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What if the worlds and creatures in Dr Seuss books are kind of similar to the Echo World—what if Dr. Seuss was the human who went to the EW, came back, & thought it was some crazy dream?



I’m sorry Sera, but this is C A N O N.


N: In Echolian These are books by a beloved author named Dr Seuss, F. We’ll start with these. How about we start with… How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
F: Okay! opens the book
F: … Great Uncle Greg?


The best part?

It’s only F’s family that’s weird like that. Everyone else in the Echo World may as well be normal humans for all the shenanigans they get in.
But the Hauville’s?

F: Well, there was the time Great Uncle Greg stole Christmas.

F: This other time, my sixth-aunt-twelve-times-removed Emilia was convinced this flower was talking to her and got chased out of her village—then the flower fought back.

F: Another time, my granduncle found a ring in the river and became so obsessed that he lived in a cave until his distant nephew snuck in and stole it and it caused this whole big fight in the family because it turned out the ring belonged to an old ancestor who wanted it buried with him in an active volcano but by the time the granduncle’s distanct nephew found it, the nephew was already too old to take it, so his nephew stole it and ran away with his friends to throw it into the volcano and it may have caused a turf war.

M: …so…you’re a Hobbit.

F: No, a Whovillian—shit, wait, I mean Hauville. Hauville!


This is perfect. I was thinking that Whos were just what you’d call a general Echolian–some of them look human, but others not so much; plus, Seuss wouldn’t know Echolian, which is why the Whos never actually speak–but this is so much better.


I saw this “draw the squad” and I had to
Featuring my smol detective Anne Kingston and based on this prompt

Their relationship is like 99% based on their shared love of jeans and green shirts


Yeah. I actually went through several playthroughs and still ended with 0 friend points with A. :sob:
What gets you friend points with A?


It is official… F is Barney from HIMYM verse.

I don’t have a list for A unfortunately… What platform are you using? You could go code diving if you want look for those A friend points.


I’m using IOS. How do I look into the code?

I don’t know to how to read a code from IOS since I have an Android phone but you can send your receipt to the CoG support email to unlock the game in the main CoG site. Once unlock, you could access the code by adding /scenes/startup.txt on the end of the game link address.

More info: How To See Other Games' Code (current info posted in OP and Post 146 on 6/18/19)

I wish I could help though. But I am currently busy with work.


So… Making A and M jealous here? Hahaha, they need a dose of that. I’m glad we probably won’t be making jealous our two babies, glorious F and N.


Flirting huh… I don’t know if Alexa and Lisbeth could flirt. XD

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A’s stubborn and it’s hard to get friend points with them, especially pre-Reveal. It’s actually a lot easier to get flirt points. Here are as many as I can find:

  1. Take them to see Kate.
  2. On the way back to the station, choose “We might actually make a good team.”
  3. On the patrol, choose “Let’s patrol for a few hours.”
  4. If you patrol with them, choose “Aw, you do like me really”
  5. When F says you look like crap, choose “I don’t have to look a certain way to solve crime.”
  6. Call them on your way to the hospital.
  7. (Bar Only) Choose A to help you with drinks.
  8. (Bar Only) When you reach for the same drink, choose “Sorry, you can get that one.”
  9. (Station Only) When F complains about work, choose “Work is important”
  10. (Station Only) Save A from the Thralls.
  11. (Station Only) When A wants to be rude about it, choose “My job is to protect others too.”
  12. Any of the 4 options to do tests.
  13. Stop by A’s room because “Despite our differences, it might be good to talk.”
  14. When A accuses you of thinking they’re a monster, choose “You’re not a monster…well, your attitude is.”
  15. During the questioning after you ask about garlic, choose “Guess you can still enjoy a nice Bolognese.”
  16. After asking about Holy water, say “No cross-wielding at Murphy.”
  17. Afer asking about heightened senses, say “That sounds pretty useful.”
  18. (Investigating Hospital with M and N) When starts mother-henning, choose “I can handle my job” OR “I’ve got back up.”
  19. (Investigating Hospital with A and F) If A calls you by your first name, choose “I don’t mind. It’s just unexpected.”
  20. (Investigating Hospital with A and F) After discovering Murphy’s experiments, choose “Knowing anything about his motivation helps with the case.”
  21. When A tells you to run during the second thrall fight, choose “I can’t just go and let you fend for yourself!” OR “I’m not leaving you.” OR “It’s the best plan we have.”

Considering that some options are conditional, that leaves you with a max of 17 points if you exclusively spend time with A.

EDIT: I put them under the cut because the list is long.


Thanks for this.

Looking at the list, that’s probably why I have a number of friend points when I was doing my second Adam run. :joy:

I really need to spread it out more because I don’t want Alexa to be too similar with Adam.

The one I have going for A doesn’t even flirt with A, not openly at least. So she will likely not flirt with UA. But Marla? Marla is going to flirt so hard that M is going to get jealous in the way of “Eh!! You can do all those things with me! And I am better than him!!!” Not that he would say it outloud, of course.


Don’t know if it’s possible (it’s been a while since I did a play through), but wouldn’t it be pretty cool if the unit A member you could flirt with was none other than the demon you glimpse training at the headquarters? Or if they were part of unit A?


Also, if you’re trying to gain friend points with one character, you can’t gain friend points with other characters.

Often the choices are also mutually exclusive - for example, who you choose to patrol with, who you call on the way to the hospital, etc.

Friend points from your choice of response are also sometimes mutually exclusive - for example,
your response during the patrol:

  • “Let’s just get this over with.” (mason friend point +1)
  • “I doubt anything will happen tonight, but be careful.” (nate friend point +1)
  • “Sorry you guys have to freeze out here with me.” (felix friend point +1)
  • “We’ll patrol for a few hours, then head home.” (adam friend point +1)

and your response to felix when he comments on your look:

  • “Well, that’s just rude.” (felix friend point +1)
  • “This is how I look. Deal with it.” (mason friend point +1)
  • Roll my eyes, too tired to deal with quips today. (nate friend point +1)
  • “I didn’t realise I had to look a certain way in order to solve crime.” (adam friend +1)

So for myself, I struggle between trying to get friend point for either Mason or Adam - because they are both the hardest to get friend points with. And also struggle between trying to get flirt points with one character and trying to get friend points with other characters.

I hope that makes sense.


I wouldn’t worry too much about friend points in Book One. Now that the romance is locked we don’t need to worry about our Vampire Babe running off so we can spread some love to the rest of UB :kissing_heart:


Although spending time with your chosen romance is important 'cause it does makes a difference to their reactions. Sera likes to make small details here and there which makes a big difference to the scenes.

Some example I can think of off my head are:

  • at the hospital, if M flirt points > 6: “I’ll stay with the detective while you make the call,” M offers—an offer which has both N and me looking at him/her in shock.
  • at the agency facility, when you stop at A’s door and tell him he’s not a monster, if A flirt points >= 4: The hostility in his/her stance drops, though he/she seems hesitant. A frown fights for position on his/her expression, but it succumbs to regret instead. “Maybe you should.”

As much as I find the idea hilarious, I don’t think Dezh has it in her to flirt with anyone other than Mason (unless it’s by accident and her sarcasm is taken as flirtatious) and I don’t see Nyx doing that to Adam, either. I may have to do that with one of my other characters, if indeed it happens to those who choose M or A as their RO. For Mason, it may end up being too perfect since he will likely “shag and run” to the MC. Once he goes from hot to cold, him watching the MC flirt with someone else would be a nice “eff you” to him.

Yeah, M would never say it out loud. M would just go about doing whatever necessary to drive the UA member out of the MC’s head completely, lol.

Edited to add: Okay, so with this in mind, Dezh might very well do it, provided she could make it obvious to Mason that she’s just doing it to goad him. She loves pressing his buttons…

Yep. I did a playthrough where I had 8 flirt points and 12 friend points with Mason. I still got about 8 with Nate and 6 with Felix, but only had 4 with Adam, lol. Not that the character gave a damn!

Yeah, exactly. What I wonder is if Sera will advance the romance faster if the MC spends more time with the RO or if it’ll be set, so even if you spend all your time trying to get somewhere with your RO (the difficult ones, obviously, since N and F won’t take much effort), you get nothing in return for it and end up not being friends with the rest of the team.

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