The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

I would laugh so hard, if in like a month, someone comes out with a short fanfic that basically is composed of you roasting Murphy when he has long hair.

Why? Why not?


I take it back-
@ArchivistAlpha096 If I trusted myself enough to write such thing, I so totally would. Like everything is the same until show down where M starts the roasting

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Felix would totally hop in on it, too. Adam would sigh and roll his eyes, and Nate would remind them that they’re in the middle of a fight. MC: But, I mean, his hair is horrible…

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On the note of fashion, every time I see the “casual” clothing option I think of this


I could write it, wouldn’t take all that long. Would require some research on hair, and stuff to say about it, since I am totally blind, and generally don’t care much about stuff like that, part from combing it. I’m writeing 2 other books… But? The hole thing, if it starts when the MC is on that table, and goes till the actual fight starts. Or, the roasting is through the fight? Depending on how much agency you have? Shouldn’t be more than perhaps 2 or 3 signe files, at most. Hmmmmmm.

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If you do it, you should have Murphy also wearing sandals… with socks. May as well give the MC plenty to rag on!!

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We’re talking mullet? Renaissance long hair?

Oh gosh PLEASE give Murphy a mullet. PLEASE.

SPeaking of Mirfy. I wonder if he was always an asshole, or he was somewhat nicer before?

I like flowing locks on men and women, but man buns are an ehhh for me. Felix (from FE3H) pre-timeskip is one of the few characters I think of that pull off the look well. And even then, I like him better when he switches to a ponytail post-timeskip.


Sorry, totally missed that edit. From what I read in one of the Patreon stories, Bobby is a douche, through and through. I’m not sure if their narcissism allows them to truly love anyone else.

Having a true talk with them would indeed be interesting. But my MC is a burnt child and wouldn’t trust a word that comes out of Bobby’s mouth.


Makes sense! I have yet to be a patreon of hers but… still, I’d love to see him shaking in his boots just once. Scared witless even if he’s still a total ego freak afterwards.

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Had to clarify here, since you’re making incorrect assumptions about my characters (and me, for some odd reason).

The problem my detectives–and I, as the reader–have with Rebecca isn’t her concern, it’s how she exhibits that concern. I’ve stated before, I believe, but will reiterate since you “have a lack of understanding” about it, that the way my MCs view it, albeit to varying degrees, is that Rebecca is affecting their relationship with UB, with whom they have to establish a comfortable working relationship. To do this, they need UB’s respect, which Rebecca seems to be intentionally trying to block in these “declarations of concern.”


Fact: The MC’s blood makes them a target.

Fact: The MC is supposed to be part of the team. A liaison, yes, but a team member, not a charge. The MC is not kept locked in a room with UB standing guard (and I have one MC that would just love for someone to suggest that). Not only is their main job to protect the town, they are also out there with UB (at times) helping them.

Fact: Being part of a team like this is essentially being in a militaristic squad. That means, even though the MC is the ‘wet behind the ears newbie’ they will take part in things. They watch the rest of the team’s backs, just like they watch hers/his.

Okay, so in walks Rebecca–they all know the MC is going to be hunted and in danger all the time, yet every thing that happens, she freaks out, rushes into the room and starts going on about the MC being okay and declarations that she will protect them–right in front of the rest of the team that the MC is supposed to be a part of.

Now, you obviously find this acceptable, but try to put yourself in the MC’s position–here you are in this new job at the station, and now you have a new position with a bunch of more experienced people who are stronger and faster than you. You accepted the position, which means you aren’t asking to be kept in a gilded cage, you play to be out there with them. You have to establish a working relationship with them and make them see that you can be a useful member to the team. In rushes your mother, treating like you are completely incapable of doing anything and constantly declaring that she has to protect you.

Now, anyone with a strong independent streak is going to bristle at this, the status of the relationship between them and R be damned. Throw in a bad relationship and the concern that is presented “awkwardly” (I would personally replace that word with ‘rudely’) and it will cause more tension. With two of my detectives, if she kept those declarations to private conversations, they would tell her to chill out but they wouldn’t be getting angry at her for it. For the other two? Well, the best thing she could do is never open her mouth again about her “concern” for them, since they never saw it in the past. It’s not that they don’t appreciate someone being concerned about them, it’s that the don’t appreciate her being concerned about them because she is, to put it bluntly, ranked right up there with Bobby as far as they are concerned.

Now, for those two, they would accept concern from Tina and Verda (both of them like both of these people) and not say a word… unless they started yammering about protecting them. There are ways to phrase concern that are less combative to people like those two detectives (one of whom is as stubborn as A, and the other who is a rebel to the core). Saying “I’ll watch your back” is a great way of putting it. Saying “I won’t let anything happen to you” is just ridiculous, because that isn’t in anyone’s hands.

As for your accusation that I, personally, don’t like anyone but the ROs show concern, that is ludicrous. My issue as a reader is that Rebecca is presented as this paragon of professionalism and hasn’t been around for most of her kid’s life, but runs in being all melodramatic about everything instead of calmly saying that UB is there to watch the MC’s back and that she, for her part, will do what she can from behind the scenes. Simple, Understated. And not over-the-top soap opera worthy performances like she tends to exhibit. In addition, she could say those things in front of UB without making the MC seem like a half-witted five-year-old invalid.


“Locked in a room with UB standing guard” Or, think that was the exact quote, anyway.
Which MC would suggest that, and in what context?

I put out the option that you may not like the scenario I posted and not made a statement that it is so and carved in stone. I don’t know you and as such, am in no position to make such a statement.
A fact is - however - that we rarely see eye-to-eye on things, as the past has shown.

And I think this is where our interpretations of her behavior branch severely.

You see it as her treating the MC as an infant and undermining all their capabilities and accomplishments. Possibly even intentionally? That I’m not certain off.

I see it as - yes, unprofessional - but caring and I don’t believe that it undermines the position of the MC as a part of the team.

Would I like an option to tell her politely that she has to step back at times or to keep these discussions for a time when they’re alone? Yes, some of my MCs would like to have that option. But the only way of doing it at the moment is in a rude or nasty way.

Other MCs don’t feel the need, as my MC feels established enough, not to be bothered by the doting.

A MC who has good relations with her and attempts to be more involved with her and tries to understand what she went through, may have more understanding for that sort of behavior.

The fact that the Team knows Rebecca well and respects her either way, as well as knows the dangers that the supernatural world poses - shouldn’t impact their disposition towards either Rebecca or the MC - despite her emotional outbreak.

And since this appears to be the part where we’ll have to agree to disagree, I think we should leave it at this.
No point for our differences to sour the experience of other readers.


Man, gotta feel sorry for A. My mom (the Angstaraptor for those of you who know her) is playing through the love triangle route and I can hear her cackling from upstairs :laughing:

But as sorry for A as I feel, I really do feel worse for N. Sure, pining for your best friend’s partner sucks, but imagine. Your best friend shows absolutely zero interest in romance for centuries. You’re pretty sure they’re romantic or something, and you’re chill, so you just accept it. Then, you meet someone with whom you fall deeply in love. They like you back, and everything is great. Suddenly, you’re best friend is acting hella weird and you kind of suspect they caught feelings, but no, that’s impossible right? I’m sure N is going to feel deeply sorry for their friend, like the good person they are, but there has to a teeny tiny part of them going: “Really?!?! The first time you like someone, out of the centuries we’ve lived, out of the countless people we’ve met, and they have to be my partner?”

And the worst part: there is a real risk of losing them.


Wait wait wait.
Back up and hold the phone.

Did you just say your MOM is playing/reading Wayhaven?


Yeah, we’ve both been following the series since the first book. She likes to read things my brother and I read so she can discuss them with us–she’s done it since we were kids. Speaking of, my brother reads it as well. He’s romancing Nat. Anyway, she’s pretty hooked on Wayhaven. We were just discussing it actually, and she has a theory to share with you all:

What if N was magically enslaved by the Trappers and forced to kill their entire crew in that flashback we see in Book Two? And they’re still living with that guilt? Wouldn’t that be horrible?

She loves the angst.


Ughhhh I would love to get my mother in on this. She watched the 2 seasons of VLD with me but she has yet to get into IF despite me telling her numerous times that I’d think she’d enjoy it as an avid reader.
Your mother sounds evil and I LOVE it. I stan.

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I’m really hoping that at some point N will discuss that with either M or F. I mean, F is already picking up on N’s concern over A and MC.

I’m very curious if N will eventually confront A, especially if your MC has made some obvious choices towards A, saving them over Sanja, going to breakfast in the demo, ect.