The UnderGrounders (WIP)

Hello! I’m new here! I’m working on a game named The UnderGrounders. I’ve made a lot of games by using Unity3D, Tyranobuilder, Renpy. But I never made a game like this, and I’m nervous. The story is written very simple so the other people who don’t know English very well can understand it.

The UnderGrounders is a fantasy game where you can choose your gender, sexuality, and attribute. It’s about the people’s life in the Underground after the radiation destroys Earth. After a few years, 20 good soldiers are sent to the surface to determine whether Earth is habitable. You’re one of the soldiers.

Imagine, Metro 2033 (Video Game) meets The 100 (Show)

Thanks for paying attention!


Sounds like a fun game. What do you mean by “attribute?”


Your character’s personality.

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Looking forward to this! Love survivor/after the storm type of stories. Will follow religiously!

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Master-List Links For Beginners
CSIDE Scripting Tool Web-Site

The first has links inside it to wikis, tutorials and sample coding for basic needs. The second is to a scripting tool that many of us use to help make Choice Scripting much easier.

If there are questions, please feel free to ask, the community is very supportive and helpful.


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Sounds great! Make it long lol

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Ooooo loving the idea of this. Can’t wait till you bring out a demo.


Underground huh… the word reminds me of a hosted game called Doomsday on demand ( underground place, earth radiation etc ).

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I never heard of it.

Sounds good and it sounds like the 100

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