The War of 2022 [Out now!]

The full game is out! You can get it here: War of 2022

Hello all!
For the past several months I’ve been toying with the idea of finally writing a book about my experiences in the military. At the beginning, the book started out as a way for me to write about my personal experiences. However, recently I have since decided I want to focus more on what happens AFTER recruits finish their training and have to deal with actual war.

I would like to hear some opinions on the style, tempo and theme as well as any grammar mistakes you can find (English isn’t my first language).

Thank you!



  • A little bug fixing during name selection
    *Added another chapter
    *Added to the glossary
    *Some minor details fixed to not contradict the glossary

*Added another two operations


Hi! Just finished playing the demo, and I can say that I liked it!
I don’t know if it ends there, but for me the game crashes when we are assigned to our professions. By the way, I believe that that part where you describe the specifics of the professions would be more useful if it was presented when we choose our profession, so as to detail what exactly we will be doing. Also, when I choose how I’d like to be called they always call the mc by the surname. I know I wrote too much, but a save system would be really appreciated!
I’m excited for how the story progresses and I hope to be of service with my input! Salute mate

Edit: Hope y’all are staying safe in these difficult times


When you meet up with your commander I think? When i called him sir it said that he frowned at the way I said it? I had speech at 60% not sure if it’s supposed to be that way.

I think it’s not about your speech, but it’s about the military routine. If I’m not mistaken, you don’t need to say ‘sir’ when the Commander call you by name (sorry if I wrong)


Another soldier. Hi, I’ll check your book! In my country, military service is mandatory so had some experience with military.


I just finished the demo, and it’s great, I’m searching story like this since long time ago.

Keep it up!


Hi. You do need to call your officers as “sir” but not when they ask your name or something like that. Also there’s a fairly good chance of some commanders ignore this sir thing entirely, looking soldiers as brothers rather than… well “soldiers”


Found a bug, I picked up heavy machine gunner but I became a marksman instead. I remember marksmans were snipers. Also, well I couldn’t move to nex chapter after becoming a marksman for whatever reason


Yeah after become marksman i cannot continue on next chapter and stuck on infinite loading

First of all thank you for your kind wishes.
The first part (until the “two years earlier”) is meant to be a bit vague and besides giving a small boost if you do end up in the profession you choose doesn’t really change the story. Could you elaborate about the surname? Do you mean you aren’t given an actual choice?

A Mc with high enough speech of intelligence should notice the platoon commander frowns when you say sir giving you a hint later on to refrain from calling him sir (the character is actually based on one of my officers, he hated everything to do with military protocol! ).

Thank you for your help but it’s actually not a bug, your profession is chosen according to your skills, not according to your flashback.

I haven’t written anything after the profession yet. Still working on it and I hope to update soon!


Its okay. Just wanted to know cannot wait to see thw finished game because not many game using the setting of modern war


No, I choose to be called by my name in the bus scene, but later the platoon commander says that he understands that I prefer to be called by my surname.

Thank you for the bug report! I appreciate it.
What seat did you choose on the bus?

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@YHGS I haven’t finished playing the demo, but i don’t know if this typo is pointed out but under stats in Fireteam Leader it is Fiireteam Leader.

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I choose to sit with zac, i said i prefer to be called by my first name, but when go to platoon comander he said you prefer to be called (surname)

Not sure if this a bug or not

Im not sure if this important but its supposed to be “fire team leader” not “fiire team leader” in the show stat

Its just a little opinion of mine, but i think charisma should replace speech. Speech means the expression of or the ability to express thoughts and feelings by articulate sounds and charisma means compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. So i think charisma is better word

This idea is inspired by Dragoon Saga Infinity, but perhaps you can use Cynism vs Idealistic stat to give flavor to the text. Something like, if cynism = why do my country force me to fight? For what? Where is my freedom to choose?, if idealistic = im glad i can serve my country against the enemy

My case is the same as @Indomie_Goreng

@Judarkus @Indomie_Goreng @Formous Thank you very much. I’ll take a look asap.
@Judarkus let me know when you finish if you have any other thoughts!

The reason I chose to use “speech” and not charisma is because I thought “charisma” is a little to close to “leadership”. Also, speech imo is closer to my original meaning of “the skill of convincing people who disagree with you to agree with you” does that make sense?


@YHGS are all the characters male?

Also after you complete the physical part of the T.E.S.T. and you walk into a room, you put T.E.ST instead of T.E.S.T.

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As of right now - yes. I intend to create an option for all the characters to be female later on (similar to choice of broadsides)
I do not intend to make the RDF mixed-gender because I envision Regovia to be a sort of modern Sparta, exclusively seeing one gender as the “fighters”.

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This update isn’t that large. It includes fixes for the various issues users raised, an added Loyal/Luf (you’ll find out what this means ingame) stat and a litle bit more story after the professions.

Hope you enjoy!