing to break N’s saintly patience.


I gotta say after replaying the demo over and over again and playing through all the routes my absolute favorite thing so far is the MCs nickname for M. I absolutely loved it when in the second book that one of the choices (at least my car can run on full power during the day) changed to (at least my car can run on full power during the day sunshine) and I love that we can keep using the nickname in this one. I like the little details I guess.


Holy freaking hell. I just played through the demo with the detective of mine who chose Verda and it was flat out incredible. I can’t believe Eric is a supernatural ! Honestly, the dinner invite from Eric makes a hell of a lot more sense than the one from Tina. And there’s a valid purpose for bringing the LI (or maybe the BFF?), instead of as in Tina’s path where she’s just trying to stick her nose into the MC’s business.

Now I wish they’d all go Verda’s route instead. I think, with the two other MCs who would happily go either way, I may let them go Verda. I’ll leave my Felix-mancer with Tina (Verda is too smart for her to deal with and too boring). Now I have to go play the demo again to see if I missed anything on my first run with Verda as the ‘informed’ work friend.


I just tried that and I think I am going to have to have 12 routes (1 for each RO and 3 for each person or lack of person who knows(Tina verda or none) ) I honestly didn’t even think of letting either of them know because I didn’t think it would be interesting but this, this makes it very interesting. Gonna be hard to keep up with twelve saves though. It’s insane though how many different paths there are to go on this game at this point.

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By Book VII we’ll need fifty different runs to see everything and I love this.


I didn’t even think it was possible for Tina to find out until this demo, so I tried her route but, yeah, Verda’s is so satisfying! I actually look forward to Eric’s scene because it’ll be super interesting.


Do you choose who knows what based on the tone of the route? Because with A and M (and LT), I pick Tina for some moments of levity to contrast the angst. With F and N, I pick Verda because it adds some angst in. (I pick Douglas over Bobby because I like the mentor part of it, although I hope that Fem!Detective can get him to stop crushing on her.)


He kinda crushes on M!Detective too though. Just not as obviously as F!Detective.

Haha, isn’t it? It eased my guilt about picking the Verda route a bit.

And when I talked to Verda before this scene, I picked the ‘But isn’t it better to know the truth’ option and the MC says something along the lines of the fact not changing that the supernatural world has been there before he knew about it. Fit so well with the revelation!

Good thing that B2 saves aren’t in yet. I’ll have a few more Verda routes coming. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This doesn’t bother me one bit … yet. Can you imagine the branching in B 5-7 though? Poor Mishka! :sweat_smile:

I actually mainly picked Tina, because I felt so bad for Verda. He left the big city to get away from danger and letting him in on it - intentionally, just felt wrong to my MC. So instead, he tries to corrupt the data but fails. :joy:


With a M!Detective it’s more like hero worship than a crush. Either way, he puts the detective up on a pedestal. Either way, he’s getting son-zoned.


No, I do it based on character decisions. My first Dezh run for book 2 (M-mancer), she went with Verda and helped him figure out about supernaturals because she thought he could help with a cure (possibly), but when he reacted so poorly, she regretted it. Since she’s actually friends with Tina, too, I went back and replayed and she went with Tina (she could go either way). Most of my MCs can go with either Tina or Verda because they don’t have a preference one way or the other and it just depends on mood. Only one of mine (Jax, my F-mancer) wouldn’t choose Verda–she just finds him too boring and stuffy (she’s a pain in the ass). So, really, when I do a final run of book 2, any character but Jax could choose Verda’s path.

The Bobby history is the only thing I push on my MCs–other than Jax. who wouldn’t have dated him if he were the only guy on Earth, all of my MCs have him as an ex. Two of them are fine with him now, but one of them holds a grudge she won’t ever let go (it’s more fun to watch her than the other two, though my A-mancer totally kissed Bobby–on purpose). My N-mancer, despite having a history with Bobby, went the Douglas route (so did Jax, obviously).

Yep, that was the option my MC took, too. I ended up replaying last night with two other detectives and just love that route. And it might keep my most foul-tempered MC from strangling Tina over the dinner. :laughing: I just really love Verda’s path right now–thanks for recommending it!


OH MY GOD THANK YOU. I’ve seen a few times where men have pulled it off, but generally I’m not a fan. Which is why I’m not super excited about Nate growing his hair out lmao it’s petty, I know.


Anyone who doesn’t like man buns is uncultured. I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules :joy:


Still hate man buns, and always will. If anything, knowing there’s a “rule” about it just makes me dig in more (plus, it just looks atrocious), but I’m a rule breaker. Being called uncultured doesn’t bother me at all–just words and opinions. Sticks and stones and all that jazz! :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope there’s a short of UB arguing about the existence of man buns

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Progress Report - 11th December 2020

The Wayhaven Chronicles featured in Tumblr’s year end review!!

It came #44 in the video games list!

I am still buzzing, you have no idea!!! :smiley:

Thank you SO much to all those that sent congrats messages (and alerted me to the fact it was on there, hehe!)!

So yeah, that certainly made my week bright! (Along with the teaser trailers for Dragon Age and Mass Effect dropping…what a week!!!)

This week, I tried to catch up on social media, as well as making sure I have everything ready for Christmas break.

Then I managed to get back to chapter five, where I decided I really needed to rewrite one whole scene. What I wrote before was good, but what I’m writing now is good !

I also want to add one of my ‘floating scenes’ onto the end of the scene I finished last week.

Basically my 'floating scenes’ are scenes that I would like to fit into the story but that don’t work when I plan out the game. So I have a list of scenes I would like to fit in if the narrative allows, and a perfect space and lead in just opened up for one of them!

It’s a scene where UB finally get to see how the MC and Rebecca kind of react and interact to each other when the focus isn’t entirely on work. A much more personal moment.

But, speaking of Christmas break, my break is actually going to start on 18th December, but I’ve decided this year to begin a social media and internet break early from today.

I just…I really want to write, you guys :smiley: Like just full on writing, no doing anything but falling into Wayhaven and escaping there and writing, writing, and writing!

Everything on social media is prepped and ready to go, so I haven’t left you in the lurch or with nothing to see!

There’s an ask and a matchup for every weekday over my Xmas break (everyone who has sent in match ups, I will still be doing them, it will just be when I get back!). Also a special little something for Xmas day ;D

I will be turning off my asks for just over my Christmas break, but I will turn them on again when I get back.

It’s not that I don’t want to interact with you guys, but this year has really been a year, lol. And I just want to get back to the reason I started this in the first place (my intense love of creating!) for a bit before I go into my break. Set my head right, fall in love with some vampires as I write, and really just bury myself and indulge in the variations and branches that I love bringing to life!

I will be back on social media on Monday 4th January!

Until then, I hope you all have an amazing holiday season (or just a wonderful December for those that don’t celebrate!), and I will talk to you all in 2021! <3


Enjoy your break and thanks for the update!

Happy Holidays!


Wait. Who has a manbun?

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How did this devolve into talking about manbuns?

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Me Nate.