The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

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Yeah, that’s what he is :rofl: “It’s good he’s not a PUA because they are frauds” but… he is a fraud? Look up his Hustlers University, it’s the most generic shit.
Not to mention his camgirl pimping career. Both of those “hustles” aim to extract money from lonely losers.


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OMG, It’s happening!!



Glad to know im not the only one who keeps coming here refreshing the page hoping upon hope to see news.


The Wayhaven Chronicles - Progress Report 5th August 2022

Oh, it was SO good to catch up on a ton of stuff this week!

Writing is obviously my favourite, but it does feel like a weight lifted to have so many tasks checked off that had been building up.

Hosted Games got my email about the save system, so I’m really hoping that’ll be added in soon! They started processing the graphics ready for the Steam wishlist, but I totally forgot they would need the text assets (blurb, different tag lines, etc) as well! So I’ll work on that next week to send over to them.

Managed to get a bunch of ‘tidying’ done, things like all the millions of scribbled notes everywhere that are now properly documented so I don’t lose them. Especially as I decided to change one of side characters major branches completely (because why not this late into the story, right? Hehe! :D), and I wrote down how I want that to go instead…but then panicked when I couldn’t find it! But that’s typed up and filed away ready to start in a later chapter for this book…

Editing is also going well. I wanted to make sure I remembered to add in the edits people have noted with bugs and things from the demo that I’ve been collecting up as they’ve come in, as well as beginning on Chapter 9 edits.

Then it was also social media days this week! Patreon content was major fun this month! I’m starting a new series of Unseen Scenes, where it’s the love interest’s point of view during the moment in Chapter 6, Book Three where the MC manages to shove the Anunnaki away after Sin has just blasted the LI back!

And there’s also the scene for Rebecca and Rook’s wedding going up, which one of my patron’s requested as their scenario and super kindly let me share it with patrons because I loved how it came out so much!

Tumblr asks were quite lore heavy this month, which was really fun to dive into! Though I totally forgot to schedule them for this week after finishing them face palm So Nai is going through and scheduling those ready to start up as usual next week and putting the ones I forgot about into those as well so as they’re not missed.

(Also loved all the messages I got about the new Persuasion adaptation, hehe! ;D)

I have to say though I had so many AMAZING messages from people saying how much Wayhaven offers them and how much it means to them. So thank you SO incredibly much to all of you who have taken the time to write those. I can’t tell you how much it means to me, not just a creator but personally, to know Wayhaven can be as special to you as it is to me! It’s difficult to really express just how much as words through a screen just seem like words, but I truly, truly mean it <3 <3 <3

Wow, this is already a super long update!

Next week I will be starting on Chapter 17!! The start of the endings! This checkpoint also means some other things have to start beginning too: getting edited chapters to sensitivity readers to start on, ramping up my own editing on chapters for SpunkyCat so she doesn’t have an influx at the end, and actually starting to think about marketing and things for when the game is coming up to release! Obviously it’s still a while away yet, but I am so on schedule for when it’s to be out, so I don’t want other things to fall behind and hold it up!

So exciting to reach this point!!

Hope you all have the most amazing weekend! We’ll be offline as usual, so I’ll update you all again next Friday! <3


So for those who thought M isn’t able to love the MC until they get their memories back (or that they lost the ability for romantic love along with all their memories when Chana wiped them), Sera posted this today on her tumblr:

So yeah, M is just stupid. Though, apparently, M may show a few signs of starting to fall for the MC in b3. Just a couple more books to go before M pulls their head out of their ass, I guess!


My M-mancer may keel over from shock. :smile:

Has anyone asked Sera how the soulmate thing is compatible with the triangle route? Maybe there’s a different definition of “soulmate” at play here than the one I think of?

May I ask why you feel “soulmate” is incompatible with the love triangle?

Wait, did I miss some kinda discussion about soulmates?

The definition of “soulmate” I’m working from is one-on-one - you’re someone else’s soulmate, they’re your soulmate, you are meant/destined/etc. for each other, true love, yadda yadda. Two people having the same soulmate, or one person with two soulmates, doesn’t work under that definition. But Sera apparently has said these romances are soulmate situations.


Ok, but that doesn’t clash with the Love Triangle: it is specifically a love triangle, not a poly relationship. The MC doesn’t end up with N and A, it’s either/or.

Sera has said the Wayhaven romances are a soulmate situation.


actually they do. It is said that peoples do have more than 1 soulmates. Dunno where I read it, some say 3 some say up to 5.

And they are the same soulmates as 1x1.

But it is puzzling she is using the definition for the Love-Triangle. If all 3 are soulmates, that’s akin to murder of a Soul.

That would make sense. I was just wondering if Sera had actually stated that’s how the soulmate thing works in the Wayhaven 'verse.

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The LT isn’t multiple soulmates, it’s just the Detective figuring out which of the two is their soulmate.


Try this, where someone asks about how soulmates work in Wayhaven:

There are other asks about soulmates I may dig up later if I have a chance.


That would be one way to do it. Either that, or someone die :smirk:

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So then it’s not a soulmate situation in the love triangle case, despite Sera saying these are soulmate romances. It’s one pair of soulmates and a pseudo-soulmate spare tire.

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I mean, no, it’s still a soulmate situation, between the Detective and whomever they end up staying with at the end. Unless you’re counting every relationship that has ever not panned out a pseudo-soulmate situation.

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I think I remember an ask from way back specifically about the LT where she said they are both the MC’s soulmate, but I can’t remember for certain and I only have things catalogued that pertain to M or the group as a whole, lol. I may search later!

Exactly! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nobody else matters anyway, so you got all the important info. :stuck_out_tongue: