The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2

From what Sera has said, flirt points won’t count anymore—those were just for the first book. From now the romance will progress as fast as the RO is going to go—which makes sense, because otherwise it would be extremely difficult to code. Instead, the game will track whether the MC bold or shy in their flirtations. Friend points will still count, but they’ll be displayed in text descriptions instead of numbers.

Also, she has assured us that you will still be able to befriend the rest of the team. Friend points will only count for how close you are to a member of UB and for triggering certain scenes/scene variance. Plus there will scenes, like the one where F checks on or where N asks you about Rebecca, where you can get friend points without choosing that character over your RO. Sera’s a talented writer and very much capable of keeping character interaction balanced.


Flirt points from Book One won’t play into the series after Book One. Once you choose a romance in Book One, you can just enjoy the romances without having to worry about collecting points! :smiley:
(The love triangle is the only one where romance points will still come into play.)

And, I think Sera is going make us wait painfully until like Book 5 before you become more than friends for A, or in the case of M, friends with benefits. Ah, the agony!

I wonder if there’ll be less “Who do you want to bring?” type selections since we’re not feeling out ROs anymore, and there’s also already so much variation she has to write and code just based on RO choices. Not even taking into account other things. Godspeed, Sera.

I can see Book 2 involving a lot more ‘set’ interactions with non-ROs like the F bedroom scene where they check on you regardless.


Kinda alright with that. :thinking: Looking forward to seeing all the little moments that eventually lead to something more.


Yeah I think the little moments where you see the awkwardness of A cracking oh-so-slightly is going to be delicious. But with M, well, it’s probably not going to be sweet tender moments (which are different from sexual moments).

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Yeah, I get that much, but my point is whether there are scenes that will happen if you spend more time with the RO that won’t happen otherwise (kinda like the M thing at the hospital, where they offer to stay with the MC while N calls the Agency). So if your MC spends more time getting to know the team, then the RO kinda falls by the wayside, so to speak. Which would suck. But given that it’s locked in, that probably won’t happen. But you still get friend status tracked with the RO, too, from what I understand, so if you spend time with one team member, then your friend points with RO stay low, I imagine. It’s a tradeoff.

I think you’ll be able to become friends with benefits sooner with M than book 5, but yeah the feels (what there are of them) won’t come till late book 4 or 5, according to Sera herself:

Yeah, from what I’ve seen while gathering all asks/comments related to M, I’m guessing there will be no sweet/tender moments at all with M. There will likely be some random “it seems like M’s worried about the MC!” that will give hints as to some kind of feelings on M’s end. Or the fact that M isn’t bedhopping (there was a comment from Sera about the team noticing M isn’t searching for elsewhere to get… pleasure…).

Edited again for this from the ask I linked to:

A is difficult because A’s romance was supposed to be more of a ‘love at first sight’ kind of romance. At least, feelings at first sight- which they can both ignore and pretend isn’t happening, lol. And that kind of thing persists- so it’s pretty deep from the get-go.

Interesting that the relationship with A is deep from the get-go (even N and F don’t get that). Your MC just doesn’t get any, um, satisfaction… since it’s just moments followed by avoidance. And according to Sera, A is one of the two that would save the MC over the world, so it makes sense.


Yeah, that “floating” approach will most likely be a nightmare to code and keep track of, when you consider the scale. No, seriously. 4 unique character routes, plus triangle (which will prolly produce ~ two more semi/whole branches, at least that’s my guess).

Even if you isolate a specific RO scene and then call it with subroutines across the book, you’d still have to make sure the flow of that scene remains right within all possible faster/slower options with different moods/environments etc.

The amount of writing increases, while writer’s sanity decreases in a geometric progression.


Don’t forget the friendship path, so that’s 6 routes actually, she has to write with all the variations those will need to account for.


Yeah, friend routes too, thanks for reminding. A lot of variations, all in all. Not saying it’s impossible to write this way, but the release windows for subsequent books would shift by a nautical mile.

Who’s that Judas that came up with the stupid rule of only 24 hours in a day anyway?! :stuck_out_tongue:

I still can’t get over the height variations, that’s going to be SO MUCH WORK. I really hope that’s not going to be too much for Sera…


I was just wondering where he hell is our father at? It got me wondering if maybe we’re a nephilim? That would be bad ass!!

I’ve coded before and it is a lot of work but I also feel like if it’s something I’ve decided to do, I’m dedicated in putting the extra effort in and I think Sera is that way too. I think the biggest effort would come in needing to write all the individual scenes a little different. And I’m sure we’d all be happy with little mentions every so often, not needing to change the every scene. Kinda like having long hair vs short hair

TLDR I don’t think Sera would’ve revealed it unless she was sure she could manage it. But if she did decide it was too much, I don’t think anyone would be mad if she decided to take it out. It’s up to her :slight_smile:


True, still, I want to shower her in my love and appreciation because I am so so so excited about being able to set the MC’s height!

You hear me, Sera!?! I love you!

Sera has said that he won’t be showing up in the story but his absence will play a part and it’ll pop up in Book 2.

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Sera has confirmed he is human.

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I’m kinda hoping he deserted or was another parent who wasn’t around. It gives more to work with, especially for the more distant MCs.


I mean, he very well might be dead so that would fall under “not around.”

We really don’t know, but he won’t be popping up in the games and we do get to decide how our MC feels about him


Definitely no. To start with, M will be the first of all to have sex with if you wish to. And then, the series are 7 books, so I am 100% sure we will have earlier than that. This series is about developing the relation without rush, so, if we had A or M romance settle in book 5, the next to books would be very rushed to have them reach the same level of commitment as N or F.

So… just relax and enjoy the game, things will arrive much sooner that we think! :smiley:


Unless everyone thinks he’s dead, but then it’s revealed that he’s alive! *dun dun dun!!! :laughing:

Oh how I love speculating about dear old dad. :wink:


A la How to Train Your Dragon 2, perchance?

Unlikely, but it would be funny to find him working with dragons, though mildly scarring for a MC who thought he was dead.


We think Sera’s about to kill off Rebecca when…
Dad: [riding through magic portal on a dragon] YOU GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY WIFE [dragon casually eats the villain] Gosh MC, did you get a haircut while I was gone? You look different.

MC: I’m… I’m hallucinating, right?
Dad: Hi ‘hallucinating’ I’m dad!
MC: Nope, that’s him.